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Saturday, 17 November


Fear And Loathing With Victorian Upper House Preference Flows Dr Kevin Bonham

Following the launch of Antony Green's Legislative Council calculator I've been playing around with some possible scenarios for the Victorian upper house group ticket flows.  Quite a few people are doing this and so there are a number of different estimates about what might happen out there.  What we know from the past is to expect the unexpected - we can say that it looks like preference harvesters will win several undeserved seats, but it's hard to say which ones they will be and who.  The whole exercise is incredibly sensitive to starting assumptions - one micro-party you've never heard of might get 1% instead of 0.5% and suddenly something completely different happens.

At the last Victorian election, five candidates won seats as a result of preference-harvesting:

* In Eastern Victoria, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers (2.44%) beat ALP-2 (8.68% over quota) and Green (8.23%)
* In Northern Metro, the Sex Party (2.87%) beat Labor-3 (7.06% over quota)
* In Northern Victoria, the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers (3.5%) beat L-NP-3 (7.84% over quota) and Greens (7.68%)
* In Western Metro, Democratic Labour Party (2.57%) beat ALP-3 (10.65% over quota) and L-NP-2 (6.90% over quota)
* In Western Victoria, Vote 1 Local Jobs (1.28%) beat Greens (9.19%)

There weren't any cases of candidates winning from well below 1%, but based on our experience of the new Senate system since, none of the above would have won had voters made their own preferencing decisions.  These parties only won because the Group Ticket Voting system created completely fake near-100% preference flows.  Perhaps, had the Senate system been implemented in Victoria before that election, some of the minor parties would have merged into larger groups and polled higher primaries, but that doesn't seem all that likely.

With the release of the new round of Group Tickets it seems that almost all parties have been involved in backroom preference-trading.  There are again tight flows between the micro-parties, largely believed to be networked by Glenn Druery, that seem designed to elect a particular winner or choice of winners in each seat.  Labor has preferenced a range of, for progressives, dubious parties above the Greens in what looks like an attempt to replace the Greens with Druery parties:

* The Aussie Battler Party, an anti-immigration populist outfit that wants to place juries of randomly selected citizens in control of many aspects of the political system, and that promotes illiberal law and order policies including indefinite sentences. This party is the latest home for long-time conservative party-hopper Vern Hughes.
* Sustainable Australia, a seemingly environmentally focused party that is actually a home for old-style pre-Tampa immigration-cutting Dick Smithery.
* The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party.  Guns!
* The Liberal Democrats.  More guns!


The Greens are far from blameless themselves, having preferenced the anti-vaccination, anti-fluoridation Health Australia Party, the aforementioned Aussie Battlers and Sussos, and also the law-and-order-loving Derryn Hinch's Justice Party all above Labor in various seats.

This basically means that if you want to vote for either Green or Labor and preference the other in the Upper House without your vote going to at least partial right-wingers or crackpots first, you have no choice but to vote below the line.  

The Liberals, for their part, seem to think that the only parties worse than Labor and the Greens are the Australian Liberty Alliance and Victorian Socialists.

Some of the micro-party preference orderings might be taken as vaguely logical (Fiona Patten's Reason Party) while others (eg Animal Justice) are simply all over the place.  I mention the Victorian Socialists (see comments) as one party that has produced an ordering that very closely reflects its likely voters' views.  The Liberal Democrat and Hinch Party orderings of the major parties and G...

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Friday, 16 November


Wentworthless: Another Epic Seat Poll Fail Dr Kevin Bonham

The failures of seat polling have been a common subject on this site this year.  See Is Seat Polling Utterly Useless?, Why Is Seat Polling So Inaccurate and How Did The Super Saturday Seat Polls Go?

The recent Wentworth by-election was difficult to poll because of a late strategic-voting swing of probably a few to several points from Labor to the winner Kerryn Phelps.  All seven polls that polled a Liberal vs Phelps two-candidate preferred vote did actually get the right winner.  But that is all the good news that there is.  In so many other respects, the seat polls for the historic Wentworth by-election, perhaps the most polled seat in Australian history, were way wrong. And like other recent seat poll failures in such seats as Bass, Macarthur, Dobell, Lindsay and Longman, the failures were characterised not just by the polls being very wrong, but also by them tending to be wrong in the same direction.  The problems go beyond small sample size, and beyond even the tendency of seat polls to be less accurate than their sample sizes say they should be.  They point to systematic errors not random ones, and in this case, I suspect, to the oversampling of the politically engaged.

Eleven poll results were published for the Wentworth by-election, though these included three internal Liberal polls for which only a 2CP was released, and also some early polling taken before the lineup of the field was settled.  Unfortunately no Newspoll/Galaxy polling was seen. Among the eight polls for which more details than just the 2CP were seen, there were various issues with incomplete figures and unredistributed "don't know" or "undecided" responses, but I've done the best that I can with those in the table that follows.  Where the ReachTEL polls provided a breakdown of "undecided" I've redistributed those accordingly, in other cases I've done it in proportion.  I've given the 2CP from one of the Liberal internals as 49.7 based on claims the party was a "fraction of a point" behind (I'm not sure the exact figure was published.)

In the initial TAI ReachTEL the IND option refers to Alex Greenwich, at the time considered a possible candidate.   For the six polls that gave 2PP/2CP figures I've found the proportion of all preferences that would flow to the Liberals vs Labor and vs Phelps to get the numbers published in the poll. 

Here's the table (click for larger clearer version):

On the right hand side is the average error on primary votes, in most cases for Liberal, Phelps, Labor, Green. Heath and Others, but in some of the early cases for whatever they had (with the comparison points adjusted accordingly).

The key points:

* Excepting the Licia Heath uComms-ReachTEL, every poll underestimated the Liberal primary, by between 3 and 9.6 points.  On average, polls were wrong on the Liberal primary by five points.

* Every poll underestimated the Phelps primary, all but one by more than five points.  On average, polls underestimated Phelps by nearly 8 points.  This was significant because although she won the seat, even two weeks out most of the polls did not have her second on primaries.  She finished up second on primaries by 17.7 points!

* Every poll overestimated the Labor primary, all by over five points and most by over nine points.  On average polls overestimated Labor by 10.5 points.

* Polls also overestimated independent Licia Heath, because they named her in the readout while the remaining minor ca...


What Branches of Government Could Help Martin Bryant or Jahar Tsarnaev? "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Justice Michael Kirby,  (R) Trump. Photo: newsmax

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Jahar Tsarnaev, the Boston non-bomber, has been in prison for 5 years, and Martin Bryant, the Port Arthur non-shooter, has done over 22 years. Many people have tried to get them out of jail by using popular means.

Popular Means for Martin

For Martin, there was a petition to the Premier of Tasmania, organized by Cherri Bonney who also composed a marvelous song for Martin entitled Wish I Kne...

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Thursday, 15 November


2018 Hobart City Council Count (With Some Coverage Of Other Councils) Dr Kevin Bonham

The number above appears at the top of my coverage to highlight the final informal vote rate for the Hobart City Council councillor count, as a result of absurdly strict formality requirements. Launceston (7.94%) and Clarence (7.24%) are not far behind.  

This level of informal vote as a result of absurd legislation is a farce, an insult to democracy, and a threat to the legitimacy of seats being decided by a handful of votes.  The informal rate was 100 times the final seat margin in Hobart.

I call on the state government and other parties in the Lower House to immediately and publicly commit to fixing this problem.  The current government did not create this problem, but the problem should have been fixed after the last election four years ago.

Coverage follows below.

Note added Saturday night: I will be mostly offline for the coming week (Nov 4-10) so comment clearance will be slow.

Introduction (from Tuesday)

Welcome to my live coverage thread for the Hobart City Council count, which will also have some comments on other councils when I find time to look at them.  My Hobart candidate guide and preview was here and has probably been viewed by about 20% of Hobart voters.  Updates will be added below the dotted lines; check back regularly through the week for comments.  These introductory comments will stay at the top, there are also some more detailed introductory comments at the bottom.

If you have a question about another Council after there are figures available (not before) please ask it in comments. Please note that comment clearance will be slow over the next few days.

During scrutineering I will often have my phone off or on silent.  Media and candidates wishing to talk to me should send a text or email if they have a simple question, or leave a message;  I will get back to them when I can.  TV interviews today will be difficult to arrange and will depend on breaks (if any).   I'll be based at Derwent Park and Elwick and if I come to the C3 tally room then that will probably be late in the night.

Scrutineering and posting comments on councils involves significant downtime from other work and has in the past cost me $150-$200 in travel and phone costs, though I expect those costs could be lower this time.  Donations to cover for some of this are very welcome and can be left via Paypal in the sidebar or email me (address via profile on sidebar) for bank account details.  Please only donate if you are sure you can afford to do so.

Podcast: While waiting for the Hobart button to be checked I have appeared on...


Poll Roundup: Well That Wasn't Much Of A Honeymoon Dr Kevin Bonham

2PP Aggregate: 54.8 to Labor (+0.8 since last week) by 2016 preferences
54.2 to Labor with One Nation adjustment
Labor would win election "held now" with a very large majority 

It's been a while since my last federal poll roundup.  At that time the Coalition's polling was recovering from the shock caused by the messy and (to the public) inexplicable coup that deposed Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister, and it was too soon to read anything into what we were seeing.  Because the Coalition's polling was in recovery mode but the new Prime Minister was still in a polling honeymoon period it was a matter of waiting for things to settle down to get a feeling for how competitive the Coalition really was.

On my aggregate, the recovery from a post-coup low of 43.9% peaked at 46.7% after seven weeks, and since then things have been getting worse rather than better.  Furthermore, since the defeat in Wentworth, they have been getting worse faster, at least if this week's shocker Newspoll is anything to go by.  The Coalition's current position is worse than at any time with Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister, and also worse than all but the worst few weeks under Tony Abbott.

We haven't had much national polling data since the last roundup article.  The government's last three Newspolls had 2PP votes of 47, 46 and 45.  By last-election preferences after considering the primary votes I aggregated these as 46, 45.4 and 44.3 (Newspoll adjusts for a shift in the preferencing behaviour of One Nation voters since the 2016 election).  Essential has returned 47, 47 and 46, which I converted to 47.2, 47.1 and 45.6, and there was a lone Ipsos at 45, which I entered as 45.1.

Since the change at the top, the average Newspoll 2PP for the government has been 45.3 while the average from Essential has been 46.3.  This is even though Newspoll's preferencing method should on average make Newspoll about 0.9 points better for the Coalition than Essential is.  It is pretty common for dramatic events to produce shifts in how the house effects of different polls relate to each other (for instance, when Turnbull first became Prime Minister, Morgan polls shifted from being Labor-friendly to Coalition-friendly compared to others for a while.)  For the time being I am not making any adjustments on account of this, mainly because only two polls are regularly active, the Ipsos series being too volatile, infrequent and quirky to act as a useful third opinion.

There was also a Queensland-only Galaxy with a 50-50 2PP that was reported rather breathlessly by the Courier-Mail.  However, while that 2PP is better than one might expect from the national polls and other recent Queensland breakdowns, it is still a 4.1% swing to Labor, which would account for eight Coalition seats on a uniform swing (probably more like seven in reality).  As such, the poll shows the Coalition losing the election in Queensland alone and it is also no improvement on the same pollster's reading under Turnbull.  Various issue questions were reported in a glowing light but there is a long history of right-wing tabloids commissioning dodgily worded issues questions.  Since the Courier-Mail can't be bothered reporting the questions verbatim in its article, I can't be bothered linking to it either.  A final reason for caution (or on the Coalition side optimism) about this poll is that there is a long and curious history of Labor's performance in Queensland not living up to prior state-level polling.

The impact of Wentworth

In the Newspoll immediately following the Wentworth by-electi...


Not-A-Poll: Best State Premiers Of The Past 40 Years: Round 2 Dr Kevin Bonham

Two months ago I started a round of Best State Premier Not-A-Polls.  Winners from each state will eventually go through to an elimination-style final similar to my Best Prime Minister series.  Also the skew in this site's reader base (and that's probably not the only cause) led to Labor Premiers winning round 1 in every state, so I am starting a Best Non-Labor Premier/Chief Minister runoff as well.

As it has turned out six states have finished up with two-candidate runoffs.  The first named was the round 1 winner in every case except Queensland which was a tie.

NSW Neville Wran vs Bob Carr
Victoria Steve Bracks vs Daniel Andrews (postponed to January to reduce Vic election contamination)
Queensland Peter Beattie vs Wayne Goss
Western Australia Geoff Gallop vs Carmen Lawrence
Tasmania Jim Bacon vs Lara Giddings
ACT Katy Gallagher vs Jon Stanhope

All these runoffs will go for one month.  (Voting in the sidebar, closes 6 pm Nov 30.)

Two candidates win their states/territories and advance directly to the final by outright majority:

SA Don Dunstan
NT Clare Martin

Daniel Andrews is the only current Premier still in the contest.

It was possible for a candidate to win their state in the first round without winning an absolute majority (based on the threshhold rules).  For a while it looked like Gallagher would do this in the ACT, and Bacon was close in Tasmania but neither got there.

Qualifiers for Best Non-Labor Premier have been decided by first-past-the-post (I think this is actually better than having open-primary style runoffs in this case, though the final can only be an open runoff).  They are:

NSW Nick Greiner
Victoria Jeff Kennett
Queensland Joh Bjelke-Petersen
Western Australia Colin Barnett
South Australia Steven Marshall
Tasmania Will Hodgman
ACT Kate Carnell
NT Paul Everingham

Two current Premiers made this list.

Best Non-Labor Premier will be determined by multi-candidate runoff.  To progress to the next round a candidate must:

* Obtain at least 8% of the vote
* Be capable of winning from that position if it was a preferential election (this automatically excludes the candidate in last place).

Given the open-primary nature of the vote I think I know who's going to win, but we will see!

The first round of this will go for one month. (Voting in the sidebar, closes 6 pm Nov 30.)

The full results of round 1 are posted below.

New South Wales


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Wednesday, 14 November


Wages growth hits 3-year high "IndyWatch Feed"

Gradual pick-up

It's a steady improvement for wages growth, then, with growth moving up to +2.3 per cent, the highest level in 3 years.

Public sector wages growth of +2.47 per cent is still tracking better than the private sector at +2.14 per cent, mind you...although that gap has narrowed just a tad. 

The picture including bonuses was a shade brighter, with private sector wages including bonuses up by +2.8 per cent.

As anticipated, the recovery is being led by Victoria, with wages growth now up by +2 per cent, while New South Wales wasn't too far behind at +2.4 per cent, and Tasmania did a little better still at +2.6 per cent. 

The resources jurisdictions are still dragging for now, however I do expect this is also set to change

The strongest gains were seen in the healthcare and social assistance sector at +2.8 per cent, with mining and retail trade sti...

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Tuesday, 13 November


Musings on a wedding, a funeral, and another road trip. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

About a month ago, I was woken up at the crack of dawn by my mobile phone ringing. this cant be good news I figured. It was my darling wife who informed me I had to be at Hobart airport by mid-day, shed booked me on a flight to Brisbane that was scheduled to leave at 1PM. her mother, she informed me, was probably going to die that day, or some time very soon, and I was needed for moral support, among other things.

Obviously, I staggered out of bed, packed my bags, forced breakfast down, and cleaned up my mess at the building site.

I had originally been booked a week or more later to attend a wedding, and everything was now up in the air literally as I sat in one of those amazing aluminium tubes that can fly you thousands of kilometres in the blink of an eye lid, thanks to those irreplaceable fossil fuels..

It was warm and sunny when I left Tassie, and pouring rain and cold when I arived in Brisbane. I had planned for this, carrying a raincoat on board. My son picked me up in Brisbane and drove me through peak hour traffic to Caloundra where my mother in law Bettywas going to spend her last three days before calmly passing away, unconscious, I think. It was a lot like turning the ignition off a very old and tired motorcar that had simply reached the end of the road..

At 94, darling old Betty, who has been the kindest and most generous mother in law one could have wished...


Lowest vacancies since early 2014 "IndyWatch Feed"

Rentals tighten

It's still early days, but the first indications that the dramatic clampdown on lending to investors is leading to tightening rental markets are surfacing.

Nationally the vacancy rate for residential properties fell to just 2 per cent in October, the lowest level in more than 4 years, according to SQM Research. 

Since many apartments were bought off the plan in Sydney and Melbourne many of the most impacted markets will initially include the smaller capital cities and regional centres. 

While Sydney's vacancies remained at 2.8 per cent or ~19,450 rentals in October, Hobart has crashed to just 0.3 per cent or 78 rentals, which is a full blown rental crisis playing out in real time.

Canberra isn't too far behind on that curve, declining from 2 per cent in 2014 to just 0.6 per cent, with vacancies declining again to 387 rental properties (remember many prominent commentators said that land tax 'in theory' would have no impact on the ACT rental market):

Interestingly, now many commentators are saying that the proposed negative gearing changes will have 'no impact' on rental markets too...but that's a whole other story. 

Adelaide also continued to tighten, down to just 1.1 per cent. 


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Monday, 12 November


Media Release: Experienced greens warn on forest greenwash. Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

Environmentalists and former Greens leaders Christine Milne and Bob Brown warn that labelling timber products from logging Australias dwindling native forests as environmentally friendly is greenwash and will not fool the modern Australian buyer, especially now when the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has stated emphatically that protecting and restoring the worlds forests is essential to constraining global warming.

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Sunday, 04 November


Acting on impulse "IndyWatch Feed"

Impulse improves

The latest Financial Aggregates figures from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) showed that housing credit growth slowed to 5.2 per cent in September, down from 6.6 per cent a year earlier, though if you look closely the pace of decline has now been easing for several months. 

Indeed, ANZ's research team underscored this very point, noting that the housing credit impulse (essentially the rate of change in housing credit growth) troughed out in June 2018, and has now been improving for 3 months.

On this basis they've argued that peak to trough dwelling prices for Sydney and Melbourne will go no further than 10 per cent, with most of those declines having already happened. 

I was interested in those thoughts and recreated a housing credit impulse reading below (advanced 3 months) which yielded the same results - if the indicator works as it has in the past then capital city housing markets should be back on an even keen in 2019.

Since most housing finance is written in the two most populous states, this clearly isn't going to tell you anything useful about housing markets in Launceston or Longreach, but it's an indicator rooted in logic.

If the credit impulse picks up then this has tended to be reflected in a similar change in capital city housing market sentiment, with the price indices also being heavily weighted towards Sydney and Melbourne. 


