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Saturday, 14 July


I am Not Now- Nor Have I Ever Been- the One or the Chosen One "IndyWatch Feed National"

A Candle Song

Anyone can light a candle,
But not the way that you do.

Anyone can light a candle,
Just like a flower in the rain.
You are unique, the same.
Each step you take, each dream you realize,
Will open your heart, your life.

Anyone can light a candle,
But not the way that you do.
For if we look too close
Pure magic we would see,
Pure magic we will be.

Its all around each one, its all around within,
The perfect union close inside your dreams.
To watch in wonderment as each day begins.
They tell me you can hear this song.

Anyone can light a candle,
But not the way that you do.
For if we look to close,
Pure magic we would see.
Pure magic we will be.

Jon Anderson and Vangelis, Change We Must, 1994


Labor Party self-destruct a couple of weeks before the Super Saturday federal by-elections on July 28th "IndyWatch Feed National"

In the last week the Labor Party have started self-destructing with allegations of lies, fraud, theft, tax evasion and drug dealing flying left, right and centre by Mark Latham and it is almost certain most of it is true. It sounds like some sought of mafia movie but is wasnt. It was an internal Labor []


Our New garden Chook Tractor! "IndyWatch Feed National"

A roll of plastic road works mesh & some star pickets. Easy to erect, move around & fits any size or shape garden bed.


MACKAY Mackay courthouse listings "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 14, 2018 at 03:25PM ,

Mackay courthouse listings

July 14, 2018 at 03:25PM ,

Queensland Courts. qld. au/topic/mackay-magistrates-courtBrowse the latest articles, photo galleries and videos relating to mackay magistrates court.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


Hillsong founder Frank Houston teen victim Peter Fowler aged 15 abused at Lower Hutt Assemblies of God in New Zealand in 1972 "IndyWatch Feed National"


The founder of Hilsong Global Church Frank Houston a lifelong secret homosexual and pedophile. Confessed in 1999.

The founder of Hilsong Global Church Frank Houston a lifelong secret homosexual and pedophile while in Christian ministry. Confessed in 1999.


Peter Fowler, a teen sex abuse victim of the founder of Hillsong Frank Houston, wrote the following to Pastor Philip Powell of Christian Witness Ministries on 13th July 2003.

Christian Witness Ministries is a prophetic ministry which exposed the corruption of Brian and Frank Houston, the Australian Assembies of God and Hillsong, on 13th July 2003. Pastor Philip Powell passed away in 2015.

AOGNZ is short for Assemblies of God in New Zealand.

Peter Fowlers letter to Pastor Philip Powell:

Dear Philip

I am very pleased to be able to report that I have reached a settlement with AOGNZ and the Lower Hutt AOG. The terms of the settlement are confidential to the parties and the only public comment I can make is the following statement: Peter Fowler and the Assemblies of God in NZ and the Assembly of God Lower Hutt Church have confidentially in a Christian spirit resolved all differences between them relating to the alleged abuse of Peter Fowler by Fran...


Hillsong Founder the pedophile Frank Houston and boy victim WNZ1, the first known Wellington New Zealand boy victim "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brian Houston: I'm sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. I'll remember them in my prayers. Sorry I can't help the victims more.

Pastor Brian Houston the head of Hillsong Global Church. Heartless. Refuses to help the boy sexual  abuse victims of his father Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church in any way. Hid and sheltered his secret lifelong pedophile father Frank Houston for five years from 1999 to 2004 from the NSW Police and in doing this deprived the boy victims of Justice. Facing looming pedophile protection charges  Brian Houston: Im sorry the victims feel sad, very hurt and alone. Ill remember them in my prayers. Sorry I cant help the victims more.


Australia - Letter | Lawn and vegies will get a good dose of fluoride "IndyWatch Feed National"

I WANT to alert the people of Oberon that the policy of water fluoridation makes no sense.  
I received water usage information for the town in the 2017 calendar year from the general manager.  The town used 607 megalitres of water in 2017.  


Hillsong founder Frank Houston boy sex abuse victim SA1 testimony boy sex abuse at Assembly of God youth camp in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"


child abuse r5


Boy victim SA1 details the sexual abuse of him at age 11 by the pedophile Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Global Church:

The abuse by Frank occurred during one week I was at the Klemzig AOG camp. It would have been in the summer of 1973 or 1974.

I was about 11. I hadnt reached puberty yet

I remember Frank being around the shower block quite a lot, seemed to bump into him there.

One time I was going in and he was coming out and as I went in I saw another boy a few years older standing there with an erection. My mate, David Haig also noticed it because I remember talking about it after, as boys would.

The first time Frank touched me was in a shower. I was showering and he pushed aside the flimsy curtain and stepped in and fondled me.

The second time was in the dorm. My bed was close to the back end on the bottom. He came to the bunk, sat down and masturbated me and had me touch him over his clothes.


On 18 November 2012 boy victim SA1 comments on this my blog site:

On 18 November 2012 a boy victim that nobody had previously heard of wrote the following comment on this my blog site:

Sadly, there were more than six kids, Frank was a regular at youth and family camps in the early/mid 70s at Cudlee Creek, SA ( the church camp) That is where I had my expe...


Hillsong Founder Frank Houston boy sex abuse victim AHA statement to the Australian Royal Commission "IndyWatch Feed National"

child abuse

Frank Houston the founder of Hillsongs child abuse victims number in the hundreds. Four hundred plus.


The following is the signed statement of boy victim AHA to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in October 2014.

AHA is one of Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsongs, sexual abuse boy victims.

AHAs statement is dated 30 September 2014, a month before the Australian Royal Commission examined Brian Houston, Hillsong Church and the Australian Christian Churches (ACC).

The ACC was formerly called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG).

Boy victim AHA read this statement to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on 7 October 2014.



Chilean archbishops suspects in child abuse cases "IndyWatch Feed National"

This Deutsche Welle video says about itself:

Chilean police have arrested a prominent Catholic priest who is accused of raping seven children.

Chilean priest arrested over child abuse allegations | DW | 13.07.2018

Chilean priest Oscar Munoz Toledo, who was once the chancellor of Santiagos archbishopric, was detained Thursday on charges that he sexually abused seven minors. Its the latest in a series of pedophilia cases in which priests allegedly carried out abuse, ignored it or helped cover it up.

The case: In January, Munoz admitted to abusing a minor. The 56-year-old was initially investigated by the Chilean church, which then referred the case to the Vatican. His arrest came after prosecutors seized church case files on the scandal in June. Munoz is accused of the abuse and statutory rape of seven children. Prosecutor Emiliano Arias said the abuse took place from 2002 on in Santiago and the southern city of Rancagua. Authorities are investigating whether Munoz had accomplices.

Archbishop of Santiago Ricardo Ezzati, who himself has been accused of covering up crimes, said the church would cooperate in everything that is required. Referring to Munoz, he added that he felt a great pain for him, for his family and for the victims.

Munoz was vice-chancellor before being promoted to chancellor in the Santiago archdiocese in 2011. He is one of several senior priests connecte...