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Saturday, 03 November


Podcast #12 Tasmanian council elections "IndyWatch Feed"

Kevin Bonham and I have just put together a bonus episode to discuss the Tasmanian council elections, focusing on the results of the Hobart City Council race and the features of the Tasmanian council voting system.

Read Kevins live blog from the Tasmanian council elections count

You can subscribe using this RSS feed in your podcast app of choice, but should also be able to find this podcast by searching for the Tally Room. If you like the show please considering rating and reviewing us on iTunes.


Wentworth Live: Majority On The Line Again (Plus Post-Count) Dr Kevin Bonham

WENTWORTH (Lib vs ALP 17.8%)
Dave Sharma (Lib) vs Kerryn Phelps (IND) (16 candidates total)

GAIN by Phelps (IND) - margin will exceed 51:49

Government to lose majority and seat held almost continuously since Federation.

The swings involved, while among the largest, are not an all-time record of any kind. (Not even if you discount Wills 1992)


Live Comments

Saturday Ah Wentworth, is this still a thing?  The final trickle of postals boosted Phelps' lead to 1851 (51.22%) - this may change trivially during further processing. The result will be declared on Monday.   It will still be subject to any Section 44 challenge that might occur.

Monday Remaining postals not exactly flooding in with the AEC reporting there are still not enough to undertake a count today.  As far as possible the AEC avoids counting very small batches at a time because of the risks to the secret ballot (voters might be identifiable from their votes).

Thursday 5:30 Phelps wins another batch of postals and leads by 1783.  The share of postals to Sharma was over 20 points weaker than in the opening postal counting.  I have never seen a turnaround on this scale and it is not even the final week yet.

Thursday 3:15 Phelps wins declaration prepolls 189-112 and leads by 1720.

Wednesday 5:30 Provisionals broke 58.4% to Phelps (246-175) so her lead expands slightly again.  I don't expect the margin (currently at 1643) to change by more than a few hundred from here.

Wednesday 2:00 Another batch of just over 500 postals has been counted and Phelps (narrowly) won them, though I don't have the exact figures.  I have mentioned before that late postals tend to split more weakly for conservatives but here we are seeing a rate of change from early to late postals that I've never seen before.  It is unclear whether Sharma will make further gains from here at all.

Tuesday 2:00 A very weak split on those postals which I have at 434-360 with 40 informal, around 54.7% to Sharma.  Phelps now leads by 1552.  At the current rate of informality, even if every remaining postal arrived, Sharma would need a 66% split, compared to the 62.6% rate so far. If 1000 don't arrive he needs 70-30, if 2000 don't arrive he needs 77-23.

Tuesday 1:00 Antony Green tweets reports from scrutineers that the flow of these postals is weaker than previous ones and they might break as weakly as 54-46 to Sharma.  With the issues the Liberals had later in the campaign it's possible the split between earlier and later postals will be stronger than normal here in which case Phelps could still win by 1000 or more.   There has been a theory that late postals from Israel might be strong for Sharma so that might be a little optimistic but we'll see.

Tuesday: Today the AEC will count a further 845 postals.  Meanwhile, further showing up the laziness of many journalists in declaring "record swings" without checking the facts, Peter Brent has tweeted a list of the largest pseudo-swings at general elections or by-elections.  The current by-election doesn't even make the list.  The top few entries involve Lang Labor MPs returning to actual Labor.  The fourth is also artificial because the UAP ran the only two candidates in Wentworth 1931 thus achieving a 100% 2CP.  Excluding these, the highest swing against a sitting government might be Angas 1931 with a 31.5% pseudo-swing against Labor because they were beaten by their own incumbent who had split from the party.


Monday midnight: Have been busy with other things but it's worth noting every b...

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Friday, 02 November


2018 Victorian State Election Intro Dr Kevin Bonham

It's very close to the 2018 Victorian state election for me not to have written a thing yet about it!  Largely this has been because my analysis model needs polling to work, and (in common with other recent state elections) there's hardly been any of it.  Anyway, this is an opening offering on some general issues in trying to forecast this election

Let's start with the important bit.  If voting in the Legislative Council (upper house) in Victoria, vote below the line for candidates, not above the line for parties.  You only have to choose five candidates for a valid vote, though you will make your vote a lot more powerful if you number a lot more.  If you vote above the line, your vote will be at the mercy of your party's decisions about where to send your preferences, and they may well choose to send it to a party who you'd be totally opposed to.  Unfortunately, Victoria is one of the two remaining states that has not got rid of the Group Ticket voting system.  Keep control of your own vote and say no to preference-harvesting which can lead to unknown parties electing unaccountable candidates off tiny percentages of the vote.

I hope to have time to analyse the potential impacts of Group Ticket Voting at this election, but I will be offline for a week a few weeks out from the election, so by the time I get onto it, people may already be voting.

The Weight Of History

As for the lower house, which will be the focus of my usual predictive efforts, the past history of state elections does not bode well for the Liberal opposition.  As I noted in my hopefully vaguely seminal post What Kills State Governments: Age Or Canberra the two biggest danger factors for state governments are long incumbency and being the same party as the federal government. The defeat of the Weatherill government in South Australia earlier this year marked just the seventh time in the last 35 such cases in which a government has lost while the same party was out of power federally.  So only 20% of governments not subject to what I call "federal drag" lose, while those governments that are the same party as the federal government are kicked out about half the time.

Moreover, of those opposite-party governments that have lost, most of the cases have involved leadership instability and/or loss of majority on the floor of the Parliament.  None involved a first-term government, let alone a majority first-term government.

If we want to find the last time a state government lost after its first term while also in opposition federally, we will be going back a long, long time!  The last twelve such state governments nationwide in a row have won.  The last one to lose was the Walsh-Dunstan SA Labor government in 1968, as a result of malapportionment.  Before that the previous such case was in 1955 (Cain Labor in Victoria as a result of the DLP split) and prior to that we have to go back to the Depression era, when there were a string of first-term losses (often also split-ridden) by federal Oppositions in NSW and SA.

So losing after one term in office while also in Opposition federally is an event from the days of the dinosaurs.  And while the Andrews government has a remarkable ability to get itself into scrapes (whether it's the Red Shirts Rorts, fights with firefighters or even fights between its own MPs) it's not clear that all that is enough to overturn the history of these things.  It seems more likely to just knock margin off what in all normal circumstances would have been a thumping win to a first-term government assisted by a Canberra Coalition regime that has lately been a constant source of farce.

A question is the potential of the rorts issue to cause Comey-style disruptions that hurt Labor badly during the campaign.  It is unclear though whether this issue has enough breakout beyond the readership of the Herald Sun to cause the party serious ballot box harm. 

Labor's Disadvantages

Having said that, Labor faces significant disadvantages in turning votes into seats.  Most new governments go i...

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Thursday, 01 November


Bob Brown leads protest outside Ta Ann in Hobart Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

In recent days, Bob Brown Foundation has received news from the Malaysian state of Sarawak that eleven indigenous community members were detained for six days after their villages water source was destroyed by companies owned by logging giant Ta Ann and police brutally dismantled their peaceful blockade. The eleven were released on bail yesterday.


Media Release: ADANIS GLOBAL THREAT THE SAME - BROWN. Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

I will join the peaceful campaign to take on the profit-before-planet Adani empire. - Bob Brown

The latest Adani coal mine plan presents the same global environmental threat as the original plan to extract the same amount of coal, burn it and pollute the planets biosphere, environmentalist Bob Brown said today.


Media Alert: Bob Brown to lead protest outside Ta Ann in Hobart today Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

In recent days the Bob Brown Foundation has received news from the Malaysian state of Sarawak that eleven indigenous community members were detained for six days after their villages water source was destroyed by companies owned by logging giant Ta Ann and police brutally dismantled their peaceful blockade. The 11 were released on bail yesterday.

Our protest today outside Ta Anns Hobart offices is in support of the Iban people of Sarawak and a reminder to Ta Ann that they will not be allowed to get away with this cruel suppression of indigenous forest campaigners, Bob Brown said.

Where: Ta Ann. 150 Davey Street, Hobart.
What: Peaceful demonstration with banners.
Time: Thursday 1 Nov, 2:45pm 3.15pm.


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Wednesday, 29 November


Removing pokies Tasfintalk

Alls quiet on the western front as Labor ponders its position on poker machines ahead of the March election.

What if and when pokies are reduced or removed from communities, players gamble at casinos instead? Will the community be better off? The consensus view seems to be confining pokies to a couple of enclaves will solve all problems. Will it?

The parliamentary select committee into Future Gaming Markets reported at the end of September. The written submissions were already on the public record, as were the transcripts of the public hearings. The minutes of the Committees meetings published at the time of the Reports release revealed additional written evidence mainly from correspondence with interested parties.

One additional piece of evidence not mentioned in the Report was an eight page note from Treasury on the estimated economic impact to State tax receipts if EGMs were removed from hotels and clubs and a $1 bet limit was imposed on casino EGMs. It was a study worthy of more attention than it received.

Modelling was done by Treasury. It was a spreadsheet exercise where changes in player expenditure and hence taxation receipts were estimated using three scenarios, each containing two stages.

The first stage was the removal of EGMs from pubs and clubs. Stage two was the imposition of a $1 bet limit on casino EGMs.

The closing down of EGMs in pubs and clubs will result in a migration effect as some players travel to casinos to continue their addiction. Three scenarios termed low, medium and high impact were modelled with different levels of migration.  The lowest level of migration was termed the high impact model where overall EGM player expenditures were most affected.

Furthermore, of the player spending that didnt migrate to casinos, each of the three scenarios assumed different levels of substituting the previous EGM spending with additional Keno spending. The high impact model had the least substitution. In other words players ended up spending less on gaming.

Overall the high impact model showed the largest fall in player expenditure/losses.

When the second stage comprising the imposition of a $1 bet limit on EGMs, which are now all assumed to be in casinos, EGM player spending again fell with som...

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Wednesday, 15 November


Love Our Streets West Hobart WHEN

Great news - from November 2017 to April 2018 the City of Hobart is working with the community in West Hobart, designing creative activities to enhance walkability and bring the streetscape to life with colour and fun.  All community members are invited to join in to design and implement this project.

The project is designed to show people driving through our suburb to realise that - hey!  there are people living here!

We can share our ideas online about what we and our friends could do to activate the street, or look for other people to join in a project, or suggest something that the Council could coordinate.  Just go to  the Council's Your Say Hobart webpage.   Log in (or register if you haven't been in there before) and then go to the LoveOurStreetsWestHobart page.

Community-based activity is important to increase walking in local areas. When residents feel socially connected to their neighbours and part of a strong community they are more likely to walk and spend time in their street.
With the community activating West Hobart, through events, activity and art, the traffic travelling along the streets should slow down.
Even the everyday way that front yards are used can contribute to street activation. Simple ideas could include planting a vegetable plot in your front yard, or having dinner on your front verandah (and perhaps inviting the neighbours!).

Rossmoyne Street in Thornbury (Victoria) is a great example. The community hosted a scarecrow competition in their street which helped to slow down traffic - and the residents got to know each better!

The first idea to hit the streets is a Sea of Sunflowers.  Packets of sunflower seeds are being distributed to residents - just sow them in your front yard!  Soon we will see splashes of colour all along our streets.

The first community gathering is a Fence Weaving party.  On 30 November, at West Hobart's Train Park between 3:30-5.30pm, be there and join in the fun!

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Thursday, 09 November


Free family film day Hobart Bike Kitchen

While the sites been quite for a while I hope youve been keeping in touch with whats going on at HBK via fbook.

But if you havent seen it there heres a cool event you might want to ride along to. But dont worry if cycling the family to Mt. Nelson is a bit too hard youll be able to spin the legs when you get there and help power the entertainment.


Happy cycling, HBK


Forestry Tasmania's final report Tasfintalk

A survey of the wreckage left behind by Forestry Tasmania (FT) reveals since its peak in 2004 it has lost over $1 billion from forestry activities.

 During that time cash outlays were $440 million more than trading revenue and the value of the forest estate fell by over $600 million. Add the two figures together give the aggregate loss over the past 13 years of $1 billion. Equal to $40 for each tonne harvested.

Spending on plantations ($106 million), property and plant ($33 million) and roads ($105 million) added nothing to FTs asset base. Together with the continual losses from forest harvesting meant FTs cash losses totalled $440 million over the last 13 years.

Then there are non-cash losses, often called book losses, principally the fall in the value of the forest estate. This has occurred because a lot of trees have been chopped down and sold and because as maintenance and harvest costs rise faster than prices for forest products then the value of remaining forests consequently falls. Over the past 13 years the value of FTs forests has fallen by over $600 million. Trees entrusted to FT are now worth a fraction of their former value.

So how did FT cover its cash losses?

Governments have provided cash of $331 million since 2004. Assets sales totalled a further $165 million, notably $78 million for the remaining 50 per cent interest in the States softwood plantations and $60 million from the recent plantation hardwood sale.

Total cash received, other than from ordinary trading, has therefore been $496 million. Thats a lot of money.

The State contributed a further $113 million by taking over the unfunded superannuation liabilities of past employees. FT was unable to set aside super for existing employees let alone the growing number of ex employees drawing pensions.

Without government backing FT was hopelessly insolvent. But being government backed meant we missed the golden opportunity of Schumpeters creative destruction whereby companies go broke and from the ashes a more viable industry may emerge.

For a government which claimed it would end public subsidies to FT, the Hodgman government has provided $161 million in three years.


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Tuesday, 31 October


November in the garden WHEN

Planting notes for November, from West Hobart gardener Greg S.

NOVEMBER Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Beetroot - large direct sowing for winter  x

Carrot - large direct sowing cropping Feb to Oct. x x

Swedes - for winter

Shallots/Spring onions x x x x
Climbing Beans 
x x x
French Bush Beans x x x x
Sweetcorn -  x x x x
as ground is warmer, can dispense with pregermination

Silverbeet - for winter

Leeks - punnet to ground
x x x
Kohlrabi x x x x
Brussel Sprouts and Kale - direct seeding

Zucchini- pots to ground.  x x x

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Saturday, 28 October


Oatlands Town Hall On The Convict Trail

It was at a meeting of the council on the 1stSeptember 1877 that a decision was taken to apply for the site on which the gaol yards and cells at Oatlands were standing for the purpose of erecting a new Oatlands Town Hall. It was decided that should the application be successful, a special meeting of council would be called. However, the first choice site was not available and at the following October meeting of council, Coucillor R.D.Lord and the Council Warden J.R.Roe were empowered to find a suitable site on which to build the new Town Hall. It was these two gentlemen that ultimately chose the site on which the building stands today.

The issue of the Town Hall does not appear in the council minutes again until February 1878 when it was decided that the amount to be raised for the purchase of the land and the construction of the building would 1800 pounds. At the following meeting in April, the Warden was empowered to communicate with William Henry Lord, Architect, with a view to drawing up plans for the proposed building.

By the 1st May 1880, things were starting to take shape on paper as the council were officially shown the plans by the architect. The council were evidently impressed and no major alterations were requested. The final plans were then readied and presented again to council on 5thJune 1880, with final specifications readied by the following Tuesday at which time the architect placed the advertisement for tenders. This was duly done in The Mercury of 23rd June 1880.

6 tenders were eventually received but all were considered to be too high and it was decided to ask the architect to redraw the plans and that a special meeting of council would consider fresh tenders in accordance with the altered plans. Three fresh tenders were received but still the council was not satisfied with the tenders. The council had raised 1800 pounds to buy the land and build their Town Hall, had paid somewhere in the vicinity of 600 pounds for the land and so the Town Hall had to be built for 1200 pounds and the tenders had been significantly higher.


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Tuesday, 24 October


Ancestral Memories and a Gothic gully Tasmanian Gothic

A chilly Saturday morning, with snow on the mountain, frost on the garden and the Bridgewater Jerry winding its way down the river. I tossed a bucket of water over my car to clear ice from the windscreen and went to meet the rest of the group for a walk on private land on the approaches to Spring Hill. We parked beside the Colebrook Rd and headed off into the paddocks.

frost on the ferns

shadows on the frost

The first part of the walk followed the appropriately-named Serpentine Valley Creek.

We became very familiar with this creek as it wound its way back and forth across our path and we hopped, scrambled and splashed across it. There were also plenty of fences to climb.



Council supports safety improvements on Hill Street WHEN

It is very gratifying to be able to report that, on 2 October, our City Council approved unanimously the recommendations of the City Infrastructure Committee to build some safety improvements along Hill Street.  The agreed resolution, taken from the Minutes, is included below.

These changes will make Hill Street more friendly to people walking and riding, by adding more generous pedestrian crossing points, more clearly defining the traffic lanes, and marking some on-road bikelanes.  There will be a bigger safer bus stop near Lawrenny Court, and a wombat crossing will be trialled at the chemist/Smolt Kitchen corner.  There will be more kerb ramps to make it easier for prams and wheelchairs to navigate our streets.  A lowered speed limit will be requested from State Growth once these works are complete.

As you know the community has been agitating for some years now to make our neighbourhood streets safer.  A collaborative effort by the schools (Lansdowne Crescent leading the way), local businesses, and residents groups (such as West Hobart Environment Network) has finally been effective in swaying our Council Aldermen and civil engineering staff to move forward along the path to safer, more inclusive streets. 

While the community wants to go further and faster, with immediate assistance for children walking to school, a more positive attitude to wombat crossings, and more connections to bikepaths to help people to ride to work and school in safety, this current project is a significant step forward for our neighbourhood.  It should have a desirable effect on average traffic speeds along Hill Street, reducing them noticeably.  This will greatly improve the comfort of the immediate residents and the safety of all pedestrians and bike riders using or crossing Hill Street. 

We look forward to seeing the works start, and finish (!), and to trying out the wombat crossing.


That:   1.    The revised concept design for pedestrian crossing points, median lane and bicycle lanes (marked as Attachment D to item 6.6 of the Open City Infrastructure Committee agenda of 20 September 2017) be implemented.
2.    The Transport Commissioner be requested to consider a 40 km/h speed limit for Hill Street (between Molle Street and Arthur Street) following the implementation of this project.
3.    The findings of the Midson Traffic Report (marked as Attachment C to item 6.6 of t...

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Sunday, 22 October


Fake news or lousy reporting "IndyWatch Feed"

A few weeks ago, there was another mass murder in the USA. This time the shooter, a 64-year-old male, holed himself up on the 32rd floor of a casino hotel complex in Las Vegas, Nevada and massacred 60, including himself, and injured more than 500 (at the time of writing). All the victims did wrong was attend a country music concert along with 22,000 or so other people on the Las Vegas casino strip.

While some may consider country music a crime, most Australians consider the apparent ease of gun ownership in the USA pure insanity. Both of these subjects have been done to death in the past and the reality is that even if the entire 24 million or so of us on this side of the Pacific told the USAs lawmakers they were crazy to allow the current lax gun laws to continue, it wouldnt make a scrap of difference. All we can really do to avoid a perceived safety risk is to choose to holiday in an area that you would feel safe in such as North Queensland or Tasmania, New Zealand or Canada the land of unarmed Americans with universal health care. (No, its not original, you can get the coffee mug or t-shirt here). As for country music well it aint gunna kill you!

What we should be concerned about is the reporting of the Las Vegas massacre as it does affect us and how we live. As you would expect, Facebook and Google reported the Las Vegas massacres on their newsfeed, as obviously, people were reporting the incident live on their social media accounts. Media outlets would also be looking at this traffic along with the reports from the police in the Las Vegas area. In this world of instant communication, there is an imperative to be first with the news in this case who was the person that committed this heinous crime and why did they do it?

Both Google and Facebook promoted incorrect information including the incorrect identification of the murderer.

Police have identified Stephen Paddock as the suspect who opened fire from a high-rise hotel room, killing scores and injuring hundreds more. But before authorities named the 64-year-old Nevada man, some on the far right falsely identified the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history as Geary Danley. Its unclear where exactly the hoax originated, but right-wing users aggressively promoted his name, seizing on evidence that he was a liberal.

On 4chan...

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Thursday, 19 October


MACKAY Man tasered as alleged burglar arrested Search Results for TAS CrimeView

MACKAY October 19, 2017 at 02:18AM ,

Man tasered as alleged burglar arrested

October 19, 2017 at 02:18AM ,

POLICE called to a disturbance in Mackay got more than they bargained for on Tuesday. When officers arrived at a Sophia St home, they found a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Tuesday, 10 October


MACKAY Driver caught with ice in system Search Results for TAS CrimeView

MACKAY October 10, 2017 at 05:07AM ,

Driver caught with ice in system

October 10, 2017 at 05:07AM ,

On Monday the Mackay Magistrates Court was told that Graham John Bragg had been driving along Danastas Avenue on August 6, 2017 when police

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Monday, 09 October


Pokies: A time to be brave Tasfintalk

Everyone is trying to pressure Opposition Leader Rebecca White to make up her mind what to do about poker machines post 2023, the government even bringing on a motion in Parliament a few weeks ago to try to embarrass her. A few weeks even a month or two isnt going to make an ounce of difference.

All too often the overwhelming social arguments against poker machines are trumped by the gambling industrys mantra of jobs jobs jobs. Its important the bogus economic arguments are fully understood by Ms White.

Dear Ms White

You were right to delay framing a new position on EGMs until the Joint Committee presented its findings based on the latest evidence. That was the aim of the inquiry.

From a policy viewpoint an inquiry becomes pointless if trying to confirm predetermined policies drives the process.  Fortunately the Chair managed to keep focussed.

Confirmation bias however dominated the approach of both the Liberals and the Greens, culminating in Ms Courtneys dissenting report arguing  that the significant reduction in EGMs in pubs and clubs recommended by four of the other five committee members would have devastating economic and employment impacts on many businesses and communities...

Recommendations are supposed to be based on evidence presented. No evidence was offered by non EGM businesses stating withdrawal of some or all EGMs from communities would have adverse effects let alone devastating ones. Communities clamouring to retain EGMs to prevent devastation were also conspicuously absent.

The only evidence presented about the adverse effects of EGM reduction was from and on behalf of EGM venues. THAs figure of 1,000 job losses if EGMs are removed from the community was a figure derived from the exaggeration bias of affected THA members rounded up to the nearest thousand. For other businesses and the community to be affected would require EGM spending to remain unspent. No evidence was advanced to support this hypothesis. In fact the contrary was the case with Professor Mangans modelling showing increases in employment under three credible scenarios where EGMs were removed from the community.

It is important to distinguish Prof Mangans modelling from the modelling presented to the inquiry by the Federal Group revealing its contribution to the Tasmanian economy. The latter was a static snapshot where peoples spending with the Federal Group was basically relabelled a...

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Wednesday, 31 October


Ways To Improve Tasmanian Council Elections Dr Kevin Bonham

On Tuesday I voted in the Hobart City Council elections.  (By the way, if you haven't voted yet, you might want to take your vote direct to your local council centre.) After following this election for months, including researching the candidates and writing a guide to the election it still took me 70 minutes to fill out my ballot papers, albeit with a little live tweeting of my thought processes on the way.  I'm not even convinced I did all that good a job of it, and suspect it would have taken me 3-4 hours to come up with a vote that was the best I could possibly do.  If it wasn't for the fact that there are always people who need putting near the bottom, I would have been wondering why I even bothered.

Ahead of a radio appearance in the morning, I thought I'd put up a list of some things that I think need fixing in Tasmania's local council elections system.    In general, they need fixing through legislation - it is the laws put in place by the State Government that dictate most aspects of how the Tasmanian Electoral Commission runs elections.  After voting, I put out a call for a joint parliamentary inquiry into local council election rules to get these issues fixed.  However I later found out that the state government does have a full-scale review process for the Local Government Act underway - slowly - the draft terms of reference of which include:

Local government electoral provisions, including options for enhancing both voter and candidate participation in local government elections;

That sounds promising, but it badly needs to be an in-depth nuts-and-bolts review of the electoral legislation, and not just a superficial argument about whether or not to introduce compulsory voting (which I oppose).  Many of the problems with the current rules are not the current government's fault, having been caused by its predecessor (which, for instance, ignored warnings about increased informal voting), but it is past high time that they were fixed.

Inflexible formality rules

The formality rules for voting on the councillor ballot paper are ridiculous.  A voter should not have their vote disallowed because they can only find 11 candidates they can bear to put a number next to, or (for a council with 12 candidates) because they mistakenly write 12 a second time when they go to write 13.

These rules were copied from the House of Assembly system, where a voter must vote from 1 to 5 without error.  That requirement causes enough unintended informal votes by itself, but expanding it to a larger number of vacancies (as was done in 2014) greatly increases the error rate caused by voter mistakes - as was predicted before this was done.  In 2014, 1418 Hobart ballot papers (7.5%) were informal, mostly unintentionally.  The high rate of unintended informality caused by inflexible rules is a joke given that one seat was decided by 3.6 votes and the loser of the contest was an ethnic community candidate, whose voters may have been more likely to make mistakes.

The net result of keeping these rules while increasing the number of vacancies in 2014 was that while the percentage of electors returning their envelopes increased slightly compared to 2011 (from 54.28% to 54.58%) the percentage of electors casting a formal Councillor vote declined from 52.2% to 50.51%.

Even without having to number so many places, the logic behind copying the state system is faulty.  The House of Assembly has a party-based system where parties can be severely disadvantaged if voters for their more popular candidates only vote for a single candidate.  Also, the knowledge that voters have to vote for five candidates helps encourage robust competition between candidates of the same party, which is a great feature of that system.  But Councils really don'...


Bob Brown to lead protest outside Ta Ann in Hobart tomorrow Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

In breaking news out of Malaysia, eleven indigenous (Iban) community members have been jailed by police in Sarawak since last Thursday, October 25th.

Three companies, all subsidiaries of Ta Ann, have been working in the area of the Ulu Kelawit-Tatau since 2012 and their operations have destroyed the Sungai Besangin, the river that the Iban depend on for farming and fishing. With the villagers no longer able to grow crops or fish the river, they set up a blockade against the companies that destroyed their river.


Building work set to take a bath "IndyWatch Feed Nsw"

Residential construction to fade

The lumpy unit approvals figures for Melbourne jumped back up from 1,333 to 2,841 in September, holding up the total building approvals result.

Sydney unit approvals for the month, on the other hand, were 45 per cent lower than a year earlier.

As I've written elsewhere previously, Melbourne is the one capital city with the potential to sustain high rates of apartment building over the next few years, though even this is now looking questionable in the current lending environment. 

Approvals around the traps

Approvals for both units and houses in Sydney are now tailing off sharply. 

For context, Sydney's population grew by more than 100,000 for the first time ever last year, so any pockets of 'oversupply' will only be a temporary dynamic as supply slows. 

Brisbane's rapid rate of apartment construction has long since decelerated, and the market has rebalanced in the Queensland capital as interstate migration and population growth picks up.  

Interestingly tighter finance conditions are now also impacting areas where there are clear rental shortages, with Hobart representing that trend as well as anywhere (though you might choose to cite any number of regional locations). 


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Wednesday, 04 October


MACKAY Mirani man accused of dealing ecstasy, GBH in region Search Results for TAS CrimeView

MACKAY October 04, 2017 at 10:56AM ,

Mirani man accused of dealing ecstasy, GBH in region

October 04, 2017 at 10:56AM ,

Prout fronted Mackay Magistrates Court on Tuesday and sought an adjournment to obtain legal representation, after his Legal Aid Queensland

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Tuesday, 03 October


St Andrews Uniting Church, Evandale On The Convict Trail

Built 1839 40, largely through the efforts of the Rev Robert Russell, this church is one of the most important colonial buildings in Tasmaniain that it has retained its quality without significant change to its external appearance or its outstanding interior. The Rev Russell was the first Presbyterian minister in Evandale having arrived in the district in 1838. 

The congregation raised 400 pounds towards the cost of the construction and the government of the day contributed 600 pounds. The final cost of construction was approx 1500 pounds and no one knows where the extra money came from. Russell is said to have supervised the construction himself, having sought a design from within the colony. No architect has ever been identified and the finished structure no other building in the Australian colonies. The form of the building echoes that of a Roman temple but with a steeper roof and the addition of a bell turret. The style of the building is classified as a Greek Revival.

The main structure is of bricks that had been made locally to line the tunnel that was intended to carry water from the South...

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Tuesday, 19 September


Save money on energy efficient product buy WHEN

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE ...

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Saturday, 16 September


MACKAY Bucasia man faces police assault charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

MACKAY September 15, 2017 at 03:15AM ,

Bucasia man faces police assault charges

September 15, 2017 at 03:15AM ,

Boyd Elliot Tass, 41, did not face Mackay Magistrates Court for his scheduled mention yesterday, though barrister Phillip Moore appeared his behalf.

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Saturday, 02 September


Dunalley Hotel On The Convict Trail

The story of the Dunalley Hotel is forever linked to two pioneer families who basically owned the establishment for over 80 years over several generations.

John Clark appears to have arrived in Van Diemens Land around 1831 after being convicted for a minor affray charge in Suffolk, England, He received a pardon shortly after his arrival in the colony and took up farming in the Bream Creek area.

George Scrimger, a native of Inverness, arrived in the area around 1855 and gained employment with John Clark as a farm labourer. George would go on to marry John Clarks daughter, Jane. John Clark appears to have been a shrewd businessman and in 1857, he purchased 30 acres of land through which the future Denison Canal would eventually be constructed. 

In 1862, his son on law, George Scrimger was granted a liquor license for the property. In those days, with little heed being paid to health or building concerns, George was probably running his business from a small hut. John Clark undoubtedly saw the commercial possibilities of Georges license and by 1866, he had invested in the venture and had constructed a single storey hotel made from local bricks on its present site.


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Friday, 25 August

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Saturday, 19 August


TAS Serious Assault at Talina Place New Norfolk Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 11:37 am.

At approximately 12.10am on 15 December 2015, Police and Ambulance services were called to Talina Place, New Norfolk to a report that a man had been seriously assaulted in the street outside his house.

The 48 year old man has been conveyed to the Royal Hobart Hospital where he is in a critical condition.

As a result of police investigations, a 20 year old man from New Norfolk is assisting police with their investigation.

Police have spoken with a number of witnesses to the incident.

Anyone who feels they have information relative to this investigation is asked to contact Bridgewater CIB on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS 12 year old child detected driving at 122kmh Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 14 December 2015 9:42 am.

A 12 year old girl has been detected driving at 122kmh on Illawarra Main Road in the States north.

On Saturday night at 10.37pm, police detected a speeding vehicle travelling at 122km/h on Illawarra Road.
The vehicle was intercepted on Youl Road, Perth, and police were shocked to discover the driver was a 12 year old girl.

A 21 year old man and a 16 year old girl were passengers in the vehicle.

The girl was charged and bailed for false name and driving offences.

Sgt Phil Summers, of Deloraine Police, said that more than half of all fatalities occur on country roads.

This is a terrible example of a flagrant disregard for safety not only of the driver, but all other road users. This incident could very well have ended in tragedy, Sgt Summers said.

This is a timely reminder to the public on the dangers of speed over the Christmas period and the manner in which instances such as this will be treated by Tasmania Police who will be out in force over the festive period.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Ravenswood man charged with multiple burglaries Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 10 December 2015 9:38 am.

A 28-year-old Ravenswood man has been charged with multiple burglaries following his arrest by Northern detectives last night.

Northern CIB detectives arrested the man in a Ravenswood unit, where stolen property and cash was recovered from overnight burglaries in the Launceston area.

The man has been charged with 24 counts of burglary (business), 12 counts of stealing, one count of attempted burglary, two counts of evading police, breach of bail and receiving stolen property.

He was remanded in custody to appear in the Launceston Magistrates Court later today.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Police Vehicle rammed by stolen car Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 7 December 2015 11:28 am.

About 2.35am on Sunday 6 December 2015 a Toyota Hilux was reported stolen from an address in Ravenswood. Within 25 minutes of the vehicle being reported stolen, responding police located the vehicle travelling east on the Tasman Highway at Waverley.

Police attempted to intercept the vehicle but it failed to stop for them and continued travelling away from Launceston. Police followed the vehicle, out past Myrtle Park and onto a narrow track.

As the track narrowed, the Hilux suddenly reversed at speed towards the police vehicle, ramming it twice, and allowing the offender the opportunity to escape into the bush.

The police vehicle was extensively damaged and will be off the road while repairs are undertaken.

It has been the second ramming of a police vehicle in less than two weeks.

Importantly no police officers were injured during the incident.

Policing is by its very nature, a high risk occupation, but actions like this increase that risk level substantially, said Inspector Michael Johnston.

Anyone with any information as to the identity and location of the offender should call Tasmania Police on 131444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


House fire at Grices Road, Tea Tree Tasmania Police @TAZZTMP19843 @19843 @DROP Search Results for TAS CrimeView report error

House fire at Grices Road, Tea Tree Tasmania Police

Thursday, 3 December 2015 1:34 pm.

On Thursday 3 December shortly after 6:30am Tasmania Fire Service and Tasmania Police were called to a report of a house fire at Grices Road, Tea Tree.

On arrival, a two storey sandstone structure was found to be completely destroyed. The house is heritage listed and believed to have been constructed in the 1860s.

Damage to the residence is estimated at over $400,000.

Forensic investigators and members of Bridgewater CIB are continuing their investigations. At this stage the cause of the fire is undetermined.

Police are appealing for witnesses if you saw any people or vehicles in the vicinity of Grices Road during the early hours of 3 December, please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


TAS Indecent assault at Waverly Flora Park Mornington Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Police are seeking information in relation to an alleged indecent assault that occurred around 5pm on Monday 30th November 2015 on the Waverley Flora Park. The area of interest is the Charles Darwin walking track which is located behind Irandi Street, Mornington.

A female victim was allegedly assaulted by a man aged approximately mid 20s, medium build wearing a black peaked cap with a white M on the front. He was also described as wearing a yellow fluorescent shirt, blue working trousers and lace up boots.

Search CrimeView For 61732318

Police would like to hear from members of the public who may have knowledge of the assault or can assist in identifying a man fitting the description.

Any information can be forwarded to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or contact Detective Constable Fiona Howard at Bellerive C.I.B on 61732318.

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TAS Ulverstone Returned Servicemens Club Fraud Charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 1:48 pm.

As a result of a 13 month Investigation conducted by the Devonport Criminal Investigation Branch and the Ulverstone Returned Servicemens Club (URSC), a 49yr old Miandetta man, has today been charged with numerous fraud related offences.

The charges include stealing by agent, fraudulent false accounting, damaging computer data, forgery and uttering, and false statements by an officer of a company.

It will be alleged that the offences involve the theft of in excess of $470,000. He has been bailed to appear in the Devonport Magistrates Court on 9th February 2016.

A police investigation commenced into the matter after a member of the club detected anomalies in the clubs financial figures presented at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

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TAS Man detained on Multiple Charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 23 November 2015 9:55 pm.

A 34 year old male from Irishtown has been charged with a range of serious offences including aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, stealing, firearms and driving offences.

He appeared in an out of hours court sitting at Devonport at 8.00pm on 23/11/15 and was remanded in custody.

He will re-appear by video link at 2.15pm on 24/11/15.

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TAS Aggravated burglary at Lebrina Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 23 November 2015 3:59 pm.

Launceston CIB detectives are seeking public assistance with their enquiries into an aggravated robbery at Lebrina.

Just before 4am on 20 November, three men entered a property at Taylors Road, Lebrina and demanded the resident hand them the keys to his firearms safe. When the resident refused to give them the key, he was struck on the arm with a metal bar.

The offenders accessed the safe and stole 15 firearms. The firearms were stored correctly. Its believed the men left the property in two or three vehicles.

Theres only a limited description of the offenders; the three men are believed to be average height and slim build.

The 82 year old man was not seriously injured, and was treated at the LGH.

Police have conducted extensive searches of the surrounding areas and are continuing to undertake enquiries to determine the identity of the offenders.

If anyone has any information about this incident or the identity of the offenders, they are asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Man charged with Grievous Bodily Harm Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 23 November 2015 3:55 pm.

A 21-year-old Invermay man has been charged with one count of grievous bodily harm following an alleged assault yesterday afternoon.

The man will appear in the Launceston Magistrates Court later this afternoon.

Search CrimeView For 67773911

Anyone who witnessed the alleged assault outside the Park Hotel in Invermay who hasnt already come forward should call Northern CIB on 67773911 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Attempted Burglary at Albert Road Store Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 22 November 2015 5:35 am.

Just after midnight on Sunday 22 November, Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire Service, responded to a report of an attempted burglary of the Albert Road Store at 68 Albert Road, Moonah.

Witnesses were alerted to the incident after a white Holden Commodore was driven into the front of the store in an apparent attempt to gain entry. As a result, the Commodore and the front faade of the store caught alight.

The attempt to enter the store was unsuccessful and no property was stolen. Only minor damage was caused to some signage at the front of the store and no persons were injured.

Two people were seen to flee the scene and leave the area in a black Toyota Van.

As a result, two men from Launceston, were later taken into custody and are currently assisting police with inquiries in relation to the matter.