Australian Bank Bans Use of Mortgage Funds for Crypto Speculation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Bank Bans Use of Mortgaged Funds for Crypto Speculation

One of Australias oldest financial institutions, Bank of Queensland, has prohibited the use of home equity loans for virtual currency speculation. The move has been attributed to concerns pertaining to the growing regulatory oversight of the cryptocurrency sector in Australia.

Also Read: Tether Announces Appointment of New Chief Compliance Officer

Bank of Queensland Cracks Down on Customers Using Mortgage Funds to Trade Crypto

Bank of Queensland has banned its customers from using loans that are leveraged against home equity for the purposes of cryptocurrency speculation due to concerns pertaining to the increasing regulatory oversight of cryptocurrency activities in Australia.

Contracts issued by Bank of Queensland will now caution prospective borrowers any loan purpose that involves the acquisition of or usage of cryptocurrency is unacceptable. The Australia...


Little Animal With Sweet Tooth Gets Head Stuck In Nutella Jar "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sometimes, having a sweet tooth can get you into trouble.

That was the problem for one little possum in Loganholme, Australia, last week when he stumbled upon an open jar of Nutella that someone had thrown away.

Hoping to get a taste of what was left in the jar, he stuck his head inside and then couldnt get it back out.

Credit: RSPCA Queensland

A man walking his dog saw the struggling critter, and knew right away he needed help. Brushtail possums typically eat sweet eucalyptus, flowers and fruits so it was no surprise he wanted to snack on the sweet hazelnut spread.

The man called the local RSPCA and wildlife officer Chantel Sibilla was on the scene to help the troubled animal within minutes.

I wanted to call him Nutty the moment I saw him there, she told The Jimboomba Times. You know you have a problem when you end up in a situation like that.

Credit: RSPCA Queensland

Sibilla put some grease around the neck of the jar and gently twisted it off from around the possums head. Theres no way of knowing how long the little guy had been stuck but if it had been much longer, he likely wouldnt have made it.

The most amazing thing was the way he tried to help me out, grabbing the jar with his little paws so he helped me lever it off, Sibilla said. Possums can scream and carry on, but not this little guy. He seemed perfectly happy where he was.

Sibilla wrapped the possum in a towel and brought him to the animal hospital for a checkup. They had to make sure he wasnt injured or dehydrated from his sticky run-in before releasing him back to the wild.


Mangroves and their deforestation may emit more methane than we thought "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mangroves, the dense tangled forests that buffer land from sea in many coastal areas of the tropics, are renowned for their ability to store carbon and help fight climate change. But new research finds mangroves may emit more carbon as methane than previously estimated emissions made even worse by deforestation. The ability of mangroves to sequester carbon in the ground termed blue carbon is unparalleled, with previous research finding a tract of mangrove can bury 40 times more carbon than a similarly sized area of rainforest. But what exactly happens to this carbon once its in the ground has been something of a mystery. So scientists at universities in Australia decided to find out by examining the soil carbon stored beneath mangroves in Queensland. Dr. Judith Rosentreter, a coauthor of the study, in a mangrove creek in North Queensland, Australia. Her research interest are in carbon cycling and greenhouse gas emissions from mangrove ecosystems. Photo by Jacob Yeo Their results, published in Science Advances, reveal that mangrove soil carbon doesnt remain stored in perpetuity. Some of it is transformed from carbon dioxide (CO2) to methane (CH4) by tiny microorganisims called archea, and is then released back into the atmosphere. Methane has a much bigger warming impact than carbon dioxide 34 to 86 times more powerful so even a bit of methane has the potential to offset mangrove CO2 storage. Ultimately, the team found that the methane released from mangrove soil carbon offsets blue carbon burial

Scientists urge Indonesian president to nix dam in orangutan habitat "IndyWatch Feed National"

JAKARTA Twenty-five of the worlds top environmental scientists have lambasted plans to construct a hydroelectric dam in northern Sumatra, Indonesia, because it would threaten the rarest species of great ape on Earth. The scientists, members of the Alliance of Leading Environmental Researchers & Thinkers (ALERT), outlined their concerns in a letter addressed to President Joko Jokowi Widodo, which was hand-delivered to the office of the presidents chief of staff, or KSP, on July 10. The scientists said the $1.6 billion hydropower project threatened the Batang Toru forest in North Sumatra province, home to the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis). The species was only described last year, but is already teetering on the brink of extinction, as its habitat in the Batang Toru ecosystem continues to be fragmented by infrastructure projects. Over the course of three generations, the population of Tapanuli orangutans has plummeted by 83 percent, leaving fewer than 800 individuals surviving in a tiny tract of forest less than one-fifth the size of the metropolitan area that comprises Indonesias capital, Jakarta. The Batang Toru hydropower project could be the death knell for the Tapanuli orangutan, according to William F. Laurance, a tropical ecologist at Australias James Cook University, who led a major study of the species and described it as the rarest and most gravely endangered great ape on Earth. I cannot imagine anywhere else in the world where a project like this would even be seriously entertained, he told Mongabay by email. The Batang Toru project will slice


This Viral 'Shark Attack' Photo Isn't What It Seems "IndyWatch Feed National"

Instagram model Katarina Zarutskie was in the Bahamas with her boyfriend when she got into the water with a group of nurse sharks while they were feeding. She wanted to connect with nature, she told SBS News. Then Zarutskie floated on her back amongst the sharks, posing for a photo to share on her Instagram page and something unexpected happened.

I leaned back, and then that shark he came and he bit down on my arm and pulled me under," she told BuzzFeed News. "I am lucky to have my hand.

Credit: Instagram/Katarina Zarutskie

After the incident, Zarutskie released photos of the alleged attack, including a photo of her splashing in the water and an image of her injured arm and she told her story to multiple news outlets.

"At that point your body has so much adrenaline going and you just have to get out of the situation, but I stayed extremely calm," she told BBC News. "I think if someone was screaming and flailing around it definitely could have changed the situation."

Yet shark experts warn not to believe the hype surrounding the viral shark attack photo. Despite the slight injury, they say, Zarutskie was never in any real danger. Nurse sharks are very gentle animals who feed on molluscs, stingrays and small fish and theyve never fatally injured a person.

Credit: Instagram/Katarina Zarutskie

The nurse shark is likely to have pulled the woman underwater in taking an exploratory bite out of curiosity, but because they have sharp teeth this resul...


Are Bugs, Microwaves and Slaughterbots the New Cold War? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Screengrab from Slaughterbot film

by Dee McLachlan

They say it was President Harry S Trumans decision to drop Little Boy, the atomic bomb that obliterated Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 exploding with an energy of about 15 kilotons of TNT. The goal of the two atomic bombs were to end the war, and as the President said, It is an awful responsibility that has come to us.

In 1950, Truman went on to support the development of the hydrogen bomb, a w...


New Matilda Editor Chris Graham To Report From Gaza-Bound Freedom Flotilla "IndyWatch Feed National"

The following is a media statement from Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla Australia is excited to announce that Chris Graham, the publisher and editor of New Matilda and Walkley Award winning journalist, will be on board the Freedom Flotilla Coalition boat Al Awda (The Return) later this month as she challenges the devastating and inhumane Israeli government blockade of Gaza.

This latest Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FFC) campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of Israels illegal blockade on the civilian population of the Gaza Strip is called Right to a Just Future for Palestine. It will not only focus on the right to freedom of movement, as all previous flotillas have done, but it will also focus on the right of return that has been denied to dispossessed Palestinian refugees for 70 years.

Chris said: The job of independent media like New Matilda, is to print truths that some would rather not see exposed. Its also to give voice to the voiceless, and there arent many groups on earth with less of a voice than Palestinians. So, Im looking forward to being part of that process.

New Matilda editor Chris Graham, pictured in Hebron in the West Bank in December 2016.

Im obviously anxious about the response of the Israeli Government to the flotilla they killed 10 members of a Flotilla in 2010 during a raid on the Mavi Marmara. But Im also mindful that the Israeli Governments campaign of misinformation and intimidation of journalists and media organisations has been effective in reducing scrutiny of its actions.

Al Awda and her sister ships Freedom, Falestine and Mairead, are currently undertaking a tour of European ports to build support for the campaign and show Palestinian people and communities that while governments and international institutions may have failed them over the last 70 years, there is growing civil society support for their fundamental human rights.

John Pilger said: The freedom flotillas have achieved extraordinary results in informing the world of the inhumanity and cruelty of the Israelis medieval siege of Gaza. He has officially endorsed Right to a Just Future for Palestine, stating I specially appreciate the words, Just Future justice is the basic human right missing from the media reporting of...


Green Finance Is Flowing, From Paris To The Pacific "IndyWatch Feed National"

Private and public investment in a safe climate future is growing, despite the best and worst efforts of some of the worlds leading polluters, writes Richie Merzian.

On a reclaimed swamp fringing the outskirts of the industrial city of Incheon in the Republic of Korea youll find the G-Tower, home of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). While this purpose-built town is an odd choice for the headquarters of the worlds largest climate fund it is typical of the UN decision-making that defines how the GCF works.

The GCF Board has 24 members split evenly between developed countries (mainly OECD members) and developing countries (mainly non-OECD members) and every decision, from approving the Secretariats pay-scale to billion dollar investments to the location of fund headquarters, has to be by consensus. Climate finance is all about balance and fairness, allowing industrialised countries that have benefited from high greenhouse gas economies to help finance efforts by poorer countries to cut their emissions and adapt to climate change.

Last week, the GCF Board held its 20th meeting and took two days to agree an agenda, failed to consider funding proposals and received the resignation of the Executive Director of the GCF Secretariat. Without background, it sounds like the GCF is in free-fall and Australia should question its AU$200 million investment, especially after American President Donald Trump announced the US would not honour its remaining US$2 billion GCF pledge.

In truth, the GCF has been a major asset for Australia and the international community, by supporting climate action in vulnerable island countries and levering corporate finance for climate change. Australia has been highly influential in the fund, co-chairing the GCF Board for three of the last six years, including overseeing a period of rapid growth in 2016 and 2017. In that two-year window, the GCF Board agreed by consensus to invest in 46 projects totalling US$2.5 billion. Just in our region, eight Pacific island countries succeeded in attracting over US$300 million in GCF investments in renewable energy and climate resilience more than the entire Australian contribution to the GCF.

But its through the GCFs Private Sector Facility that the greatest impact can be made. For example, the GCFs US$250 million investment in the European Investment Banks Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund will mobilise US$30 billion in renewable energy and energy efficiency in emerging markets. Thats a leverage ratio of 120. One of the largest private investors in the project is an Australian superannuation fund.

The Paris Agreement is built on the understanding that climate finance must come from all funding sources. The goal of raising US$100 billion per annum by 2020, agreed at the Copenhagen conference, should come from both gov...


PERTH Gosnells man charged over theft of marked police car "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Gosnells man charged over theft of marked police car .

July 13, 2018 at 03:37PM .

offences, including stealing a motor vehicle, aggravated home burglary and breach of bail. He is due to appear in Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow. .


PERTH Man charged over theft of police car in Cloverdale "IndyWatch Feed National"

snip .

Man charged over theft of police car in Cloverdale .

July 13, 2018 at 03:15PM .

harm, failing to report an incident in which property was damaged and breach of bail. He is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court tomorrow. .



In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, July 13, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Weve collected a few stories that were published this week by other news outlets. Tropical forests The Forest Code in Brazil could help both agriculture and the environment, if all of its provisions are carried out (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis/EurekAlert). In just four years, between 2012 and 2016, Australia lost 5,000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles) of forest in the Great Barrier Reef watershed (The Guardian). A Chinese agency allows the trade in the bones of leopards, a species protected under CITES (Conservation Action Trust). Grazing livestock in forests could help boost sustainable agriculture (CIFOR Forests News). Protected forests in India that are farther from roads had 88 percent less deforestation, new research has found (The Hindu). Other news Scientists in Switzerland are combining drone surveys with image analysis to track wildlife in Africa (Swiss National Science Foundation/EurekAlert). A new analysis shows that the chances of contracting Lyme disease are higher in fragmented forests of the eastern U.S. (Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies/EurekAlert). Trumps Supreme Court nominee has acknowledged the role of humans in climate change (The Atlantic). What would the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court mean for environmental laws? (The New York Times). Ammonia could be a renewable source of energy (Science Magazine). Several species of whales may have disappeared from the Mediterranean due to hunting by ancient Romans (New Scientist). After centuries of brewing beer, Belgium is becoming a more hospitable place for wine production, thanks to climate change (Reuters). Scientists ask

Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, IOTA, and EOS "IndyWatch Feed National"

There are many angles to view the market despite this relentless sell pressure. First, news of regulations is obviously positive and could open the door for institutional investors to channels their trillions. Secondly, there is widespread cryptocurrency adoption and that []

The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, IOTA, and EOS appeared first on The Global Mail.


MACKAY Mackay man pleads guilty to more than a dozen crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

MACKAY July 13, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

Mackay man pleads guilty to more than a dozen crimes

July 13, 2018 at 07:33AM ,

A NORTH Mackay man has pleaded guilty to a slew of charges in Mackay Magistrates Court. Benjamin Beith, 30, began to plead guilty to a slew of

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,


A review of gold nanoparticles in cancer therapy. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  Curr Pharm Des. 2015 ;21(29):4240-51. PMID: 26323426 Abstract Title:  Gold Nanoparticles in Cancer Therapy: Efficacy, Biodistribution, and Toxicity. Abstract:  Gold-based nanoparticles are utilized for cancer therapeutics as a system for drug delivery, or as a mediator for thermal therapy, whether ablation or hyperthermia. This review discusses how the design of the physicochemical properties of the different types of gold-based nanoparticles affects their treatment efficacy. The basic principles and mechanism at which it mediates heating and delivers drugs efficiently in vivo is also summarized. We will also review the in vivo preclinical data on the biodistribution, intratumoral distribution, cell internalization, and its associated toxicity. Lastly, an updated list of the clinical trials based on nanoparticles and future perspectives are provided.