Glenorchy CIB would like to hear from any persons who may have observed the black van, acting suspiciously in and around the Moonah area on Saturday 21 November and Sunday 22 November 2015.

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TAS Vehicle fire at Drake Street Devonport Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 22 November 2015 5:25 am.

Devonport Police attended the scene of a vehicle fire, near 81 Drake Street, Devonport at approx. 1am this morning.

Tasmania Fire Service were also in attendance and quickly extinguished the fire.

It appears at this stage that the fire was caused by some type of explosion within the vehicle.

The vehicle has been destroyed, however nil persons were injured as a result, and only minor damage to a nearby house has been reported.

The fire/explosion has been deemed suspicious and investigations are continuing.

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TAS Burglary at Albert Road Store Update Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 22 November 2015 3:14 pm.

Police have charged two men in relation to the burglary of the Albert Road Store at 68 Albert Road, Moonah overnight.

The men aged 44 and 23 from the Launceston area were charged with Motor vehicle Stealing, Burglary and Unlawfully Setting Fire to Property.

They have been bailed to appear in court at a later date.

Search CrimeView For 61732881

Police would like to speak to anyone that was in the Moonah area and may have seen a silver Holden Commodore or a Black Toyota Van acting suspiciously on Saturday 21 November or Sunday 22 November 2015.

Glenorchy CIB can be contacted on 61732881 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Vehicle Fire at Drake Street Devonport Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 22 November 2015 6:10 pm.

About 1.10am on Sunday 22nd of November 2015, Police were contacted by the Tasmania Fire Service in relation to a vehicle fire on Drake Street, Devonport.

The vehicle was deliberately set on fire and a loud explosion occurred prior to it being extinguished. The vehicle did not contain explosives; rather, evidence suggests the loud explosion was the result of the windows being forced out due to the rapid expansion of air within the confined space of the vehicle when on fire.

The vehicle was destroyed by the fire and a nearby residence was damaged by flying debris from the explosion. No one was injured.

Police would like to speak to anyone who has information in relation to the fire; or specifically, observed a grey or silver SUV parked facing East on the Bass Highway about 1.15am this morning; or observed anything suspicious in the area of the intersection of Drake and Elizabeth Streets, Devonport.

Any person with information is urged to contact Devonport CIB or Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000 or the police assistance line on 131444.

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TAS Serious Assault outside Park Hotel Invermay Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 23 November 2015 9:58 am.

About 4.40pm on Sunday 22 November 2015 a serious assault occurred outside the Park Hotel, Invermay.

A group of people had been on a bus trip during the day and exited the bus outside the Park Hotel upon its return from the outing. Shortly after departing the bus a 30 year old Launceston man was assaulted and received a critical head injury.

Assistance was given by people in the immediate vicinity, and Tas ambulance attended. The man was transported to the Launceston General Hospital before being transferred to the Royal Hobart Hospital where he is currently undergoing emergency surgery.

A 21year old Invermay man was arrested shortly after the incident at a nearby address. He is assisting police with their enquiries.

Any person with information who witnessed the incident is encouraged to contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Graham John Enniss Police Operation Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 23 November 2015 11:56 am.

A 34 year old man from Irishtown was arrested on Mawbanna Road, just south of the Bass Highway yesterday following a police operation.

Graham John Enniss was wanted by Police in relation to a spate of property related crime in the Circular Head area and the theft of firearms from the Black River area.

At approximately 6.30pm police received information that a vehicle which was believed stolen the night before was being driven by Mr Enniss on Mawbanna Road, just south of Bass Highway.

Police engaged in the operation to locate Mr Enniss, observed the vehicle enter a dairy. They followed at a safe distance and observed the vehicle drive into and cross a private paddock.

It will be alleged that the offender exited the vehicle, took aim and fired one shot in the direction of the police vehicles.

The offender then got back in the vehicle and continued through the paddock fence towards the highway.

The vehicle was disabled when its tyres were punctured, and the driver was arrested without further incident.

Commander Lauchland Avery said:

Police would like to thank the residents of Circular Head who provided assistance to responding police.

Mr Enniss is currently in police custody and officers will progress with interviews and charges, when he is able to be interviewed.

The community may have observed police in the area over recent days and we thank them for the assistance and information they have provided to officers, to date.

Investigations continue and anyone with information they believe is relevant to this incident is asked to contact police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Police charge woman with alleged sex offence Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 20 November 2015 5:08 pm.

As a result of the investigation referred by the Department of Education, a 32 year old woman from Southern Tasmania has this afternoon been charged with an alleged sexual offence.

The woman was charged with one count of sexual intercourse with a young person under the age of 17 years.

The woman was bailed to appear at the Hobart Magistrates Court at a later date.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Graham John Enniss sought by Police Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 20 November 2015 3:20 pm.

Police wish to speak to 29 year old Circular Head man Graham John Enniss.

Detectives wish to speak to Mr Enniss as they believe he can assist with investigations into property related crime which has occurred in the Circular Head area over recent weeks.

Police also believe he may be able to assist them with their inquiries concerning a motor vehicle which stolen from the Bass Highway in the vicinity of the Irish Town turn off, Smithton early Thursday evening.

The vehicle we are searching for is a late model white Falcon XR6 sedan. The vehicle, Tasmanian registration D81CZ, was stolen from that area shortly before dark, said Detective Acting Inspector Richard Chugg.

We would ask local residents of Circular Head to make extra efforts to secure their residence, sheds and vehicles and report any suspicious activity they observe to police immediately, he said.

The community may have observed police in the area over recent days and we thank them for the assistance they have provided to officers, to date.

Mr Enniss is described as being 176cm (510) tall, medium build of olive complexion, blue eyes and heavily tattooed. He has a tattoo which spells THUG in large letters around his neck.

His hair is dark brown in colour and although 29, his weathered complexion suggests a more senior age.

Members of the public should not approach Mr Enniss. Anyone that may have information in relation to the current whereabouts of Mr Enniss or anyone who may have seen the outstanding vehicle is asked to contact Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Friday, 18 August


TAS Police vehicle rammed and driver injured at Launceston Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 19 November 2015 12:20 pm.

Police have condemned the deliberate actions of an offender who rammed a police vehicle and injured the driver before driving off at speed.

The incident occurred last night at around 8.30pm when an officer was driving slowly down Gaunt Street in Invermay looking for a vehicle of interest that had been seen driving dangerously earlier in the evening.

As the police vehicle passed, the offending driver reversed straight into it. The offending driver then drove off at speed.

Police have spoken to witnesses and are following a specific line of enquiry to identify and locate the offender.

This was a deliberate act, designed to cause damage and injury, said Northern District Commander Brett Smith.

The officer sustained whiplash injuries and he will require some time to recover, he said.

The police vehicle received moderate damage to the front passenger side.

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TAS Youths charged with Primrose Sands arson Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 19 November 2015 11:09 am.

Two youths appeared in the Magistrates Court this morning charged with arson relating to a fire at 2 Gypsy Place Primrose Sands on 29th July 2015.

Search CrimeView For 61732858

Investigations are ongoing and anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Bellerive CIB on 61732858.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Youths charged with Assault and Robbery Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 4:17 pm.

Three youths aged between 12 and 17 years of age have been charged in relation to two incidents which occurred in Devonport on 16 November 2015.

A 16 year old male youth had his sunglasses and a necklace stolen during an alleged assault on William Street near Best Street at around 1.25pm on 16 November 2015.

At around 5:00pm on the same day, a 14 year old male youth was allegedly assaulted on William Street near the junction with Valley Road. The offenders demanded that he handed over money and his mobile phone. They then stole the baseball cap that he was wearing.

Police officers from Devonport CIB and Uniform section searched three residences in Devonport and as a result arrested a 17 year old male, a 16 year old male and a 12 year old male in relation to the matters. All three youths were interviewed at the Devonport Police Station.

Search CrimeView For 64784041

The youths will all be dealt with under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act.

The 17 year old was charged with aggravated robbery, assault and stealing.

The 16 Year old was charged with assault, stealing, resist police and breach of relevant contravention.

The 12 year old was charged with aggravated robbery.

Police would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed either of the two incidents. Information can be provided to Detectives at Devonport CIB on 64784041 or to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Arson Investigation Primrose Sands Continues Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 16 November 2015 4:45 pm.

Detective Sergeant Ben Duffey has reissued an appeal for information following another suspicious fire in Primrose Sands on Saturday night.

Tasmania Fire Service and police and detectives were called to an address on Erica Street, Primrose Sands on Saturday night around 9pm and found the premises fully engulfed.

This is the 6th suspicious fire in the area.

Someone must know something, said Detective Ben Sgt Duffey.

Any information can be useful, did you see anyone walking in the area around that time? Or did you hear an unfamiliar car sound?

Detectives are following up all sources of information provided through Crime Stoppers and are keen to narrow the field.

Once again door knocks will be conducted and police would encourage residents of the area to recall any information they can about the events of Saturday night.

The community of Primrose Sands are obviously very concerned and we would like to assure them that we are following every possible lead, to prevent these incidents from occurring, said Detective Sgt Ben Duffey.

The house on Erica Street was unoccupied at the time and the fire appears to have started in similar circumstances to the previous fires in the community.

Search CrimeView For 61732318

Police are once again encouraging residents and shack owners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or people in the area.

We are encouraging anyone with information, something theyve seen or heard; or something that just didnt seem right, to contact us on 61732318 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, said Detective Sgt Ben Duffey.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Witnesses sought Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 15 November 2015 8:46 pm.

Witnesses Sought in relation to the Manner of driving of a stolen Silver Holden Captiva, 14/11/15.

On 13 November 2015, a silver Holden Captiva registered number D76QT was stolen from Devonport.

The vehicle was driven to Hobart on Saturday 14th November, and eventually dumped in open land in the Warrane area around 8pm that evening.

On Sunday 15th November, police located a 26 year old man from Devonport who is believed to be responsible for the theft of the vehicle, at a residence in Warrane.

Search CrimeView For 61732605

The man was arrested in relation to the stealing of the vehicle and other outstanding matters. He was charged with Motor Vehicle Stealing x 2, Burglary, Stealing x 3, Aggravated Burglary x2, Breach of Police Family Violence Order, Common Assault, Attempted Stealing, Evade Police, Dangerous Driving, Unlawfully Set Fire to Property and Breach of Bail. He was remanded to face the Hobart Magistrates Court on Monday morning.

Anyone who may have observed the manner of driving of a silver Holden Captiva, Reg No: D76QT on Saturday evening in the greater Hobart area is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or by contacting Detective Constable Jamie Hart at Hobart CIB on 61732605.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Charges laid after stolen firearms were recovered in Latrobe Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 12 November 2015 3:54 pm.

A 22 year old man from Conara and a 19 year old man from Blessington have been charged with firearms and traffic offences relating to an incident in Latrobe yesterday (11 November 2015).

At 12:25 pm police attempted to intercept a silver Toyota Camry in Latrobe. The vehicle failed to stop and sped away from police, who did not pursue the vehicle. Members of the public directed police to where the vehicle went and a short time later police located the vehicle dumped in a property in Benny Street, Latrobe. Witnesses stated that the saw two males run off.

Inside the vehicle police located a loaded shortened rifle next to the drivers seat, four other firearms and a quantity of ammunition. It is alleged that four of these firearms had been stolen from burglaries in May and on 10 November in the Longford area.

As a result of police searches and information from the public, the 19 year old and 22 year old men were located.

Both men were interviewed by Devonport CIB and as a result the 19 year old man has been charged with firearms offences and unlawful possession of property and was granted police bail.

The 22 year old has been charged with several firearms offences including possessing firearms in contravention of a prohibition order, breach of bail, driving offences and two counts of unlawful possession of property. He has been held to appear in the Devonport Magistrates Court later this afternoon.

From information provided, Uniform police from Latrobe, Devonport, Western Road Safety and Public Order Section and CIB were able to successfully secure the area and locate the alleged offenders.

Search CrimeView For 64784041

At no time were members of the public put at risk in relation to the firearms in the vehicle or during the search for the offenders. Police would also like to thank the members of the public who assisted the officers in locating the vehicle and the offenders.

Devonport CIB would like to hear from anyone who may have seen the silver Toyota Camry driving in the Percival and Benny Street areas or saw the two males running on foot. They can call Detective Acting Sergeant Robert WOODROW on 64784041 or Crime Stopper on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Timothy Peter Hingston Extradition Granted Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 12:35 pm.

A Queensland magistrate has this morning ordered the extradition of 24 year old Devonport man Timothy Peter Hingston to Tasmania.

Mr Hingston appeared in the Ipswich Magistrates Court after he was taken into custody in relation to Tasmanian warrants by detectives from Queensland Police at the request of Tasmanian investigators.

Mr Hingston will appear in the Burnie Supreme Court at 10am on Monday 16 November.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Timothy Peter Hingston Located Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 9:26 am.

24 year old Devonport man Timothy Peter Hingston was reported missing to Police on 6th October by family members. Members of Devonport CIB have been conducting enquiries since.

At the request of investigators around 7pm last night Detectives from Queensland Police attended at an address in Ipswich, South West of Brisbane. There they located Mr Hingston who was taken into custody in relation to Tasmanian warrants.

Detective Acting Inspector Richard Chugg said:

The warrants were issued by the Supreme and Magistrates Court when Mr Hingston failed to appear on a number of serious matters he has before the court. We allege that he has developed an elaborate plan, including changing his appearance, to avoid apprehension.

It will also be alleged that Mr Hingston travelled by air to the mainland using a false identity and will be subject to charges in relation to that.

This result has been the subject of some very good work from the investigators tasked with finding Mr Hingston and assistance from the public for which we pass on our thanks.

Detectives will travel to Queensland today to seek Mr Hingstons extradition back to Tasmania.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Man charged with Prohibited Behaviour at Seven Beach Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 9 November 2015 3:12 pm.

A 70 year old man from Banora Point, New South Wales has been charged by police from Bellerive Uniform following an incident at Seven Mile Beach on Sunday 8 November 2015.

Police will allege the man exposed his genitals in view of a group of people which included young children. The incident was reported to police approximately 1:00pm.

The man was charged with one count of Prohibited Behaviour and will now appear in court at a later date.

If any person has any information about this matter they are encouraged to contact Tasmania Police on 131 444.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Assault at Hobart Supreme Court Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 4 November 2015 9:15 pm.

At 4.30pm this afternoon police responded to a report of a disturbance at the Hobart Supreme Court, Salamanca Place Hobart.

It was established that during a sentence hearing a 42 year old female who had been seated in the public gallery, has approached the Prosecution benches and assaulted a female Crown Prosecutor.

During this particular incident a nearby correctional officer has also been assaulted by one of the Accused men. Both were immediately taken into custody.

At the time of reporting the Crown Prosecutor has sustained minor injuries. The Correctional Officer was admitted to the Hobart Private Hospital with facial injuries.

Hobart CIB and Uniform police are currently investigating.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Historic grave sites damaged in ute theft at Devonport Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 4 November 2015 2:04 pm.

Police are investigating the alleged theft of a ute from a Devonport business over the long weekend, which caused damage to nearby historical grave sites.

The business A.L. and S.M. Richardson Engineering, located at 209 Stony Rise Road, Don, was entered sometime over the long weekend.

The offenders stole a 2009 model Holden Colorado 44 single cab flat tray utility from the business. The vehicle contained a significant amount of tools and other engineering equipment.

Search CrimeView For 64784036

During the process of stealing the vehicle, the offenders have caused damage to a number of historical grave sites that are located in the cemetery adjacent to the business.

Police are seeking information from anyone who may have seen people acting suspiciously in the area over the weekend, who may have seen the stolen motor vehicle, or may have any information which could assist in the investigation of the matter.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Devonport CIB on 64784036 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Thursday, 17 August


TAS Armed Hold Up at Terry White Pharmacy Man Arrested Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Saturday, 31 October 2015 11:27 am.

At approximately 7.00pm on Friday 30 October 2015, a male armed with a knife entered Terry White Pharmacy, Kingston Town and demanded medication from a staff member.

The man left the store with medications and fled the scene in a white dual cab utility.

As a result of investigations, and assistance from members of the public, a 42 year old Kingston man has been charged with Armed Robbery, he will appear in the after-hours court.

No one was injured during this incident. Police would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the hold up, or seen a white dual cab utility in the Kingston Town car park around this time.

Tasmania Police would like to thank members of the public for their vigilance, and assistance in relation to this matter.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Simon Adam Johnstone Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Saturday, 31 October 2015 5:20 pm.

A 26 year old Railton man, Simon Adam Johnstone appeared in a special sitting of the Devonport Magistrates Court this morning charged with one count of assault, allegedly on his infant son.

Mr Johnstone was remanded on bail to reappear at Devonport Court on 23 November 2015.

As this matter is now before the courts, police are unable to comment further.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Suspicious House Fire at Cupania Street Rocherlea Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 1 November 2015 2:56 pm.

At approximately 5am on the morning of Saturday the 31st of October 2015, members of Tasmania Police and the Tasmania Fire Service attended Cupania Street, Rocherlea after a report was received of a vacant house on fire.

A member of the public walking past the residence had observed the house on fire and phoned the fire service.

At the time of the fire, the house was vacant and boarded up due to a previous house fire in mid-September 2015.

Initial investigations have found that the fire was deliberately lit.

It is estimated that the fire caused approximately $30,000 extra damage to the existing fire damage.

Search CrimeView For 67773945

Tasmania Police and the Tasmania Fire Service are investigating the fire.

Acting Sergeant Josh Hayes of Launceston police stated, Police urge members of the public with any information in relation to this fire to contact Launceston Police on 67773945 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Series of car burglaries in the Launceston area overnight Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 30 October 2015 3:44 pm.

An 18 year old man and youth are assisting police with their enquiries following a series of car burglaries in Launceston overnight.

Between 29 and 30 October 2015 at least 14 motor vehicles were entered in Newstead, East Launceston and the Launceston Central Business District.

The offenders have damaged the vehicles, breaking windows and slashing soft tops. In some cases, cars have sustained thousands of dollars of damage, for the offenders to steal a few dollars in change, said Detective Sergeant Riley.

Police have recovered property from many of the burglaries including hand bags and wallets, cash, CDs, clothing and lap top computers. Some of the recovered property has not yet been identified.

Police advise vehicle owners the importance of securing their property and remind them not to leave valuable items and loose change visible in their vehicles.

Anyone with information in relation to this series of crimes or who has had their vehicle entered and has not yet reported it is encouraged to contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Theft of motor vehicle from Wynyard Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 30 October 2015 1:34 pm.

Police are investigating the alleged theft of a motor vehicle from the Wynyard area.

Police attended to a report of a crashed vehicle on the Bass Highway near the Deep Creek Road intersection.