read more


antifa notes (july 14, 2018) : Lauren Southern & Stefan Molyneux Down Under +++ "IndyWatch Feed National"

LOCAL After a minor roadbump (seemingly generated by their applying for the wrogn category of visa), Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern were this week issued working visas in order to conduct their speaking tour of Australia. See : Its OK Continue reading


Madagascars native fauna defenseless against toxic invasive toads "IndyWatch Feed National"

Madagascar is facing an invasion. Not military, but amphibian. Toxic Asian common toads (Duttaphrynus melanostictus) have spread rapidly around the port city of Toamasina on the countrys east coast. The invasion has raised concerns that the amphibians could take a severe toll on Madagascars wildlife species, approximately 70 percent of which are endemic to the island. A paper published last month vindicates those concerns: through a genetic analysis of 77 Malagasy species, scientists found that just one demonstrated clear resistance to toad toxins. Our findings stress the importance of the timely investment of resources to monitor and control the spread of this alien species in order to prevent a worsening biodiversity crisis in Madagascar, the scientists write in the journal Current Biology. Asian common toads secrete a milky fluid from special glands behind their eyes when threatened. The fluid contains toxins known as cardiac glycosides, which can kill predators, including humans. Toxin-secreting parotid glands are visible as a large sac behind each eye. Image courtesy of If sufficient cardiac glycosides are present, then the affected individual can suffer from an irregular heartbeat, which can lead to cardiac arrest, and death, study co-author Nicholas Casewell, an expert in snake venom with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the U.K., told Mongabay via email. The situation has drawn fearful comparisons to a devastating invasion of toxic cane toads (Rhinella marina) in Queensland, Australia. The species was introduced from South America in 1935 to control agricultural pests. No one foresaw


Bank of Queensland Bans Crypto Purchases Using Home Equity Loans "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian retail lender Bank of Queensland is updating its borrowers loan contracts to keep them from purchasing cryptocurrency using mortgage funds. Brisbane-based Bank of Queensland, a retail bank listed on Australias primary stock exchange is discouraging its borrowers from using real-estate mortgages to purchase cryptocurrency after deeming it a high-risk investment, according to the Australian

The post Bank of Queensland Bans Crypto Purchases Using Home Equity Loans appeared first on CCN


Our Oceans Are Under Attack, Accumulating Plastic Wastes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Spawning coral wrapped in waste plastics

Plastic waste threatens coral reefs

From an Article by Katherine Bourzac, Chemical & Engineering News, Volume 96 Issue 5 | p. 7 | News of The Week, January 29, 2018

A photograph of a spawning coral with a piece of plastic wrapped around it.

Coral reefs around the world face an existential threat from overfishing, climate change, nutrient runoff, and ocean acidification. Now researchers have added another hazard to the list: plastic waste. In a survey of reefs in the Asia-Pacific region, marine biologists found that contact with plastic garbage increased corals risk of disease from 4 to 89% (Science 2018, DOI: 10.1126/science.aar3320).

Researchers and environmentalists have been sounding the alarm about the 4.8 to 12.7 million metric tons of plastic that lands in the oceans every year. Still, says Douglas Rader, chief oceans scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund and one of the studys coleaders, the strong connection between coral disease and plastic was extremely surprising. This is striking, particularly in the context of all the other risks to reefs, he says.

The plastics study, an international effort involving researchers from Cornell University and collaborators in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Australia, studied 159 reefs in Myanmar, Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Researchers looked for signs of disease, including bands of necrotic tissue on the corals. They also noted whether the corals were in contact with pieces of plastic 50 mm in diameter or larger. Courtney Couch, a coral disease ecologist at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology who surveyed reefs in Indonesia, says she saw many corals wrapped in plastic fishing lines and plastic bags.

This study is the first to show that plastic waste is associated with risk of disease in a marine organism. Although the researchers didnt establish a mechanism to explain the correlation, Couch notes that plastic ocean trash can carry pathogens. Plastic also can wrap around coral, which causes stress and in turn leaves the organism vulnerable to infection.

Marine chemist Tracy Mincer of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who says he reads studies about plastic in the ocean with a skeptical eye, is convinced. It i...

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Friday, 13 July


Plastic bag 'ban' by Coles and Woolies is collusion? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Let's put aside the distractions of; 'better for the environment'.

Let's put aside that now you must officially purchase plastic bags.

Let's put aside that MANY people used these bags for their domestic bins, where now they must purchase 'bin' bags, another WIN for the supermarket duopoly.
(Garbage bag sales were too slow ???)

Let's put aside the distractions that other states in Australia or other countries have done away with these pesky plastic bags.

We can focus on the financial cost savings to both Coles and Woolworths (in Victoria, Australia) for not providing the bags to customers, which in any event the price was incorporated in the products,

where the real focus could be on a lesser known consumer law called collusion.

It (the action of 'collusion') is against Australian consumer law.

SSssssshhhh DON'T tell the ACCC - they're VERY busy.


Areas in Australia recording coldest temps in more than a decade "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australians have been shivering across the country this winter, but a cold air mass combined with clear skies and light winds caused the mercury to really plummet last night. A slow-moving high pressure system will continue to cause notably cold mornings across much of central, southern and eastern Australia during the next three days, leading to widespread frost and fog each morning until Sunday. Some southern parts of the Northern Territory and a few places in southwest Queensland had their coldest morning in three to seven years. After a night of steady cooling, the temperature in Queensland town of Thargomindah dropped to a low of 0.2 degrees just before 7am today - the site's coldest morning since 2012.


73% of Filipinos want govt to assert South China Sea rights "IndyWatch Feed National"

To the question, How much do you agree or disagree with the statement? The Duterte administration should assert our right and protect our territorial sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea as stipulated in the 2016 decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, most of the 1,800 respondents agreed.
Edd Gumban
Ghio Ong (The Philippine Star) July 13, 2018 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines Seventy-three percent of Filipinos want the Duterte administration to assert the countrys rights in the South China Sea, according to Pulse Asias latest sruvey.

To the question, How much do you agree or disagree with the statement? The Duterte administration should assert our right and protect our territorial sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea as stipulated in the 2016 decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, most of the 1,800 respondents agreed.

Of the number, 46 percent said they strongly agree, while 27 percent somewhat agree.

Seventeen percent of the respondents said they may either agree or disagree with the question raised in the survey.

Only four percent somewhat disagree and three-percent strongly disagree or opposed the matter.

Two percent admitted they had limited knowledge about the topic, while 0.4 percent have no idea about it.

Pulse Asia released the results of the survey, conducted last June 15 to 25, on the second anniversary of the Philippines winning its case before the arbitral tribunal in The Hague.

On the other hand, two of 10 Pinoys want Duterte govt to continue befriending China despite disputes in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea, the survey revealed.

Of the respondents, 21 percent said the government must continue the current action of befriending China to avoid conflict between the Philippines and China when asked what should be the Duterte administrations position on Chinas continued militarization of territories in the West Philippine Sea, Pulse Asia noted.

On the other hand, 36 percent of the respondents b...