Search CrimeView For 64777211

Three people are currently assisting police with their enquiries.

Anyone with any information or who saw a 2003 red Holden Rodeo utility in the area should contact Burnie Police on 64777211 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Wednesday, 16 August


TAS Warning on unsolicited odd jobs update Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 29 October 2015 9:20 am.

Tasmania Police has received a number of calls this morning about workers offering to seal driveways and doing odd jobs in the northern region.

Police have investigated these reports and believe these activities appear to be legitimate.

However, we advise that if anyone is approached by people seeking to seal driveways or do other unsolicited odd jobs, they should note their vehicle registration number and ask them to leave.

Anyone with any concerns should contact the National Travelling Conmen Hotline on 1300 133 408.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Prison assaults and wounding on custodial officers update on charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 26 October 2015 2:32 pm.

On Sunday 25 October 2015 detectives from Bellerive CIB attended Risdon Prison to investigate recent assaults and a wounding on Custodial Officers.

As a result of investigations conducted by Bellerive CIB:

  • A 29 year old male inmate will be charged with Wounding following the stabbing incident occurring on Saturday 24 October 2015 on a male Custodial Officer;
  • 3 male inmates aged 19, 21 and 26 years will be charged with Assault on a Public Officer occurring on 19 October 2015 where two male Custodial Officers were repeatedly punched and kicked;
  • A 24 year old male inmate will be charged with Assault on a Public Officer following spitting on a male Custodial Officer on 16 September 2015; and
  • A 38 year old male inmate will be charged with Assault on a Public Officer after hitting a male Custodial Officer to the head on 3 August 2015.

All these incidents involved the officers receiving medical attention at hospital.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Serious Assault Investigation Update Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 26 October 2015 2:31 pm.

A 24 year old man from Devonport appeared in the Launceston Magistrates Court on Friday afternoon, 23rd October charged with Attempted Murder, Breach of a Family Violence Order and Aggravated Burglary, following a serious assault in Ulverstone on Wednesday 21st October.

The man was remanded in custody to reappear on 29th October 2015.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Wounding of a prison guard at Risdon Prison Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Saturday, 24 October 2015 7:29 pm.

At approximately 1.45pm Saturday 24 October 2015 a 31 year old male Correctional Officer was wounded by a 29 year old male inmate within the Maximum Security Unit of Risdon Prison Complex.

As a result of the incident the Correctional Officer is undergoing medical treatment at hospital and is expected to be released this evening. The injury sustained is not life threatening.

It is believed from initial investigations that the incident involved a makeshift weapon.

Investigations remain ongoing with the inmate to be interviewed by Bellerive CIB within the coming days.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Armed Robbery at Hill Street Convenience Store Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Saturday, 24 October 2015 7:45 pm.

At approximately 1230pm on Saturday 24th October 2015, an armed robbery occurred at the West Hobart Convenience Store and Post Office, Hill Street, West Hobart.

A quantity of cash was stolen during the robbery by the offender.

Assistance from a number of witnesses provided information sufficient to identify the person involved. That person has been charged and will appear in court on Sunday morning the 25th of October 2015.

Police are asking that anyone that may have information in relation to the robbery to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Serious Assault at Main Street Ulverstone Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 22 October 2015 1:25 pm.

In the early hours of yesterday morning (Wednesday 21st October) police responded to reports of a serious assault which is believed to have occurred at a residence on Main Street, Ulverstone.

The female victim had sustained significant injuries to her legs and hands.

She was transported to NWRH where she underwent surgery for her injuries and remains in a serious but stable condition.

A 24 year old man from Devonport has since been identified, located and spoken to by police (at approximately 11.30pm yesterday), he remains in custody with charges pending.

The two parties are known to one another.

Detectives from Devonport CIB are investigation the incident.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Preparations for OMCG Black Uhlans National Run Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 2:14 pm.

Tasmania Police will be monitoring the activities of members of the Black Uhlans Outlaw Motorcycle Gang as they undertake their annual National Run in Tasmania over the coming days (23 26 October 2015).

Approximately 115 Black Uhlans members will spend time in the Smithton and Devonport areas over a three day period.

These communities can be assured there will be a strong police presence actively monitoring the activities of the Black Uhlans while they are in our state, said Western District Acting Commander Tim Dooley.

Tasmania Police has been aware of the Black Uhlans plans for several months and have developed a comprehensive response plan.

We have planned a coordinated, highly visible presence in the Smithton and Devonport area for the duration of the OMCG visit, said Acting Inspector Dooley.

The Black Uhlans have a small membership in Tasmania, with clubhouses at Smithton and Quoiba. In other states, the Black Uhlans are considered a violent organised crime gang, and they will be under very close police scrutiny while in our state.

As is the case in other jurisdictions during OMCG National Runs, other states will send OMCG specialist officers to Tasmania to assist with information gathering on members.

While we wont be outlining our plans in relation to the Black Uhlans National Run, the OMCG members are on notice in our jurisdiction.

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TAS Protester Arrested at University of Tasmania Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 12:59 pm.

On 21 October 2015 at approximately 10:00am police attended the University of Tasmania, Sandy Bay Campus in response to a request from campus security.

A man identifying himself as representing Fossil Free Tasmania had climbed on to the roof of the plant room of the Centenary Building, off Grosvenor Street.

The 24 year old man refused to come down at the request of University authorities, and as a result was directed to come down by police. The man refused and was arrested without incident.

The incident was managed safely and peacefully.

The man was charged with Trespass and bailed to a later date.

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Tuesday, 30 October


New Sarawak Outrage Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

Bob Brown calls for Ta Ann in Australia to confirm or deny Malaysian reports of cruel suppression of indigenous forest campaigners.

I believe it to be true because I have met Peter Kallang and totally respect his joint statement with the respected Iban native rights group SADIA - see below.

Clare Rewcastle Brown was in Hobart last night, in Melbourne tonight and Canberra tomorrow night talking about just this style of injustice and ongoing corruption in Malaysia, specifically Sarawak.

A protest will be held outside Ta Ann's Hobart office in Tasmania on Thursday afternoon.


Media Release: Environmentalist of the Year Tours Capitals Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

Clare Rewcastle Brown, awarded Environmentalist of the Year by Bob Brown Foundation, will set off on a speaking tour across Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Perth after speaking to a full house in Hobart last night.

Environmentalist Bob Brown will join Clare in conversation in Melbourne and Canberra.

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Monday, 14 August


TAS Pyengana Incident WorkSafe Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 21 October 2015 8:34 am.

On 20 October 2015 Emergency Services were called to attend an incident involving a 56 year old Scamander man, who may have been electrocuted at his place of employment at Pyengana.

Ambulance Tasmania attended the scene, police and paramedics attempted CPR for a period of time but efforts were unsuccessful.

The incident is being investigated by WorkSafe Tasmania, Aurora and Tasmania Police is preparing a report for the coroner.

There are no suspicious circumstances. Investigations are continuing.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Missing man Timothy Hingston investigation update Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 19 October 2015 4:37 pm.

Devonport Police are continuing to investigate the disappearance of 24 year old Devonport man Timothy Peter Hingston who was reported missing on 6th October by family members.

Police have followed a number of lines of enquiry, from information received, which unfortunately to date, have failed to confirm the current whereabouts of Mr Hingston.

In issuing this appeal for information, investigators would caution against circulating information on social media and would ask that you contact them direct in the first instance.

Rumour has played a negative part in the investigation to date and has caused further anxiety to concerned family members, said Detective Constable Knight.

Police would like to thank those members of the community who have provided information directly to date and again encourage anyone with information or who may have seen Timothy to contact Devonport CIB on 64784036 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For 64784036

Timothy was last observed on foot in the Percy Street area of Devonport around 11.30am on Saturday 3 October 2015 wearing a black suit jacket and pants, dark T shirt and white skate shoes.

He is described as being approximately 178 centimetres tall, of slim build, pale skin with full arm sleeve tattoos and XXX on the back of his neck. His hair is long and brown and may have pink coloured highlights, usually worn pulled back into a pony tail.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Police investigating hit and run of elderly man Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 19 October 2015 3:16 pm.

Police are seeking the driver of a brown/bronze coloured Toyota Camry sedan taxi following the hit and run of an elderly man in the Hobart bus mall last night.

The 86-year old Victorian man was walking across the Collins St end of the bus mall with his wife about 9.15pm on Sunday when he was hit by a taxi, which then was seen driving off towards Salamanca.

The man suffered a cut to his head and was admitted to hospital.

Anyone with any information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Man charged with Trafficking Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 16 October 2015 9:42 am.

A 27 year old man from Launceston has been charged with Trafficking and firearm offences and will appear in the Launceston Court of Petty Sessions this morning.

Following information received, police officers conducted a search of a property in Launceston yesterday afternoon.

The man was found to be in possession of a firearm and controlled substances believed to be ecstasy tablets and methylamphetamine.

Detectives from Northern Drug Investigation conducted further examinations and interviews, and subsequently the man was charged with Trafficking a controlled substance.

The man was detained in custody and will appear in court at 11.30 today.

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TAS Personal Safety Advice Dynnyrne Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 16 October 2015 9:41 am.

Police have spoken to the driver of the vehicle involved with offering a lift to a young person in Waterworks Road, Dynnyrne earlier in the week.

There will be no charges arising and whilst this matter has resolved itself without any criminality involved, it has served as a timely reminder for families and the community in general to discuss the relevant aspects of stranger danger.

Police encourage parents to reiterate personal safety messages to their children:

  • Walk with friends in pairs or groups, and be aware of your surroundings. Report and suspicious behaviour to the school, parents or police.
  • Try and remember a description of vehicle or distinctive clothing or a registration number and call police on 131 444.

Our main message is that there is no need to panic but to be aware of your own personal safety.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Firearm discharges at Chigwell Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 15 October 2015 2:54 pm.

At approximately 7.40am this morning, Tasmania Police responded to a report of firearm discharge at a residence on Boondar Street, Chigwell. A number of shots were discharged towards the home following a dispute between the resident and some men who had arrived at the residence in a dark green coloured vehicle. There were no injuries as a result of the discharges.

A short time later, at approximately 8am, police officers sighted the vehicle involved, a dark green Toyota Tarago registration EN4486, at an address on Elwick Road, Glenorchy. Three people were subsequently taken into custody.

Uniform, CIB and Forensic Services officers attended and processed both addresses.

Two firearms and a quantity of ammunition were recovered by police.

The three people are assisting with police inquiries currently and charges are expected to be laid later today.

Tasmania Police treat all crimes involving firearms seriously and seek assistance from anyone who has information relating to this incident. Anyone who witnessed the incident on Boondar Street, Chigwell or who saw the movements of the Tarago between Chigwell and Elwick Road, Glenorchy is asked to contact Glenorchy CIB on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Recovered Property Launceston Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 2:45 pm.

Recovered stolen jewellery, watches, knives, coin collections, foreign currency and stamp collections

Detectives from Launceston Criminal Investigation Branch have recovered a large quantity of coins, foreign and old currency, jewellery, watches, collectible pins, jewellery boxes, knives, stamp collections, anniversary glasses, during recent searches. This property is suspected as being stolen.

One of the items recovered was a set of engraved diamond anniversary glasses in handmade gift box which would have great sentimental value to someone.

Police are attempting to return the stolen property back to its rightful owner and are asking anyone who may recognise the property descriptions contact Launceston Police Headquarters to make an arrangement for a viewing.

Police can be contacted on 131 444.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Devonport man charged with escape Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 3:05 pm.

A 30-year-old man who tried to escape court custody was recaptured within minutes by a Devonport police officer with the assistance of members of the public yesterday.

He has been charged with Escape and has been remanded in custody to reappear on 4 November, 2015.

The man, who was appearing on breach of suspended sentence fled out the front entrance of the Devonport Magistrates Court at about 4.40pm.

A police constable attempted to stop him and gave chase down Oldaker St. The offender got into a white car on Formby Rd between Oldaker and Best streets.

The white car was occupied by a man and a woman.

Two members of the public, a husband and wife, saw the foot chase and offered assistance to the police officer. They manoeuvred their car to block the path of the white car.

The officer had called for urgent police assistance and upon arrival of the additional officers the incident was immediately resolved.

The passenger in the white car, a woman aged 34, was also arrested. She was charged with obstructing police.

The driver of the white car had not attempted to drive with the offender inside and was not arrested or charged.

The offenders escape attempt and his access to the white car were both deemed to have been opportunistic and not pre-planned.

Acting Western District Commander Tim Dooley said:

The two members of the public gave exceptional assistance to the officer and I would like to thank them for their actions.

Without their help this incident would not have been resolved so quickly.

I also commend the constable for her quick thinking and persistence in bringing the incident to such a swift close, he said.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Personal Safety Advice Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 4:51 pm.

Police have received information that a 14 year old child was offered a ride whilst they were walking in Waterworks Road, Dynnyrne, by two men driving a car on Monday about 4pm.

Police are investigating and following a particular line of inquiry.

Nearby schools have issued a letter to parents and posted a safety advice message on their Facebook page.

Police encourage parents to reiterate personal safety messages to their children:

  • Walk with friends in pairs or groups, and be aware of your surroundings. Report and suspicious behaviour to the school, parents or police.
  • Try and remember a description of vehicle or distinctive clothing or a registration number and call police on 131 444.

Our main message is that there is no need to panic but to be aware of your own personal safety.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Inspector Dave Plumpton, Hobart Division

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TAS UPDATE Threat of Harm at University of Tasmania Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 11:44 am.

Tasmania Police has analysed the threat made to UTAS and assessed that it is NOT a credible threat.

As a result of analysing the threat, in conjunction with other jurisdictions, we can advise we do not consider the threat to be genuine and does not pose a risk to staff and students, said Commander Glenn Frame.

We have been liaising with UTAS on this matter and we can reassure students and staff that they can continue to go about their business, said Commander Frame.

The threat, which was a post on social site, was similar to those made to universities interstate.

As the safety of the community, students and staff is a priority, we had deployed police resources to UTAS campuses as a precaution and for reassurance while an assessment was undertaken. Those resources will now be withdrawn, he said.

As always, if you anything suspicious or out of the ordinary call police on 131444 or the National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Threat of Harm at University of Tasmania Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 9:49 am.

Tasmania Police has reassured the students and staff at UTAS campuses in Tasmania that they should go about their business today.

At this stage we do not believe the threat is credible, however it is being assessed. In the meantime, we have deployed police resources to UTAS campuses as a precaution and for reassurance to staff and students, said Commander Glenn Frame.

At this stage the claims are general in nature, and appear to be similar to those made in New South Wales, he said.

We will be working in conjunction with UTAS and will provide an update as soon as we can.

In the meantime, we encourage everyone on campus to go about their business as usual.

As always, if you anything suspicious or out of the ordinary call police on 131 444 or the National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Sean Edwin William Lyall Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 12 October 2015 2:49 pm.

22 year old Burnie man, Sean Edwin William Lyall appeared in the Burnie Magistrates Court at 11.15am today via video link on a number of charges that include:

Attempted Carjacking x 2

Assault x 4

Destroy Property x 2

Create a common nuisance

Unlawfully use dangerous article in a public place

The charges relate to a series of incidents that occurred on Friday 9 October 2015 in the Brickport Road and Mooreville Road area in Burnie. Police alleged that Lyall entered or attempted to enter three (3) vehicles in an attempt to get transport to a location.

The incident occurred between 1pm and 2pm in the Mooreville Road area. A man was taken into custody by good Samaritans after he allegedly used a metal star picket to smash two (2) windscreens on vehicles that were stopped in traffic on Mooreville Road, said Detective Sergeant Paul Bryan.

No one was injured during the incident. The people in the cars were unknown to the man who has been arrested.

Police would like to reassure the community that this was a one off incident.

Search CrimeView For 64777291

Police would like to talk to any witnesses that havent already been spoken to police by asking them to contact the Burnie CIB on 64777291 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS George Town incident Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 5 October 2015 2:05 pm.

George Town incident

Detectives from Northern CIB are seeking information to trace the movements of a white coloured mid-90s 4 door Hyundai Excel, which was sighted on Goulbourn Street, George Town, around 1pm on Saturday 3rd October.

The driver of the vehicle was a young male and he had also a young female companion in the vehicle.

A teenage girl reported being approached by the vehicle occupants to get into the vehicle.

It is reported that the female who was outside the vehicle attempted to grab at the teenagers clothing and pull her into the vehicle. The teenager ran away and reported the incident to relatives who contacted police immediately.

This is a disturbing incident which we are treating very seriously, said Inspector John King.

Anyone who believes they have information relating to the vehicle or the vehicle occupants, is encouraged to contact us on 131444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Please encourage your children to walk with someone else or in a group, where possible. And as this teenager did, contact police to report suspicious activity as soon as possible, he said.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Vegetation Fire at Somerset Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 5 October 2015 11:55 am.

A 25 year old Wynyard man has been charged with Unlawfully Setting Fire to Vegetation as a result of a deliberately lit fire which occurred in scrubland alongside the railway bridge at Somerset yesterday afternoon, Sunday, 4 October 2015.

The fire was reported to police by a vigilant member of the public and the arrest occurred as a direct result of the call. The fire was contained to a small area of scrubland and was fully extinguished by Tasmania Fire Service. There was no damage to any buildings or structures.

The man appeared in an out of hours court yesterday evening and was remanded in custody. He has reappeared in the Burnie Magistrates Court this morning via video link.

With the recent warm and dry weather conditions Tasmania is encountering, and likely to encounter in the coming months, Police are encouraging the public to be vigilant and report suspicious activity in areas susceptible to bush fires.

If you see something, or you know something, then please say something and help catch bushfire arsonists before they strike, said Senior Constable Snooks.

However, please remember to never put yourselves or others at risk in order to obtain information, he said.

If you have any information about deliberately lit bushfires, or about someone lighting fires, then please call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. In the case of an emergency call Triple Zero, 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Devonport incident Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 11:06 am.

A 40 year old man from Burnie has faced charges of Armed Robbery, Abduction, Rape, Burglary, Stealing and others, in the Devonport Magistrates court on Saturday evening and has since been remanded in custody until 26 October.

The charges relate to an incident which occurred in Devonport on Friday night.

The alleged offender was quickly identified and police attended a Caravan Park in East Devonport where they apprehended the man.

Detective Inspector Kim Steven said, This was a very serious matter and we treated it as such, we were able to identify, locate and arrest the man quickly.

He further stated that, My priority now is preparing the case to convict the offender of these crimes, and just as importantly supporting the victim through this process, ensuring her privacy and that she is not identified.

Police are continuing investigations relating to this matter and will not release any further details or make any further statement, as to do so may identify the victim.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Burglary and stealing at Ulverstone Surf Livesaving Club Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 2:50 pm.

Three youths, one aged 16 and two aged 17, will be proceeded against under the provisions of the Youth Justice Act in relation to a burglary and stealing that occurred at the Ulverstone Surf Lifesaving Club on Friday 18th September 2015.

With assistance from members of the public, officers from Devonport Criminal Investigation Branch and Ulverstone Uniform Division were also able to locate the stolen property which can now be returned to the community-run organisation.

Search CrimeView For 64784037

The stolen property, which included radios, is valued at about $3000.

Tasmania Police would like to thank the community for their assistance in this matter.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to contact Devonport CIB on 64784037 or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Sunday, 13 August


TAS Firearm Discharges in Old Beach and Claremont Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 5:49 pm.

At approximately 1:00am on Wednesday 23 September 2015, Tasmania Police responded to a report of a firearm discharge at a residence in Old Beach.

A number of shots were discharged into two vehicles in the driveway and the roof line of the residence. There were no injuries as a result of the discharges.

A short time later at approximately 1:30am, Tasmania Police responded to a report of several shots having been fired at a residence in Claremont.

Shots had been discharged into three vehicles and the front of the residence. There were no injuries as a result of those discharges.

Uniform, CIB and Forensic Services officers attended the scenes. Police believe the two incidents are linked.

A small dark coloured vehicle was observed leaving the scene of the first incident at Old Beach.

Tasmania Police treat all crimes involving firearms seriously and seek assistance from anyone who has information that may assist in the investigation into these crimes.

Any information can be forwarded via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Suspicious house fire at Kings Meadows Charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 13 September 2015 2:40 pm.

A 24 year old Launceston man has been charged with arson following a house fire that occurred in Gascoyne Street, Kings Meadows on the afternoon of Saturday 12 September.

Acting Sergeant Stuart Greenwood of Launceston stated, The fire was not a random act and I would like to take this opportunity to re-assure members of the public that at no time was there a risk to the community.

The man was charged with one count of arson and was bailed to appear in the Launceston Magistrates Court in October.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Suspicious House Fire at Kings Meadows Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Saturday, 12 September 2015 10:19 pm.

At 5:30pm, Saturday 12 September, Police and Tasmania Fire Service personnel were called to the scene of a house fire on Gascoyne Street, Kings Meadows.

A member of the public driving past the residence had observed thick smoke and flames emanating from the front of the house and immediately called emergency service personnel.

Tasmania Fire Service and police arrived shortly after and discovered the house fully alight.

Search CrimeView For 67773945

Investigations at the scene indicate that the fire was deliberately lit and the sole occupant of the house was not present at the time.

The fire caused extensive damage throughout the residence to an estimated value of $100,000.

Police and Tasmania Fire Service are investigating the cause of the fire.

Acting Sergeant Greenwood of Launceston stated, Police are interested to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time who may have observed anything suspicious. Anyone with information about the fire can contact Launceston Police Station on 67773945 or alternatively Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Brighton Traffic Offences Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 11 September 2015 5:30 pm.

An 18year old man from Brighton appeared before the Hobart Magistrates Court today fronting a variety of traffic offences.

The charges arose from an incident on the 11th July 2015 when the offender borrowed a motorcycle, which belonged to his father, and went for a ride along roads in the Brighton municipality.

Police detected the offender riding in excess of the posted speed limits on three separate occasions during the one ride.

The offender fled from police after being detected the first time. The court heard that the offender drove at excessive speeds, overtook other vehicles, and conducted dangerous manoeuvres with seemingly little regard for his own safety or that of his pillion passenger.

He was later apprehended at his home address.

In court this morning the 18 year old man from Brighton plead guilty to:

  • Dangerous Driving
  • Evading Police
  • Exceeding the speed limit x 3
  • Failing to display a p plate
  • Riding a non LAMS approve motorcycle when the holder of a provisional licence.

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Saturday, 12 August


TAS Firearms and drug seizure Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 10 September 2015 4:09 pm.

On Thursday morning 10 September 2015 members from Southern Drug Investigation Services, assisted by CIB and uniform personnel, executed a search warrant at an address in Bridgewater.

As a result of the search the following items were located and seized:

  • 12 rifles and shotguns, a number of which are believed to be stolen
  • 1 revolver
  • A large quantity of ammunition
  • A quantity of crystal methamphetamine (ICE), cannabis and prescription medication
  • A stolen quad bike
  • A quantity of cash

A 30 year old man from Bridgewater is currently in police custody and expected to appear in the Hobart Magistrates Court later today, in respect to firearms, drug and property related charges.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Witness details requested Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 10 September 2015 10:39 am.

Tasmania Police received a report of a concern for welfare at approximately 10pm on Friday 4 September 2015.

The female caller was concerned about a man she had observed sitting on the roadway on Warwick Street, Hobart.

The man had suffered head injury and later died in hospital. Police would like to piece together his movements prior to the call being received.

It is believed the 60 year old man from Hobart may have been in the area between Campbell Street and Paternoster Row possibly between 9.45pm and 10pm when he was injured, possibly as the result of a fall.

He was wearing a black puffer jacket and black jeans and is described as being 180cm tall, medium build, clean shaven, and bald. He may have been wearing a beanie.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have been on Warwick Street, Hobart at the time of the incident or anyone who can provide details as to the mans movements that evening.

Search CrimeView For 61732603

In particular Police would appreciate the opportunity to speak with the initial caller again. She gave her name as Emily however left no other contact details.

Anyone who may be able to assist with information in relation to the man is asked to phone the Hobart CIB on 61732603 the Police Assistance line on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Suspicious fires at Burnie and Smithton Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 9 September 2015 5:26 pm.

Police in the Western District are investigating two overnight fires which are being treated as suspicious.

Car fire Minna Road, Stowport

At 8pm on the 8th September 2015, Burnie Police attended a car fire on Minna Road, Stowport. The vehicle was parked in a paddock and had not been moved for over a week. It was totally destroyed in the fire.

Fire Nelson Street, Smithton

At 10.40pm, Smithton Police attended a small fire at the rear of a residence on Nelson Street, Smithton. Initial investigations have determined that the fire started in a wheelie bin that was placed on the rear porch of the residence. Approximately $1000 of damaged was caused to the porch.

Thankfully there were no injuries sustained by either of the property occupants.

Police are treating both incidents as suspicious and would like to hear from anyone who may have information relating to either matter. Information can be relayed via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Supply of illicit drug capsules in Smithton Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 8 September 2015 3:30 pm.

Detectives investigating the supply of illicit drug capsules in Smithton last Saturday night will charge three Smithton men.

Detective Inspector Kim Steven said, Detectives from the Western Drug Investigation Services have been working with the local Smithton Police since Saturday night and as a result of a number of searches and interviews conducted during that time, we will be charging three Smithton men with supplying the illicit drugs involved.

The drug capsules that were purchased and consumed in Smithton last Saturday night, caused five people to fall ill.

Each of the five people had purchased a clear capsule containing brown grains/powder. The capsules were purchased outside a licensed premises in Smithton. Wed urge anyone not to consume any illicit substance, and in particular any capsules containing brown powder, said Det. Insp. Steven.

From the information we have at this time Police dont believe that there are any more of the same batch in the community. However if anyone knows of the existence or can confirm that more of the same batch exist, we would ask that you contact us as a matter of urgency, he said.

Anyone who has further information about the incident can contact Police on 131 444 or information can be relayed anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Missing Person Ben Plowright Recovered Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 8 September 2015 3:18 pm.

Tasmania Police have confirmed that a body recovered from the South Esk River at Perth on Friday afternoon is that of missing Launceston man, Ben Plowright. A post mortem examination conducted in Hobart yesterday confirmed Mr Plowrights identity.

Mr Plowright was last seen in Arthur Street at Perth on the evening of 30 May 2015. His body was located in the river on Friday afternoon by kayakers.

There are no suspicious circumstances in relation to the death of Mr Plowright.

His family have been advised of the results of the post mortem.

It would be appreciated if the privacy of Bens family could be respected during this difficult time, said Detective Acting Inspector Ruth Orr, Northern CIB.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Public safety warning on illicit drugs Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 7 September 2015 2:58 pm.

Tasmania Police has issued a public safety warning after five people were hospitalised after consuming illicit drugs in Smithton.

Taking illicit drugs is of course always dangerous for your health. However on separate occasions over the weekend, four men and one teenage girl were taken to hospital after each consumed a capsule of what they believed to be ecstasy, said Detective Inspector Kim Steven.

Soon after, each of them began to feel extremely unwell and their symptoms included dilated pupils, violent vomiting and unconsciousness, said Det. Insp. Steven.

Friends of those affected took them to hospital; all but one person was later released.

Each of the five people had purchased a clear capsule containing brown grains/powder. The capsules were purchased outside a licensed premises in Smithton around 8pm.

Investigations are continuing into the source of these drugs. Wed urge anyone not to consume any illicit substance, and in particular any capsules containing brown powder, said Det. Insp. Steven.

Anyone with information about these matters is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Firearm Incident Maydena Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 2 September 2015 5:26 pm.

Around midday today Police received a report that a man had been wounded near Maydena.

Ambulance officers contacted police because the man had received an accidental gunshot wound to the hand.

As a result the 78 year old man was transported to the Royal Hobart Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Police are continuing their investigation into this incident.

The public are reminded that firearms should be checked for safety and should be unloaded when transported, even if a trigger guard is in place.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Two charged with Trafficking Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 2 September 2015 2:20 pm.

Two charged with Trafficking

A 20 year old man and 20 year old woman from Devonport have been charged with Trafficking and other drug offences.

Following information received, uniformed police officers conducted a search of a property in Devonport early on Tuesday morning.

The man and woman were found to be in possession of a controlled substance, believed to be methamphetamine, and related drug paraphernalia.

Detectives from Western Drug Investigation conducted further examinations and interviews, and subsequently the pair were both charged with Trafficking in a controlled substance.

They were bailed to appear in Devonport Magistrates court.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Sunday, 06 August


TAS Burglary of Derwent Park Pharmacy Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 28 August 2015 8:52 am.

Overnight on Monday 24 August 2015 the Guardian Pharmacy at Derwent Park was unlawfully entered.

During the burglary around 300 boxes of prescription and over the counter medication were stolen. The medication was placed in white plastic bags from the pharmacy, the bags displayed the green recycling logo.

The medication is mainly of the cold and flu, and pain relief variety.

Police advise the medication stolen includes those which can only be supplied to patients after consultation with a pharmacist or medical practitioner due to their potential to cause significant harm.

Search CrimeView For OR519757

Search CrimeView For 61732881

Police are appealing for anyone that may have observed suspicious activity in the vicinity of the pharmacy or has been offered any medication to contact Glenorchy CIB on 61732881 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 quoting reference OR519757.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Suspicious fire at Seakist Lodge Ulverstone Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 12:42 pm.

At 6.00 am on Saturday 22 August 2015 Tasmania Police and the Tasmanian Fire Service responded to a structure fire at Seakist Lodge Beach Road, Ulverstone.

The fire was confined to one building. The cause of the fire has been determined as deliberate. Damage is estimated at $70,000.

Anyone with information in relation to the fire or who observed someone acting suspiciously in the area is asked to contact Devonport CIB or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Devonport Burglary and charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 25 August 2015 12:41 pm.

Overnight Friday 21 August 2015 a shed was unlawfully entered at a Devonport property. A quantity of firearms, chainsaws and a generator were stolen. The firearms had been stored in accordance with Firearms Legislation.

On Saturday 22 August 2015 police searched a Miandetta residence and recovered the firearms and generator.

Detectives from Devonport CIB have charged five people Burglary and Stealing and associated Firearms offences.

Police would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the public for their assistance in the speedy resolution of this matter.

It is timely to remind property owners to regularly check outbuildings and ensure they are secure. This assists to narrow the crime occurrence period and increases the chances of property being located.

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Saturday, 05 August


TAS Mattathyahu Inquest Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 24 August 2015 4:26 pm.

On Wednesday 19 August 2015 a property at Black Jack Road, Slopen Main, was declared a crime scene.

Detectives and forensic officers attended the property for two days. A number of samples were taken and several items were removed for further investigation.

The property was handed back to the occupants on Thursday afternoon.

The investigation into the disappearance of Mr Mattathyahu remains open and active. The seized items will be subject to forensic testing; its expected the results could take up to several months, said Detective Senior Sergeant David Richardson.

Anyone with information into the disappearance of Mr Mattathayu is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Risdon Prison Charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 24 August 2015 9:15 am.

Two male inmates arrested and charged with assault following a siege at the Risdon Prison Complex involving two Correctional Officers.

Shortly before 10:25am on Friday 21st August 2015 two male inmates housed in a maximum security unit have taken a male correctional officer hostage in a cell of the unit. The inmates were armed with homemade weapons. A second Correctional Officer negotiated the release of the Correction Officer being held, who was released and removed from the maximum security unit. The second Correctional Officer was then taken by the inmates and held against his will.

Further correctional staff attended the Maximum Security Unit where negotiations began with the inmates involved. Tasmania Police attended the scene, which peacefully ended at approximately 11:10am with the Correctional Officer being released. Minor physical injuries were sustained by both Correctional Officers involved.

Search CrimeView For 61732318

Inmates identified as being responsible for this incident where conveyed to the Hobart Police Station for investigation.

Two male inmates have been charged in relation to this incident with investigations continuing.

Police would like any member of the public who believed they may have relevant information are asked to contact Bellerive Criminal Investigation Branch on 61732318 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Kingston man charged with underage sex offences Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 21 August 2015 3:51 pm.

Following an extensive police investigation a 39-year-old man from Kingston was yesterday charged with sex offences against young people.

He is charged with:

Sexual intercourse with a young person under the age of 17;

Procure a young person to commit an indecent act; and

Indecent act directed at a young person under the age of 17.

The charges related to two female victims who are not related.

Police will allege that he had sexual intercourse with a young person between 2000 and 2003.

Police will allege that he sent text messages to one of the victims in 2013 and later involved her in an indecent act.

He was bailed to appear at Hobart Magistrates Court on 19 October, 2015.

Notes to editors

In order to protect the identities of the victims their ages will not be provided.

In order to protect the victims, no further details of the offences will be given.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Arson at Deak Street Gagebrook Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 21 August 2015 10:20 am.

Police investigate fire at Deak Street, Gagebrook

Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) responded to a house fire at 12 Deak Street in Gagebrook at 5:15am today.

TFS crews quickly extinguished the fire however the structure sustained extensive damage as a result.

There were no occupants in the house at the time of the fire.

The privately owned house was under renovation and had previously been damaged by fire. The latest damage is estimated at about $100,000.

Search CrimeView For 62684106

The fire has been determined suspicious and police are seeking assistance from anyone who has information that could assist the investigation.

Any information can be forwarded via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or direct to investigating police at Glenorchy CIB on 62684106.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Risdon Prison Investigation Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 21 August 2015 1:10 pm.

As is standard practice, Tasmania Police is conducting an investigation into the security incident at Risdon Prison this morning.

The incident was resolved without police involvement.

Those involved in the incident, as well as any witnesses, will be interviewed as part of the investigation.

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TAS Firearm Seized at Devonport Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 21 August 2015 10:03 am.

On Thursday 20th August 2015, a 25 year old man from Smithton, was intercepted for driving offences on Devonport Road, Devonport.

During a subsequent search of the vehicle, several firearm related items were located including a loaded shortened firearm.

The man was arrested and charged with driving and firearms offences including possessing a loaded firearm in a vehicle in a public place. He was bailed to appear in the Smithton Magistrates Court at a later date.

Police remain committed to taking illegal firearms out of circulation and off Tasmanian streets.

Police remind the public that unwanted or unregistered firearms can be handed into any Police Station under a permanent amnesty.

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TAS Vehicle Fire at Gibbons Street Wynyard Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 20 August 2015 9:55 am.

Just before 6.00am this morning, 20th August, Tasmania Police and Tasmania Fire Service attended a vehicle fire in Gibbons Street, Wynyard.

The vehicle was found to be well alight when crews arrived. The fire was quickly controlled but the vehicle sustained extensive damage to the storage compartment and the cabin.

Preliminary examinations of the vehicle suggest that it has been deliberately set on fire and as a result the scene has been secured and a fire investigator, forensic officer and members of CIB along with uniform officers attended to examine the scene.

Anyone who has information regarding this matter is asked to call Police on 131444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Myalla livestock shooting investigation Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 4:02 pm.

Tasmania Police are continuing to investigate the illegal shooting of livestock in Myalla in the States North-West.

In the last week 14 sheep have been shot dead.

There have been several incidents of sheep shooting in Myalla in recent months, with up to 70 animals killed.

The animals all belonged to one farmer.

Investigating officer, Acting Sergeant Cameron Little said:

This appears to be a callous and targeted crime.

Weve received some information and are following a couple of specific lines of enquiry.

Were conducting doorknocks in the area and asking anyone who has information that could help our investigation to come forward.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Arson Investigation at Primrose Sands Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 2:06 pm.

Police and Detectives from Bellerive CIB are conducting door knocks and inquiries in Primrose Sands today, following another suspicious fire on Midden Road, Primrose Sands last night.

At about 7.30pm emergency services were alerted to the dwelling fire, unfortunately the house was completely destroyed. The house was unoccupied at the time.

The fire appeared to have been started in similar circumstances to the other incidents over the past six weeks and police are keen to hear from the community as to what they have seen or heard in the area last night.

Police are once again encouraging residents and shack owners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or people in the area.

Search CrimeView For 61732318

This is a small community and these incidents are having an obvious impact. We are encouraging anyone with information, something theyve seen or heard; or something that just didnt seem right, to contact us on 61732318 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, said Detective Senior Constable Ben Duffey.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Burglary and stealing Glenorchy areas Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 17 August 2015 10:21 am.

Between the 10th and 16th August 2015 several business burglaries in the Glenorchy and Derwent Park areas have been reported.

Investigators have not determined whether the burglaries are linked, at this stage, however welding equipment and tools have been stolen.

Search CrimeView For 61732881

Of note a break down engine hoist (red in colour), 20 Tonne industrial bearing press (red in colour), three invertor/arc welders, post hole digger, ladders and oxy acetylene equipment have been stolen. The invertor welders are compact in design.

If anyone has any information relating to the theft of these items, they are asked to call Glenorchy CIB on 61732881, or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Aggravated Burglary and Stealing at Ravenswood Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 17 August 2015 11:21 am.

Detectives from Launceston CIB are following a specific line of enquiry following the report of an aggravated burglary and stealing at Toora Court, Ravenswood on Sunday morning.