Kaleesha Morris: Honouring Her and Her within me "IndyWatch Feed National"

The awesome and formidable power of the Gumbaynggirr Woman configured Country and natural Lore and continues to permeate the spirits of those of us today who respect and draw upon this divine, innate source of strength weaved within the DNA of our lands and our bodies.


Asian shares mostly higher; Japans Nikkei up on weak yen "IndyWatch Feed National"

Asian shares are mostly higher, rebounding from jitters over the U.S.-China trade disputes for a second straight day.

KEEPING SCORE: Japans Nikkei 225 jumped 1.3 percent to 22,483.13 and South Koreas Kospi gained 0.8 percent to 2,302.32. Hong Kongs Hang Seng index added 0.3 percent to 28,578.86. But Shanghai Composite Index in mainland China fell 0.6 percent to 2,821.73. In Australia, S&P-ASX 200 dipped 0.2 percent to 6,255.10. Stocks in Singapore, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian markets were higher.

ANALYSTS TAKE: Despite recent escalations in trade battles, the sky hasnt fallen just yet as optimism crept back into the market, said Stephen Innes, OANDAs head of trading in Asia Pacific region. The broader market continues to remain in wait and see mode for further details on how China might retaliate on trade.

TRADE: China has yet to give details on what kind of firm and forceful measures it would use to respond to the fresh round of potential tariff hikes on $200 billion of goods announced by the U.S. on Tuesday. But Beijing stepped up pressure on Washington by suggesting that U.S. companies lobby American leaders. The U.S. and China are yet to resume negotiations over the dispute that led to tariff hikes on each others goods.

WALL STREET: U.S stocks finished higher on Thursday led by tech companies. The S&P 500 index rose 0.9 percent to 2,798.29. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.9 percent to 24,924.89. The Nasdaq jumped 1.4 percent to 7,823.92, closing at an all-time high. The Russell 2000 index of smaller-company stocks added 0.4 percent to 1,690.28.

OIL: Benchmark U.S. crude lost 2 cents to $70.31 per barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract dipped 0.1 percent to settle at $70.33 a barrel on Thursday. Brent crude, used to price international oils, fell 35 cents to $74.10 per barrel in London. It finished 1.4 percent higher at $74.45 per barrel on Thursday.

CURRENCIES: The dollar rose to 112.65 yen from 112.52 yen. The euro fell slightly to $1.1666 from $1.1672.



5 Times the US Actively Supported ISIS or Similar Groups "IndyWatch Feed National"

Washington D.C. (GPA) Everyone knows U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East has more to do with destabilization than diplomacy. Whether arming terror states like Israel and Saudi Arabia or flattening entire countries like Libya and Iraq, American intervention is pretty much always a humanitarian disaster. At times, this policy has even included arming ISIS the very terror group Washington claims to oppose.

The reason for this help is that ISIS assists U.S. foreign policy goals. It is no secret that the U.S. has tried to overthrow the democratically elected Syrian government for years. To further their goals, the U.S. regime has more or less aligned with just about every terrorist group short of ISIS publicly, including Jahbat al-Nusra.

Yet at times this alliance has extended past terror groups fighting under the Free Syrian Army banner. In many situations, the U.S. has seemingly supported ISIS. Whether these instances are mere coincidence or represent a pattern of support is up to you to decide. Below are five strongest instances of the U.S. helping ISIS and other terrorist groups.


1. Fighting as ISISs Air Force

There are several instances of the United States providing air support to terrorist groups like ISIS but none quite as obvious and dire as Deir Ez Zor in 2016.

In September 2016, the humanitarian situation in the Syrian city of Deir Ez Zor was dire: the largest city in eastern Syria was completely besieged by ISIS fighters. Syrian civilians and soldiers alike were completely dependent upon airlifted supplies to survive. Then, on September 17, U.S. warplanes led British, Danish, and Australian jets on a series of airstrikes against the citys defenders, the Syrian Arab Army. The air raids lasted about an hour and decimated crucial Syrian Army positions on the mountains that overlook Deir Ez Zor airport. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the airstrikes killed at least sixty-two Syrian soldiers and injured over 100 more.

Immediately following the airstrikes, ISIS fighters attacked the weakened Syrian troops defending the critical mountains. ISIS ultimately overran positions on the mountains threatening both the airbase and the cities roughly 200,000 residents. These particular airstrikes occurred during a ceasefire between rebel and Syrian Arab Army forces. After the strikes, the ceasefire quickly fell apart.

While the U.S. claims the airstrikes were intended to strike ISIS fighters, Russia and Syria see the situation differently....


Malaysia's deputy PM say govt can't stop marriage to 11YO girl as it's valid under Islam "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two Australian mates of mine with interests in Malaysia - one ex-copper and one ex-SASR - were discussing this earlier today online. I think their comments are spot on. Still keeping in the dark ages mate. Theyll never be a first world country until they break free of this garbage....


Malaysia's deputy PM say govt can't stop marriage to 11YO girl as it's valid under Islam "IndyWatch Feed National"

From Malaysia's Sun Daily. 'Govt powerless to nullify child marriage as it is valid under Islamic laws' Posted on 10 July 2018 - 05:36pm Last updated on 10 July 2018 - 11:04pm Adrian Phung Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail speaks during a press...


Bird of the Day: Green Pygmy-goose "IndyWatch Feed National"

Green Pygmy-goose by James Zainaldin - La Paz Group

Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia


(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1614: The Economic Illusion | Expecting a Call Soon "IndyWatch Feed National"

Published on Jul 12, 2018

The housing crisis in Australia is being exposed, it is much worse than everyone thinks. The economy is not improving, real wages are now stagnant for 2 months in a row, we are at the end of the central banking system and everything will begin to breakdown very rapidly. Mnuchin says the yield curve does not indicate a recession, soon it will be replaced with the new curve which has been manipulated to convince everyone that there is no recession. David Stockman says its time to blame the Fed for our problems not trade. Yes it is time to blame the central banks, it is time to break their hold on the system.

Published on Jul 12, 2018

Paul Ryan says he might arrest Lisa Page for contempt of congress. Strzok gave testimony, this is a waste of time, without the unredacted report you cannot have a real hearing. Trump declares victory over NATO, Macron stick up for Trump and says he did not threaten to leave NATO. Russian official Zakharova says that there is ample evidence that the deep state has been supporting the Taliban. Trump receives letter from Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In says criticism as a ploy. Large IS convoy trying to escape from Syria and heading into Iraq. Syria says once Idlib is liberated from the paid mercenary terrorist group it is game over. Trump says he is waiting for a call from Iran to make a deal, he said it will be coming. Enjoy the show.


Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of Century Occurs July 27 "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Elizabeth Howell

The longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century is just a month away.

The total phase of the blood moon eclipse of July 27 will last 1 hour and 43 minutes, during which Earths natural satellite will turn a spectacular red or ruddy-brown color. From start to finish, the entire celestial event will last nearly 4 hours.