It was reported that at about 4am on Sunday 16 August 2015 two masked male men unlawfully entered a dwelling in Toora Court, Ravenswood, and disturbed the 70 year old female occupant.

Search CrimeView For 67773911

One of the offenders has pushed the female to the floor and demanded money. The victim then produced cash, being the takings from her daughters Ravenswood Takeaway business. The man has also taken the keys to her vehicle which was later recovered undamaged in the St Leonards area. Police do not believe this was a random incident.

Anyone who may have knowledge of the offenders in this matter is asked to contact Northern CIB on 67773911.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Arrest relating to making Counterfeit money Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Sunday, 16 August 2015 5:40 pm.

As a result of investigations being made in relation to counterfeit money being circulated across the North West Coast, on Saturday the 15th August Detectives from Burnie CIB arrested and charged a 27 year old Burnie man for making counterfeit money, possessing counterfeit money, and possess material and instruments used for counterfeiting.

Detective Sergeant Bryan said, Detectives conducted a series of searches on a number of dwellings and motor vehicles over the past weeks.

During the searches, a number of counterfeit $50 notes were located along with equipment and materials used for the making of the counterfeit money.

The 27yr old Burnie man was arrested, charged and bailed to appear in the Burnie Magistrates court at a later date.

All counterfeit money detected and seized has been in $50 denominations.

Detectives are continuing investigations in relation to the making and distribution of counterfeit money and expect further charges to be laid.

Police are reminding members of the public who come into contact with suspect money to contact police.

Legitimate notes have a number of security features including a clear window with an embossed 50 visible from either side. When held to the light there is a seven pointed star, three points from one side and four on the other. Also when held to the light an image of the Australian Coat of Arms is visible under the printing. Legitimate notes are made of polymer, they have a different feel to the counterfeit notes and do not tear easily.

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Thursday, 03 August


TAS Police officer dismissed Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 14 August 2015 4:10 pm.

The Commissioner of Police has dismissed a Sergeant from the Tasmania Police Service.

The Southern District Sergeant was dismissed on 14 August 2015, after an internal investigation.

The investigation established that the Sergeant breached the Police Service Act Code of Conduct on numerous occasions, relating to conflicts of interest and investigative practices.

During the investigation the Sergeant initially performed non-operational duties, and was then suspended from duty on full pay.

No further comment will be made.

Scott Tilyard, Deputy Commissioner

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Counterfeit charges for Devonport three Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 14 August 2015 2:40 pm.

Police have charged three people from Devonport for using counterfeit $50 notes.

  • A 21-year old Devonport man has been charged with three counts of uttering (using) counterfeit money.
  • A 20-year-old Devonport woman has been charged with uttering (using) counterfeit money on two occasions.
  • A 24-year-old Devonport man has been charged with three counts of uttering (using) counterfeit money.

Two other men from Devonport (aged in their 20s) are being proceeded against by way of summons.

Devonport and Burnie Criminal Investigation Branches expect to lay further charges against other people as a result of their continuing investigations.

Detective Sergeant Michael Foster said:

A number of businesses and people have been affected by the actions of the offenders involved.

All counterfeit money detected has been in $50 denominations.

Members of the public who come into contact with suspect money are asked to contact police.

Legitimate notes have a number of security features including a clear window with an embossed 50 visible from either side.

When held to the light there is a seven pointed star, three points from one side and four on the other. Also when held to the light an image of the Australian Coat of Arms is visible under the printing.

Legitimate notes are made of polymer and have a different feel to the counterfeit notes and do not tear easily.

Anyone who has information about the use or production of counterfeit notes is asked to contact Tasmania Police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Devonport detectives charge man with Harris Scarfe robbery Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 14 August 2015 1:23 pm.

Detectives from Devonport have charged a 36-year-old man with robbery following an incident at the Devonport store of Harris Scarfe on Wednesday.

Police allege Daryl John Streets of East Devonport assaulted a female staff member as he attempted to leave the store in possession of stolen clothing.

Detective Senior Constable Felicity Boyd of Devonport CIB said: The staff member did not sustain serious injury but she was shaken by the incident.

Police also allege Mr Streets was responsible for a number of thefts from businesses in the Devonport area and subsequently charged him with 8 counts of stealing and 4 counts of unlawful possession of property.

Det. Senior Constable Boyd added: CCTV is a powerful investigative tool, helping us to identify offenders and link crimes.

And just the presence of the cameras can serve as a deterrent to those with criminal intent.

Search CrimeView For 64784036

He appeared in Court yesterday and was remanded in custody to appear again at a later date.

Police would like to speak with anyone who witnessed the robbery at Harris Scarfe and request they phone Devonport Criminal Investigation Branch on 64784036.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Third man charged with conspiracy Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 13 August 2015 9:15 am.

Detectives from Launceston CIB yesterday charged a Mowbray man with conspiracy in relation to the disappearance and suspected murder of Launceston man Christopher Dean Watkins.

Christopher Brewer-Parker aged 24, appeared in the Launceston Magistrates court last night in relation to this charge and was granted court bail to next appear on 7 October 2015.

Police will allege that Brewer-Parker conspired with others to pervert the due course of justice by deliberating providing false information during the police investigation.

This charge follows the arrest of two Launceston men last week who were also charged with conspiracy in relation to the 28-year-olds disappearance on August 7, 2013.

Mr Watkins was last seen at a Box Street unit in Mayfield in 2013.

Tasmania Police last week announced a $50,000 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to a prosecution in the case of Mr Watkins.

Anyone with information about Mr Watkins disappearance should contact Launceston police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Recovered property from Pipers Brook burglary Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 4:56 pm.

Detectives from Northern Criminal Investigation Branch are currently investigating a burglary in Pipers Brook, overnight 9 August 2015 to 10 August 2015, during which a significant amount of valuable property was taken.

Detectives have today conducted a number of raids across the Northern Suburbs resulting in the recovery of a substantial amount of that property.

A 31year old Newnham man is currently assisting police with their enquiries.

Police would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for their assistance with this matter.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Burglary at Valley Road Chemmart Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 10 August 2015 4:04 pm.

Police are asking for public assistance following a Business Burglary at Chemmart Pharmacy Valley Road Devonport in the early hours of Saturday morning, 8th August 2015.

Two offenders, believed to be men, have smashed the glass in the front door of the pharmacy and gained entry. The offenders have remained in the store for seconds before leaving taking nothing of value.

The offenders are described as being of average height and build wearing dark hooded jumpers and dark track suit pants.

Detective Phipps said, Investigators are following specific lines of inquiry in relation to the burglary however would like to speak to anyone who knows the identity of the offenders or who may have been in the vicinity of The Valley Road Chemmart Pharmacy at approximately 1am on Saturday.

Anyone with information can contact Devonport CIB 131 444 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The business owner in this case had done everything right in terms of their security, including alarms and CCTV. The offenders left quickly because of this. It is an example of the value of implementing good security measures, she said.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS West Launceston Sexual Assault Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 6 August 2015 9:30 pm.

This evening Launceston CIB have formally charged an 18 year old West Launceston man with Aggravated Burglary and Rape.

The charges relate to an alleged offender who was extradited from Victoria today.

The alleged offender will appear in the Launceston Magistrates Court at 11.30am on Friday 7 August 2015.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Conspiracy Charges for suspected murder of Christopher Watkins Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 7 August 2015 4:56 pm.

Launceston detectives yesterday charged two Launceston men with conspiracy in relation to the disappearance and suspected murder of Launceston man Christopher Dean Watkins.

Mr Watkins was last sighted in Mayfield on the evening of 7 August 2013, two years ago today.

Police will allege that both men (aged 22 and 23 years) conspired to pervert the due course of justice by deliberating providing false information during the police investigation.

Mr Watkins disappearance has been the subject of an intensive police investigation since his disappearance.

A $50,000 reward was offered last week for information leading to a prosecution in the case.

Detective Inspector King said: Both these men are alleged to have been living at the address at which Mr Watkins was last seen.

We allege that they have provided false information about the events of that night.

Investigations are ongoing and we anticipate additional charges against others as more information comes to hand.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Dangerous Driving Incident at Bathurst Street Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 7 August 2015 11:48 am.

A 32 year old Hadspen man was arrested on Thursday 6 August 2015 as a result of a dangerous driving incident on Bathurst Street, Launceston.

The man was the driver of a dark grey Nissan Patrol that was involved in a crash with a blue Subaru WRX at approximately 6.30pm; he was charged with dangerous driving and other traffic offences.

Police would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the crash, or observed either vehicle travelling on Bathurst Street prior to the crash occurring.

Anyone with information in relation to this incident can contact Detective Louise OConnor on 131 444.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Aggravated Burglary charges Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Wednesday, 5 August 2015 12:20 pm.

Two brothers from Lutana were apprehended last night by Detectives from Hobart and Glenorchy CIBs responding to reports of a residential burglary.

Using a vehicle description provided by a witness, Detectives from Hobart CIB located the vehicle and suspect at an address in Lutana.

Detectives recovered property worth over $2000 from the vehicle and residence.

The suspects brother was located by detectives from Glenorchy CIB at a residence on the Brooker Highway a short time later.

Both brothers have been charged with Aggravated Burglary.

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Wednesday, 02 August


TAS Armed Robbery Shorewell Park Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 4 August 2015 4:07 pm.

Armed Robbery in Burnie three men charged

Three Burnie men will appear in a special sitting of the Court of Petty Sessions tonight, two charged with two counts of aggravated armed robbery, and one with one count of aggravated armed robbery.

The charges relate to two alleged robberies at Pharmacy 1, Shorewell Plaza Burnie one allegedly committed about 9.20 am this morning, Monday 3 August 2015 for which all three were charged. The charges for the two men relate to the alleged armed robbery of the Pharmacy on 13 July 2015.

The men are unemployed and all reside in the Burnie area. They are aged 22 years, 26 years and 28 years.

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TAS Burglary Series at Longford and Epping Forest Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Monday, 3 August 2015 4:39 pm.

At about 8pm on Saturday the 1/8/2015 a white Ford Courier utility was used to steal a quantity of petrol form and Invermay Service Station. Enquires at the time established that this vehicle had just been stolen from Kings Meadows.

At about 11pm a burglary occurred at the Longford Convenience Store in Marlborough St, Longford. Offenders have forced entry and attempted to steal cigarettes. Two vehicles were seen leaving the scene a white Ford Courier utility and a silver Ford Festiva.

Then at about 1138pm the alarms were activated at the Epping Forest Road House. On attendance significant damage had occurred to the front of the business. CCTV footage shows a white Ford Courier utility ramming the building and a number of offenders entering and stealing items.

The Ford Courier was badly damaged but was driven from the scene at Epping Forest. The vehicles registration number is DP5036 and is still outstanding.

A number of police units were in the area soon after but the vehicle was not located.

Any information in relation to this matter can be reported to Launceston CIB or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Reward in Christopher Watkins case Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 31 July 2015 10:03 am.

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to a prosecution in relation to the 2013 disappearance of Mayfield man Christopher Watkins.

The reward is being offered because police now strongly suspect he was murdered.

The reward, announced ahead of this years national Missing Persons Week, is to encourage those who know further information to come forward.

Mr Watkins (aged 28) was last seen at a unit in Box St, Mayfield on the evening of 7 August, 2013.

Inspector John King said:

Our investigation has been ongoing since 2013.

We are pursuing a certain line of enquiry in relation to his disappearance.

We believe that it is likely that there was more than one person involved in committing and/or covering up this crime.

There are people out there who know what happened and who know who is responsible.

Were anticipating that with the passage of time and the inducement of this reward there will be people who may reconsider their choice to remain silent, he said.

National Missing Persons Week starts on Sunday 2 August, 2015. The theme this year is follow your instincts.

The week aims to dispel the myth that you have to wait 24 hours before reporting someone missing.

In Australia, a missing person is defined as anyone whose whereabouts are unknown, and there are immediate concerns for their safety and welfare.

There are a further eight missing person cases that Tasmania Police investigators are highlighting as part of the week:

  • Ben Plowright, aged 20, was last seen at about 9pm on 30 May, 2015 in Perth. Despite an extensive and ongoing police investigation no sign of Ben has been found.
  • Andrew Jarman, aged 35, was last seen in Latrobe on 19 August 2012. He did not return home from a bike ride.
  • David Sushames, aged 45, was last seen in Devonport on 1 November, 2005. He was reported missing after not contacting family or friends for four days which they considered highly unusual.
  • Geoffrey Hay, aged 66, was last seen in Devonport on 27 August 2013. Police attended a fire at his house on 28 August, 2013 which resulted in major structural damage. He was not located at the scene.
  • Paul Byrne, aged 34, was last seen leaving the Rossarden Club in Fingal Valley at 2am on 20 September 1996. Police believe it is likely he met with foul play.
  • Matthias Lehmann, aged 38, was last seen in Devonport on 5 August 2012. He is believed to have boarded the Spirit of Tasmania ferry bound for Melbourne and has not been seen since.
  • Lester Lee, aged 41, was last seen at Torquay Rd in East Devonport at about 8pm on 19 December 2004.
  • Joao de Ornelas, aged 76, was last seen at the Tahune Air walk in Geeveston at 2pm on 3 March, 2010.

Anyone who has information about any of the cases is asked to call police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

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TAS Shane Barker Murder 6th Anniversary Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 31 July 2015 10:04 am.

The murder of Shane Barker remains an open case for Launceston CIB and we continue to receive and examine information we receive.

Its now approaching 6 years since Shane Barker was murdered in his home. We want to bring the offender to justice and bring some comfort to Mr Barkers family.

We need someone to come forward and tell us what they know about the murder, and after 6 years perhaps circumstances have changed enough for someone to open up.

We encourage anyone who may have information about Mr Barkers death to contact us. It can be anonymously, through Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

Police still want information about an unidentified man who Shane Barker was seen talking to outside his home on the morning he was murdered.

In addition, A CCTV camera in the Campbell Town main street captured what police believe to be the vehicle driven by the unidentified man.

It was captured on camera at 10:30 on Sunday, 2 August 2009.

The vehicle is described as a white Toyota dual cab Hilux, with a white canopy and white sunraysia mag wheels. Model between 1997-2005.

A $50,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of those person(s) responsible for Mr Barkers murder also remains in place.

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Monday, 31 July


TAS Sexual Assault Investigation Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 30 July 2015 4:53 pm.

Launceston CIB is undertaking an investigation into the sexual assault of an elderly woman.

A man entered the womans West Launceston home about 1.40am Wednesday 29 July 2015 and assaulted her.

The victim is recovering with friends and is being provided with support.

Search CrimeView For 67773911

The man is described as of slim build, softly spoken with possibly an olive skin complexion. He was in an agitated state. He was wearing dark coloured clothing with a hooded top, said Detective Inspector John King.

Anyone who saw a man fitting this description in the area yesterday, or recognises the description, is asked to contact Launceston CIB on 67773911 or Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000, said Det. Insp. King.

Its timely to remind people to be mindful of home security, even when they are at home.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Suspicious Fires at Primrose Sands Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Thursday, 30 July 2015 2:26 pm.

Bellerive CIB is currently investigating three separate dwelling fires that have occurred in the Primrose Sands area in the last month.

The most recent fire occurred about 6.45pm Wednesday 29 July; a house in Gypsy Place was destroyed. This follows fires to a caravan on Primrose Sands Road and a house on Midden Road, both of which suffered extensive damage.

Acting Inspector Adam Mollineaux of Bellerive CIB said that police are treating the fires as suspicious, and officers are currently in Primrose Sands conducting enquiries.

Acting Inspector Mollineaux has appealed for public assistance: Primrose Sands is a small community and news travels fast. I would encourage anyone who has information that may assist our investigation to contact Bellerive CIB on 61732318 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Search CrimeView For 61732318

In particular, police would like to speak to the occupants of a silver Subaru Forester station wagon, approximately 2000 model, which was seen in Gypsy Lane at around 6.50 pm on Wednesday 29 July as they may be able to assist police with their enquiries.

Police have increased patrols in the area and Acting Inspector Mollineaux encouraged residents and shack owners to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or persons loitering around unoccupied dwellings to contact police immediately on 131444.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Armed Robbery Charges Laid Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 10:08 am.

A 36 year old man from Invermay will appear in Launceston Magistrates court this morning charged with Armed Robbery.

An incident unfolded yesterday, Monday, 27 July 2015, when the offender entered the Mulgrave Street Newsagency, South Launceston at approximately 3.15pm and demanded cash from the til.

The offender had covered his face and carried a large knife. He fled the scene in an older style Subaru wagon.

Detectives were able to trace to the offender to an address in Invermay, where he was arrested and detained for investigation.

Search CrimeView For police.tas


TAS Launceston burglar charged Search Results for TAS CrimeView

Friday, 24 July 2015 3:46 pm.

A 23-year-old West Launceston man has been charged following a series of eight business burglaries in Launceston last night.

He was charged with three counts of stealing, five burglaries and three attempted burglaries in relation to businesses in the CBD and Kings Meadows.

Some business windows were smashed and a quantity of cash was taken.

He will appear at the Launceston Magistrates Court on 2 September 2015.

Search CrimeView For police.tas

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Monday, 24 July

12:55 - check it out! WHEN

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Wednesday, 19 July


Sandy Bay Road Mile Marker On The Convict Trail

Much of the land around Sandy Bay was granted to settlers who had come from Norfolk Island in 1808. Many of the grants ranged from between 20 & 100 acres and most of them were fronting onto the Derwent River. The Government reserved the right to create roads across any of the land grants and as a consequence, a route was developed that enabled the Sandy Bay settlers to transport their goods and produce to Hobart. However, the track was just that, a track, and in inclement weather the track could become virtually impassable.

It took the Colonial authorities until 1835, after repeated petitions from the settlers, to begin to construct a proper road. A gang of convicts known as the Sandy Bay road party was assigned to perform the task. The convicts laboured for many years to construct the road and ended up continuing the road all the way through to Brown's River (Today's Kingston)

This old sanstone mile marker still survives on Sandy Bay Road and dates back to this period. It can be found on the western side of Sandy Bay Road to the south of Lambert Avenue. the inscription can still be seen on the marker and states that it is two miles to Hobart (approximately the spot where Elizabeth Street crosses over the Hobart Rivulet) from the Sandy Bay location.

An interesting sideline to the story of the construction of the road was that about 80 convicts who had been sent from Canada for participating in a rebellion against the authorities of the British colony of Upper Canada (today's Ontario) were assigned to work on the road construction in 1840. Many of them were ultimately pardoned in the late 1840's and the vast majority of them returned to North America.

A very interesting small piece of early colonial history.