The eclipse wont be visible to viewers in North America, except via webcasts. But observers in much of Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and the Indian Ocean region will get an eyeful, given cooperative weather, according to lunar scientist Noah Petro, of NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

Julys total lunar eclipse occurs on the same day the planet Mars reaches its opposition, when it will shine at its best in the night sky. This month, Mars will be at its closest to Earth since 2003. After opposition, when Mars will be brightest, it will reach that closest point on July 31. You can learn more about that event in our dedicated guide here: Mars at Opposition 2018: How to See It and What to Expect

Unlike with solar eclipses, you need no special equipment to observe lunar eclipses. These latter events, which occur when the moon passes into Earths shadow, are safe to view directly with the naked eye, telescopes or binoculars.

The moon turns deep red or reddish brown during eclipses, instead of going completely dark. Thats because some of the sunlight going through Earths atmosphere is bent around the edge of our planet and falls onto the moons surface. Earths air also scatters more shorter-wavelength light (in colors such as green or blue); whats left is the longer-wavelength, redder end of the spectrum.

The timing if this total lunar eclipse means it wont be visible from North America, though much of the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth will see part or all of the eclipse. The entire eclipse will be visible from Africa, the Middle East and countries in central Asia. The eclipse will be visible from eastern South America as it is ending, and from Australia as it is beginning.

The time of greatest eclipse will be 4:21 p.m. EDT (2021 GMT) on July 27, according to The total eclipse will last from 3:30 p.m. to 5:13 p.m. EDT (1930 to 2113 GMT). There will also be some time before and after when the moon is in the lighter part of Earths shadow, which is call...


Nobody reads police statement on Stormy Daniels arrest like Ben Shapiro "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ms Stormy was defamed by President Trump how? BTW the charges were dropped a few hours ago - but don't let that get in the way of enjoying Ben Shapiro's deadpan!


Part 51. Australias irrelevant holocaust. What the Pope and the worlds Catholic community need to know about the sentencing of Archbishop Wilson. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Express Post letter to Judge Stone

Magistrate Robert Stone would have been faced with a serious legal problem with the sentencing of Archbishop Wilson because the content of this letter. As the content below reveals, if the Newcastle Local Court registrar, Damian Bultitude, had not blocked this letter, Archbishop Wilsons legal counsel, Ian Temby QC, could have been used this evidence to press for a mistrial on the basis of Manifest Ostensible Bias, a case-killer procedural fairness issue that renders prosecutions null and void.

The shortlink URL for this posting is:




Labor calls Peking rent-boy Sam Dastyari back to politics "IndyWatch Feed National"

From The Daily Telegraph Sam Dastyari should return to politics, says NSW Labor general secretary Kaila Murnain Kylar Loussikian, The Daily Telegraph July 12, 2018 NSW Labor powerbroker Kaila Murnain has begged disgraced former senator Sam Dastyari to return to the political frontline. Mr Dastyari was once seen as a...


Australia will start fining parents every two weeks if they don't vaccinate their children "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australia's "No Jab, No Pay" policy just got a little stronger, or at least more insistent. Under the previous policy, parents who did not keep their children up to date on vaccinations would miss out on a one-time, end-of-the-year tax benefit called Family Tax Benefit Part A, valued at AU$737. Under the updated policy, those same parents will instead lose AU$28 every two weeks while their child is not up to date. Australia's Minister for Social Services, Dan Tehan, said in a statement: Immunization is the safest way to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Parents who don't immunize their children are putting their own kids at risk as well as the children of other people." The expanded No Jab, No Pay policy went into effect on July 1, 2018.


Partial solar eclipse of July 13, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

A partial solar eclipse will take place on Friday, July 13, 2018, but will only be visible in extreme southern Australia and Antarctica. This eclipse belongs to Saros 117 and is number 69 of 71 eclipses in the series. All eclipses in this series occur at the...... Read more


Contrapower: on sexual harassment by students "IndyWatch Feed National"

A few years ago, I had a male student, no older than twenty, who frequently took photos of me on his iPad while I was lecturing. I found out about the photos because he showed them to me. I reported the student to my head of school, and she called him into her office for an informal meeting. However, when she reprimanded him, he didnt understand what the problem was. He told her we were in love.


Peter Dutton weeding out dud migrants - immigration lowest in decade "IndyWatch Feed National"

I hope these data are correct. There's usually a difference between departments like the ABS and the immigration department on the actuals. Let's see how the data sets reconcile.


Buffett Trolled Again: Punter Bets Millions Bitcoin Price Will Soar Above Berkshire Stock "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its no longer fashionable to just promise to eat your appendages if a bitcoin price prediction doesnt come true now the real deal is staking millions in cold, hard cash. Perhaps peeved by Warren Buffetts constant bashing of bitcoin, an unidentified crypto bull in Australia is betting millions of dollars that the bitcoin price

The post Buffett Trolled Again: Punter Bets Millions Bitcoin Price Will Soar Above Berkshire Stock appeared first on CCN


Australian Government is trying to hide form disgrace over East Timor spying "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The disgraced of Australias spying on the East Timorese government is finally unfolding. That the newly emerging small nation was was being treated in this way, was uncovered by the intended target  in 2004. It went so far as to bug cabinet meetings. Although the East Timor government made a formal complaint, the matter has largely been kept hidden from Australian eyes to to now.

This is not a proper way to conduct relationships with other nations, let alone our close neighbours. No wonder governments wanted this swept under the carpet.

Back then, tensions over claims to Timor Sea oil and gas reserves had reached a peak. The Australian government disregarded Est Timor and claimed the lot. In doing this, it was acting in the interests of the American and British based oil company interests controlling the industry in Australia. It can be said that the Australian government was spying for these companies.

The problem was, that the East Timor government asserted that it needed this resource, much of which exists within East Timors territorial waters, to build a new economy and provide a livelihood for a population devastated by years of conflict under Indonesian occupation.

Although East Timors assertiveness eventually succeeded in wresting a concession, it remains that it only gained partial ownership of the reserves. This is too small a nation to have overcome the big brother muscle being flexed by Australia. That East Timor has succeeded as far as it has is remarkable, and comes thanks to the courage of the East Timorese, and enormous sympathy for East Timor and its people within the Australian community.

Then came the former spy who raised his concern about the involvement of the Australian Secret Intelligence Services (ASIS) in the illegal bugging. Witness K, as he is now known, approached lawyer and former Attorney General, Bernard Collaery. This led to both were charged by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, under existing anti-terrorism law.

Witness K had been due to provide evidence to the Hague in 2013. The Australia Secret Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) raided his home and Collaerys office and  the two were subsequently charged with conspiring to reveal the spying operation to the public. This can attract imprisonment for up to two years under section 39 of the Intelligence Services Act.

This is how the  initial worongdoing was joined by a second wrongdoing: A concerted effort to cover the initial act. It has exposed the nature of the anti-terrorism laws, as a vehicle to silence criticism and intimidate whistleblowers and anyone else raising inconvenient truths.

Unfortunately for the government, Andrew Wilkie put the matter on the public record by revealing it in parliament,under...


A short history of the First Nations Australia Writers Network "IndyWatch Feed National"

In such a short time we have achieved so much, from 2013 to right now 2018. We have established an amazing organisation that represents Us Mob in the literary world. We have put some fantastic strategies in place that have reached out not only nationally but ato the other side of the world.


Aussie super funds skim $700Bn in fees - union industry funds our biggest "IndyWatch Feed National"

If members contributions between 1997 and 2016 had been invested in a passively managed fund with typical expenses and allocations, they would now be valued between $700bn and $800bn larger, University of NSW economist Nicholas Morris said. The total pool of superannuation assets, $2.6 trillion in March, would now be...


Australian Bank Bans Use of Home Equity Loans for Crypto Trading "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian Bank of Queensland has barred the use lines of credit from home equity loans in purchasing cryptocurrencies


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Erskineville, New South Wales, Australia. Thanks for stopping by!


Amy Thunig: Indigenous academic women, because of her, we can. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kamilaroi woman, and researcher at the University of Newcastle Amy Thunig writes about the strength of Indigenous women in academia. How their role is intrinsically linked to politics and activism.


Market Talk- July 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Many in the market were waiting to hear a response from China today, after the escalation by the US in trade tariffs. However, given their noticeable absence has provided a huge relief for markets and so we saw yesterdays decline reversed. An impressive 2.2% bounce proved wide spread and especially creditworthy when we see that the Yuan fixed at its weakest official fix in almost a year. Also worth noting is that ZTE shares rallied 24% China telecom poised to resume business. The Hang Seng managed just +0.6% which was more inline with the region. The Nikkei gained 1.2% but saw the Yen off -0.5%, now trading mid 112s. the Australian ASX also saw a near 1% bounce with the regional mood helping, but is gaining some ground as metals and softs find a bid. Constructive to see it close at the days high. SENSEX drifted marginally from morning highs, but encouraged as the INR held its ground today.

European markets followed the mood even though they were reluctant to take it too far ahead of US CPI release. The DAX was probably the most sensitive as it almost had a negative print mid afternoon on rumours of auto tariff except. BREXIT is again in the news with the discussion of a common rule book proposal. However, much is still to do as today is just the white paper which has ignored the service sector in this submission. UK is offering a goods deal while sacrificing services is how many are seeing this. Irrespective, GBP held its ground and saw little or no volatility I the headlines. CAC closed a near 1% firmer with EURONEXT 100 up 0.8% and peripheral FTSE MIB +0.4% whilst Portugal closed down.

As President Trump arrived in the UK amidst all the palaver of his visit, US CPI was released and was positive. It would appear most missed it, but the strongest in over five years certainly the US cash markets spotted it. The DOW added another 200 points and the NASDAQ made yet more new highs. Earnings season start soon with money still sitting on the side-lines. This still looks to be the most hated rally weve seen in a very long time and the more they hate it, the higher it wants to go! +0.9% rallies for S+P and DOW with an impressive +1.4% for the NASDAQ as Facebook and Amazon hit re...


Putin extends retaliatory sanctions against Western countries through 2019 "IndyWatch Feed National"

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law extending the embargo against countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia. Restrictions will be in force until the end of next year. The government is instructed to take all measures necessary to implement the decree. The document came into force on the day of signing, on July 12. In August 2014, Russia banned imports of certain agricultural products, raw materials and foodstuffs from countries that target Russia with sanctions. They include the United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia and Norway. The ban includes meat products, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and dairy products. The US and its allies imposed sanctions against Russia after accusing the country of annexing Crimea and supporting rebels in Eastern Ukraine.


Gold nanoparticle hyperthermia reduces radiotherapy dose. "IndyWatch Feed National"

PMID:  Nanomedicine. 2014 Nov ;10(8):1609-17. Epub 2014 Jun 3. PMID: 24990355 Abstract Title:  Gold nanoparticle hyperthermia reduces radiotherapy dose. Abstract:  UNLABELLED: Gold nanoparticles can absorb near infrared light, resulting in heating and ablation of tumors. Gold nanoparticles have also been used for enhancing the X-ray dose to tumors. The combination of hyperthermia and radiotherapy is synergistic, importantly allowing a reduction in X-ray dose with improved therapeutic results. Here we intratumorally infused small 15 nm gold nanoparticles engineered to be transformed from infrared-transparent to infrared-absorptive by the tumor, then heated by infrared followed by X-ray treatment. Synergy was studied using a very radioresistant subcutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (SCCVII) in mice. It was found that the dose required to control 50% of the tumors, normally 55 Gy, could be reduced to3.7). Gold nanoparticles therefore provide a method to combine hyperthermia and radiotherapy to drastically reduce the X-ray radiation needed, thus sparing normal tissue, reducing side effects, and making radiotherapy more effective.FROM THE CLINICAL EDITOR: Gold nanoparticles are known to enhance the efficacy of X-ray in tumor irradiation resulting in tumor heating and ablation. They also absorb near infrared light. This dual property was studied using a very radioresistant subcutaneous squamous cell carcinoma in mice, demonstrating that the dose required to control 50% of the tumors could be reduced by a factor of>3.7, paving the way to potential future clinical applications.

read more


Australia Begins Fining Parents Who Do Not Vaccinate Their Children "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Brief

The Facts: Australia is fining parents who do not adhere to the suggested vaccination schedule set forth by the government. This is potentially paving the way for other countries to follow suit, despite the fact that there are serious concerns with vaccinations

Reflect On: Why is it taboo to question vaccines? Why are there so many studies and so man scientists and doctors raising alarm bells and outlining so many concerns? Why is there such a cover-up about the reality of unsafe vaccines?

By Arjun Walia

A recent move by Australia is sparking some well-deserved controversy. According to the Australian government:

Parents who dont vaccinate their children against disease will lose part of their fortnightly family support payment starting 1 July. Family Tax Benefit Part A payments will be reduced by about $28 a fortnight for each child who does not meet immunization requirements, under tougher No Jab, No Pay rules. The change to No Jab, No Pay provides a constant reminder for parents to keep their childrens immunization up to date. Immunisation is the safest way to protect children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Parents who dont immunize their children are putting their own kids at risk as well as the children of other people. Since the Turnbull Government introduced No Jab, No Pay in 2016 about 246,000 children and their families have taken action to ensure they meet the immunization requirements. The Turnbull Government provided more than $14 million in last years Budget for free, catch-up vaccinations for children, young adults and newly arrived refugees. It also provided $5.5 million over three years to encourage Australian parents and carers to vaccinate their children. Exemptions apply for children who have medical contraindications or natural immunity and have been assessed by a general practitioner.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains well why this is such a big problem, in this piece.

Were living in an age where parents increasingly report that their typically developing children declined cognitively and physically after receiving vaccines. Despite the sound science supporting these parent claims, government agencies and mainstream media continue issuing the now shopworn mantra that vaccines are safe and effective ignoring published research and even common sense that indicate otherwise.



Greenpeace and GetUp launch campaign to kill national energy guarantee "IndyWatch Feed National"

Exclusive: Television ads in Victoria and Queensland aim to get state governments to veto Turnbull's set piece policyThe Queensland and Victorian governments will be hit with a new television advertising campaign in an effort to persuade them to torpedo the national energy guarantee at a critical meeting in early August.The activist group GetUp has combined with Greenpeace to bankroll what it describes as hard-hitting television advertisements targeting the two Labor-held states ahead of a [...]


SOTT FOCUS: SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs "IndyWatch Feed National"

This past month of June saw many areas of the planet inundated with downpours of all shapes and sizes; from violent hailstorms and thunderstorms in parts of Asia (some of them carrying fish, shrimp and octopuses) and Europe, to an amazing mix of hurricane like winds, heavy rain, and floods in the US, Mexico and parts of South America. Volcanic activity continues to break records around the BBM. The Kilauea volcano continued to wreak havoc on the big island of Hawaii, destroying houses and engulfing the area with toxic fumes. Meanwhile, after years of continued activity, Guatemala's Fire volcano erupted violently, causing the deaths of at least 109 people. Hundreds are still missing and entire towns were covered with meters of ash. Other than the spectacular nature of these eruptions, the important point to remember is that all that ash saturates the upper layers of the atmosphere reflecting solar rays and promoting water condensation and ice formation. This of course is not good news given the current solar minimum. It's quite possible that, as we move forward, global temperatures will continue to plummet, and given the massive amounts of water pouring down, next winter may well be a rough ride for many in the Northern Hemisphere. Speaking of cold temperatures, unseasonable snow continued to make headlines even during late spring and the beginning of summer across both Northern and Southern climes. The cold snaps hit the US, Canada, Chile, Australia, Ukraine and Austria; surprising the population, and damaging crops. Increasingly strong hailstorms and bigger hail stones have also been reported all over the world. The US, Greece, Italy, Serbia, India and Russia were the most affected this month. Check it out below:


Na DAS ist ja mal ein Schulterschluss: Seehofer demonstriert ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Na DAS ist ja mal ein Schulterschluss: Seehofer demonstriert Einigkeit mit den Auslnder-Raus-Innenministern von sterreich und Italien. Italiens Innenminister Salvini, wir erinnern uns, lie sogar die eigene Kstenwache nicht in den Hafen einlaufen, weil sie aus Seenot gerettete Flchtlinge an Bord hatten. Und mit solchen Leuten stellt sich Seehofer hin und die bringen dann Sprche wie

"Wir werden aus dieser Kooperation der Willigen auch eine Kooperation der Ttigen machen."
Und auch Seehofer wollte da nicht zurckstehen: "Das eint uns total. In Europa ist in der Migrationspolitik in den letzten Wochen einiges in Bewegung gekommen." Das habe mit den drei Lndern sterreich, Italien und Deutschland zu tun, erklrte er.
Ja super!

Aber hey, vielleicht muss man das positiv sehen. Seehofer hat endlich jemanden gefunden, neben dem nicht er wie der schlimmste Nazi im Raum aussieht!


Australia: I believe Islam killed my daughter Woman cut off contact with family to marry Muslim who killed her "IndyWatch Feed National"

I said to her, Darling, I dont know anything about the Muslim religion. As long as you know what youre doing.' Theres your problem right there one that Im trying to remedy with my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS. Ashlee Brown, 25, had been found dead on her bathroom []


'Nasty & devious anti-vaccination billboard sparks outrage in Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

A new anti-vaccination billboard in Perth has sparked outrage amongst Australian doctors and caused a dispute to flare on social media. The ad poses the controversial question Do you know whats in a vaccine? 

The billboard was met with fierce criticism from Australian doctors and the authorities, which vowed to pull it down, as social media users argued about whether this could violate freedom of speech. Placed on a street corner, the billboard provided a link to an American anti-vaccination group called Learn The Risk. It defines its mission as one of raising peoples awareness of the dangers of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines. 

RT News



Palestinian official on Australians: The truth is they are worthy of being spat on "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why are they worthy of this honor? Because they wont subsidize the Palestinians' payments to the families of jihad murderers. More on this story. Australia worthy of being spat on, Australian Jewish News, July 12, 2018: A LIBERAL and a Labor MP have condemned a Palestinian officials toxic reaction to Australias decision to cease direct []

Thursday, 12 July


Bank of Queensland Rules Out Crypto Purchases With Mortgage Funds "IndyWatch Feed National"

An Australian foreign exchange has revised its own contract terms to prohibit borrowers from using loans like mortgages to buy cryptocurrency. According a report by Australia Finance Review on Thursday, Bank of Queensland, that will be publicly traded on Australias stock market and one of the nations oldest retail banks, has supported the shift of the loan arrangements, which now state any loan purpose which involves the acquisition of usage of cryptocurrency is unacceptable. The move is the consequence of concerns over latest price volatility of the cryptocurrency marketplace, in addition to Australian authorities increasing scrutiny within the nascent distance, the report stated.

As previously mentioned by CoinDesk, Austrac, the nations financial intelligence agency, announced a brand new rule mandating know your client steps across crypto exchanges in Apr of this year. The Australia Taxation Office has also been seeking public opinions on how exactly should best tax gains made from cryptocurrency trading. Bank of Queenslands decision comes as many other creditors in Australia are discouraging borrowers from using real estate mortgages to create high risk investments. Citing an anonymous broker in the market, the report stated lenders within the country are monitoring borrowers accounts for signals funds are being used to trade or buy cryptocurrencies.

Theyre concerned since the Australian Tax Office, the Treasury, the Reserve Bank of Australia and Austrac are running all over it, the agent was quoted as stating. More broadly, major banks internationally like JP Morgan Chase, Citi and Bank of America have lately moved to prohibit users from using credit lines to buy cryptocurrency over worries that a volatile marketplace could depart borrowers struggling to repay their debts. Contract signing picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that tries for the greatest journalistic standards and complies with a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

ban users
Contract si...


Bank of Queensland Rules Out Crypto Purchases With Mortgage Funds "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian retail bank has revised its loan agreements to prohibit borrowers from using mortgages to purchase cryptocurrency.


Corporations invested their Trump tax cuts into failing stock buybacks "IndyWatch Feed National"

This article by Eric Levitz (New York Magazine 9 July 2018), is about the real effect of the Trump cut to company tax, just 6 months after it was put into effect. It has not led to a revival in positive investment. On the contrary. Bad investment has been the result and of squandering money that could have been alternately put, to better use making lives better for Americans, concludes the writer.

Last year, amid a historic drug-overdose epidemic, a rapidly accelerating ecological emergency, a deepening crisis of housing affordability, a collapse in social mobility, a drop in fertility rates fuelled by the exorbitant price of child care, steadily rising health-care costs, and stagnant middle-class wages, Americas elected leadership decided that the No. 1 policy problem in the United States was that our countrys (already historically profitable) corporate sector was paying too much in taxes.

The Republican Party justified its decision to invest the bulk of its legislative energies and $1.5 trillion worth of deficit spending into corporate tax cuts with a simple prediction: Lowering Americas 35 percent top corporate tax rate (which virtually no companies were actually paying) down to 21 percent would trigger a frenzy of business investment, which would increase the productivity of the nations firms and thus, the wages of its workers. The resulting economic boom, replete with high levels of innovation and growing pay checks for the long-suffering middle class, would reduce the deficit, while making all Americas other problems easier to solve.


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