Main Text & Information Source - 
"The Story Of Sandy Bay - Street By Street" - Donald Howatson 2016

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Monday, 29 October


2018 Environment Awards Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

The Bob Brown Foundation presented its 7th annual Environment Awards in Hobart today, honouring environmentalists from across the world and around Australia.

The awards were established in 2012 to acknowledge environmentalists campaigning to protect the natural world, with a particular focus on activism and a preparedness to confront environmental destruction head on.

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Tuesday, 18 July


Sustainable House Day, 17 September 2017 WHEN

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Monday, 10 July


Distressed assets, part 2 "IndyWatch Feed"

Following on from yesterday on Bernardi's political bottom-feeding:

What becomes of the broken-hearted

Bernardi has some capacity to make inroads into the Coalition, particularly the Liberal Party, but only after the Turnbull government has gone. Nobody, not even George Christensen, wants to do to the extant government what Jack Beasley or Vince Gair did to Labor back in the day. Bernardi may be able to lord it over the churchmice who run Family First, but there are limits to his political reach and skill.

In South Australia, losses at state and federal level will see out the Liberals. Pyne and Marshall are not strong enough to hold out for long against a concerted movement by both Bernardi and Xenophon, not even if Pyne shakes down defence contractors for campaign funds. Say what you will about Xenophon, but he's tougher, smarter, and more deft at both policy and tactics than Pyne. Every step Pyne took to the right to maintain his place under Abbott and survive all that sniping from Minchin is erased by Bernardi.

The Liberals in WA (the most right-wing division of the party) are in disarray, discredited after so long in state government and little to show for the boom but debt. WA's normally strident business community is weakened and cannot afford to antagonise the new state Labor government, nor discount the prospect of a federal one. Once Cormann is gone, and Dame Rachel Cleland dies, who will block Liberal ears to the siren call of AusCons?

Michael Kroger has almost succeeded in his life's work of ridding the Victorian Liberals of Hamerite moderates. Liberal preselections are beset by such dire candidates they make Sophie's Choice look straighforward. Whatever doubts Daniel Andrews may have are surely allayed by the unshakeable commitment by Kroger, Matthew Guy and Inga Peulich to douse their party in voter repellent. Once they lose three or four federal seats and get belted on Spring Street, they will embrace Bernardi like the old VFL used to snaffle Magarey Medallists - especially if Bernardi gets Bolt on board.

The ACT Liberals are pretty much Bernardi people anyway. Zed is one good lunch away from throwing in his lot with Bernardi, or he'll lose to the Greens and the party structure will switch to AusCons bag and baggage. The NT's CLP might take a detour via Hanson but they will end up in his camp sooner or later.

All of the above scenarios, and the ones in the preceding post, show the one thing required for Bernardi to succeed politically: a vacuum.

In Tasmania, Abetz and Lambie will see off Bernardi. As the Hodgman government fades, a conservative may appear who doesn't like Abetz and won't play second-fiddle to Lambie, and may turn to Bernardi: there are too many variables for that to even postulate now.

The Queensland LNP was formed to secure state government, keeping control in gnarled rustic hands while presenting a civil face...

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Friday, 07 July


Elizabeth St Townhouse, North Hobart On The Convict Trail

This imposing building is a pair of Georgian style townhouses that feature three floors and an attic area. They form a really interesting part of the Elizabeth Street streetscape in North Hobart.

The townhouses were built by Joseph Moir in the late 1840s and he rented them out. Moir worked in the building trade for many years before he opened an ironmongery business in Murray Street. Moir was a thoroughly enterprising man and he would go on the build the iconic Shot Tower at Taroona in 1870 and began his latest career producing lead shot.

Moir passed away in 1874 and the two townhouses were sold to George Salier who happened to live next door to the townhouses in todays 249 Elizabeth Street. Salier was a merchant and actually represented North Hobart in the House of Assembly between 1866 and 1886.


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Sunday, 02 July


Calling Transition-minded West Hobartians WHEN

Many supporters of WHEN and followers of this blog have heard of the international Transition Towns movement.  We have links to it on our webpage (like this one) if you'd like to learn more about it. The "why" page is worth checking out!

WHEN sees itself as part of this movement, albeit with our current involvement fairly fluid and nascent. We also link up and collaborate with several like-minded groups in the foothills of Mount Wellington and greater Hobart.

We recently received the email below from a new group in Victoria, inviting us to a fascinating conference aimed at building understanding and a national support hub for the movement, to be held in September. 

If you are vitally interested in this movement and in taking West Hobart forward in this area, we'd love to hear from you!  Do contact us in the first instance via email: and we'll send you the conference program outline.

Hi to all Transition and like-minded Sustainability groups in Australia,

We invite you to a Transition Communities National Summit on Wed 6 & Thurs 7 Sept 2017 at William Angliss Centre near Flagstaff train station in Melbourne, organised jointly by a fledgling Transition Hub Australia organising team and MAV (Municipal Association of Vic).

Every Council and Transition group in Australia is being invited to this conference. As well as a learning opportunity with a plethora of marvellous information, it is a crucial opportunity, through conference fees, for Transition to raise the money to create, develop and fund staff to start up an Australia-wide virtual Hub.

We understand that you and some other Transition volunteers may find difficulty in paying the conference fee from your own pocket. However, we urge you to see this payment as an investment in a vibrant and dynamic Transition movement future. You will note that Transition volunteers are being asked to cover only the cost of attendance and hence will pay less than half the fee charged for Councils. We hope that your group could approach your Council to request funds to support sending a Transition member. Or, perhaps your group might consider raising funds to allow attendance at the Conference.

Melbourne transitioners are very happy to billet people from interstate or regional Victoria.

This is the first summit of this kind. Please encourage your Council to send staff members and Councillors and we hope someone from your Transition group can attend.
Please look at the attached program and please circulate to all in your network who may be interested.
Also please join ...

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Thursday, 29 June


Gardening notes for July WHEN

Here are the July notes from Greg Summers:

JULY Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Broad Beans (2nd planting) Takes a month to show x x x x
English Spinach (no punnets - direct seeding only) x x x x
Shallots/Spring Onions x x x x
Small Cabbages - punnet into ground x

Small Cabbages - direct seeding x

Mini Cauliflower "Garant" - punnet into ground x x x x
Lettuce - direct seeding x x x x



Lettuce - punnet into ground when ready x x x x

Keep warm and happy gardening.


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Sunday, 25 June


Another Winter Festival Tasmanian Gothic

Dark Mofo finished last weekend but that's not the only festival that brightens up a Tasmanian winter.


It was a chilly evening, but a large group of people turned out at Cornelian Bay for the Multicultural Council of Tasmania's celebration of Refugee Week. 

Earlier this month I spent two Sundays at the Red Cross office in Melville Street with a horde of enthusiastic lantern-making volunteers. 

Naomi, designer, instructor, and terrifyingly efficient person, managed to organise a motley crowd of all ages and levels of ability wielding strips of gaffer tape, five-metre lengths of cane, and various sharp implements in a confined space.

The following weekend we came back and worked with buckets and brushes of glue, grease-proof paper and lots of people milling around in the same confined space. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, somehow nobody ended up seriously injured or wallpapered to the ceiling, nobody put their foot in a bucket of water, and we succeeded in transforming cane and paper into five big lanterns a leafy sea dragon, lighthouse, sea turtle, dove and pelican.

I've been looking forward to seeing them in action and tonight it happened. Here are the pictures:

the choir

ready for the onslaught


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Friday, 23 June


Christ Church, Longford On The Convict Trail

The first Church on this site was begun in 1829. The district, which comprised the plain to the north and east of the Western Tiers, watered by the South Esk and its tributaries, was named "Norfolk Plains," because its first settlers were a number of farmers compulsorily removed from Norfolk Island when the settlement there, founded by Captain King to supply Sydney with food, was abandoned by order of the Government in England. Some of the inhabitants were transferred to the Tamar in 1808, and granted land in this district.

Not till 1813 and onwards, when the Archer family came from England and were granted large areas of land and introduced merino sheep, did the district begin to prosper. In 1824, Lieutenant Governor George Arthur became Governor of Van Diemens Land and he despaired that the whole population of the interior was in utter darkness destitute of religious instruction and he listed Norfolk Plains among the regions requiring to hear the Word of the Lord.

In 1826 Governor Arthur appointed Mr. W. P. Weston as a catechist and to conduct regular services. The first known visit of a clergyman was that of the Rev. James Norman of St, John's Launceston on 12th Sept. 1827 but in 1828 the Rev. R. R. Claiborne started the "Norfolk Plains Grammar School," and was available for services. It was now decided to build a Church, as a clergyman was expected to arrive for the district from England in 1830.

The Government gave the site, the area of which was later fixed at 8.5 acres, and also provided the bricks and other materials for the building itself, while the inhabitants supplied the fittings, which cost 190, including an early form of harmonium, called a Seraphine. This was placed at the back of a gallery behind curtains, in front of which sat the convicts employed in the district, their shackles clanging as they entered and departed. The Church, which was named St Augustines, is said to have had a seating capacity of 400; but this seems to have been impossible, even when taking into account the large gallery.


Gonski 2.0 will deliver more for Tasmanian schools "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie secured more than $23 billion in additional funding for Australian schools with her vote on Gonski 2.0.

This package is what Gonski should have always been, she said.

Its not perfect, but its a big improvement, and thanks to the negotiating of the crossbench, its been improved even more.

Some of the changes negotiated by Senator Lambie and her colleagues include:

More funding being spent faster and under-funded schools will now have the proper resources to teach their students
Nearly $50 million in additional funding over the next twelve months to help Catholic and independent schools transition
A National School Resourcing Body to review the models rollout, that will guarantee transparency and accountability.

I have fought for and delivered a special, additional $20 million in funding for Tasmanian schools, to absorb the cost of transitioning to the new model, and to supplement disability funding and funding for Tasmanian literacy and numeracy programs, Senator Lambie said.

This is on top of the additional $594 million Tasmanian schools will receive from the Commonwealth over the next 10 years.

This has set a foundation thats faithful to David Gonskis vision for needs-based funding.

Its a chance now for Labor to invest into a system that puts the most money where there is the most need not just the most votes.

And if theyre genuine in wanting to invest more for our schools, Ill back them too.

Theres more to be done, but this is a step in the right direction.

The post Gonski 2.0 will deliver more for Tasmanian schools appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.

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Wednesday, 14 June


DARK MOFO 2017 - I make my debut as a performer Tasmanian Gothic

Two Performances

Imagine. You are brought to an open field on the edge of an island on the edge of the Southern Ocean. In the centre of the field stand eight rows of black plastic chairs in a cleared rectangle of dark earth but you are not invited to sit. Your group, people you have never met, assembles in a semicircle around the chairs. It is long past midnight. The moon, just past its full, slides behind a dark cloud. You can hear waves breaking on the beach. Nobody speaks. You begin to wait.

Lights are bobbing across the field, approaching. A chant, distant on the breeze: One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. The voice calling cadence is cracked, the timing irregular. A cloud passes and sudden moonlight reveals a ragged column of people, four abreast, not shuffling, but not marching either; no-one could march to that uneven beat. The crowd parts to let them through and the caller falls silent. 

Quietly, people file in to occupy the chairs, and now you see they are old. Senior citizens in their night clothes, dark dressing gowns over regulation striped pyjamas, grey hair escaping from identical black beanies. Grandmothers and grandfathers dragged from their institutional beds to confront the Hour of the Wolf in a windswept field. Another cloud drifts across the moon as the lights go out. Waiting resumes.

There is a click, tentative. Another, hesitant. A third, then a rising clatter of percussive sound. Sparks flash between the ancient fingers. Seventy two pairs of wrinkled hands, seventy two pairs of quartz pebbles from the seashore rise and fall. A rhythm builds, accelerates, breaks apart, a new one forms. Light follows shadow as clouds obscure and reveal the waning moon. The clack of rock striking rock goes on, and on, relentless as the waves striking the beach. Patterns of light and sound are mesmerising, primal. The old folk are absorbed in their pointless occupation, striking sparks from stones. Minutes pass, become an hour.

A shock when the noise suddenly ceases. Carefully, reverently, the performers place their white stones on the dark soil in front of them, rise and file silently away. The caller resumes - One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four; a better cadence this time. As the column vanishes into the darkness you are left with the moonlight and the ocean.

A passing speedboat shatters the mood.

It's winter again, and that means Dark MoFo, Hobart's feast of noise and light, of music, film, theatre, art exhibitions and amazing food. The performance on Bruny Island was Empty Ocean, Mike Parr's latest creation. I was one of the seventy two participants.

At MONA a new exhibition opened on Saturday  The Museum of Everything. It is a maze of gallery spaces chock full of sculpture and painting created by so-called outsider artists, by artists who are intent on expressing their opinions and emotions regardless of prevailing movements and fashions in contemporary art. Here are no self-conscious intellectuals rebelling against their art-school training; these artists are totally serious and sincere. For many of them theories of art, traditional art making materials and techniques, and often the entire art world, are si...

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Saturday, 10 June


January 2014 Kitchen Garden Guide Vegetable Vagabond

Despite this week of real summer heat, the previous months of cold, wet and windy weather means that many of us are having trouble with our summer vegetables. I have self-sown miners lettuce, a cold season, salad green, coming up in my garden now when it normally comes up in autumn. There is not much we can do about the weather so I have decided to move on to attending more to the soil and to sowing winter vegetables.

Observe and Interact

This is the first principle of Permaculture. I have observed the weather and my garden and decided to take some action to work with, rather than against, nature.
Here is what I am doing to areas of my food garden that I have decided are never going to produce a worthwhile crop this summer. It is a ruthless decision but a good one. Excellent vegetables are available from our wonderful, organic, local market gardeners and small green grocers and I will still hope that my tomatoes will produce.
1.   I push over all the plants so they lie in the one direction, flat on the ground. Then, using a sharp spade, I chop it all up and leave it on the ground, weeds and all (as long as they are not seeding).
2.   I then sprinkle lime plus ash from the fire over as most of our Tasmanian soils are acidic and most of the winter veg we grow like alkaline soil. Ash also adds potassium and trace elements but has no calcium. Lime has calcium.
3.   If you have homemade compost you can add it next. If not, then do not worry.
4.   The next layer, when broken down, adds organic matter to a thin or hard soil, and is lucerne hay (Available locally. See her advert. in this paper). It is expensive but full of nutrients and you dont need a thick layer. Pea stray would be great too. If you really dont want to buy these, then newspaper could substitute, especially if your soil is already lovely and friable. Wet the layers of paper well as you go.
5.   Then, separated from the lime by the lucerne or paper, I add mushroom compost or cow manure or pelletised chicken manure or sheep manure. (Manure should not be mixed with the lime or nutrient take up is affected. By the time the paper / lucerne breaks down, the lime has dissolved into the soil).
6.   I will then add a thin layer of mulch such as ordinary straw. This keeps the soil life from the extremes of temperature as they break down the layers below.
7.   Water well as you assemble the layers. That way any f...


June 2017 Kitchen Garden Guide Vegetable Vagabond

It has been a topsy-turvy autumn and some of the plants in my garden are confused. The forsythia is flowering as was the philadelphus and there are a few flowers here and there on fruit trees. The ABC Landline forecast for winter in our area is for warmer than average day and night temperatures with a 50% chance of average rainfall. Warmer winter averages affects fruit set of anything requiring winter chill.

The Chill Factor

Cold sweetens vegetables such as chicory. The multitude of chicories in my garden are at their most delicious from now until September. They truly are also one of the most beautiful plants in the winter vegetable garden. For information and photos please look at the Gardenista website and search for chicory. Glorious!
Cold winters ensure a good crop of apples, cherries and pears which have a chill factor, which means they require a certain number of hours below 7C to ensure an even bloom period. However, during mild winters, as is forecast this year, the chilling requirement may not be met and could result in uneven bloom, and hence uneven pollination and less fruit set. The table below suggests the chill hours required by various fruits. Of course within, for example, apples, there are hundreds of varieties, each differing slightly in its requirements but this table gives a general guide.
Apple 300 - 1200
Chestnut 400 - 750
Apricot 300 - 1000
Almond 400 - 700
Cherry 500 - 800
Walnut 400 1500
Fig 100 - 500
Avocado NONE
Grapes 100 - 500
Citrus NONE
Kiwi 400 - 800
Pear 150 - 1500
Peach 150-1200


May 2017 Kitchen Garden Guide Vegetable Vagabond

Late autumn is my favourite time of year in the kitchen garden. The harvesting and preserving pressures are finished, seeds have been collected and stored and the sowing and planting pressures of spring are months away. Now is the time to work on the soil, to reshape beds, to make compost, to prune, to make hugels, to protect tender plants and to sit on the verandah in the sun and watch the light as it changes day by day. Brassicas will be flourishing, Chilean guavas and cape gooseberries can be picked by the handful as you pass by, grape leaves are turning and apples arriving. Life is good.


Energy is everywhere and now is the time to think about how to make your life attuned to capturing and storing it. In a handful of seeds is the energy to start a whole seasons food. In a bale of hay is the energy from a years pasture growth, ready to decompose and feed the microbes in your soil, which in turn feed your food garden. In a jar of fermented pickles are the fruits of a plants labour and millions of bacteria all working to provide your gut with life and energy. In a brick fireplace is stored the energy from the heat of firewood; trees that have grown for many years, capturing energy enough to warm us all winter. In water is the energy of life, without which nothing on earth can live.
Which is the opposite of wasting energy - by driving cars out of your zone to get food, by draining your land instead of harnessing the water, by burning piles of prunings instead of making hugels, by throwing away your food scraps instead of making compost, by buying food brought from other lands, by using up oil reserves (eg in cling film, disposable bags, foam trays) we should be saving for important uses like saving lives.
We are all worried about climate change. We are all the reason it exists. Therefore, only we can be the solution. By turning our thinking around we can all do it; by catching and storing energy instead of wasting it. Refuse packaged fruit and vegetables. Shop locally, really locally, starting in your backyard and those of your neighbours and friends. Then into your most local market and small, ethical shops. Eat what is there! Read books like The Food Clock by Fast Ed Halmagyi to help bring the joy of the seasons into your kitchen, your life and the future of humanity! It is not an exaggeration, dear reader. No excuse is good enough not to start today. It also brings such a joy of living and relieves so much stress just by changing ones mindset.


I think pumpkins must be the most celebrated vegetables in the world because everywhere you travel, there seems to be an autumn pumpkin festival. The shapes, sizes, colours and textures make us laugh with delight and the flavours can vary enormously from the French chestnut flavoured potimarron to the sweetest futsu and the crazy, knobbly Galeaux dEysines. Competitions for the heaviest pumpkin have brought fame to growers far and wide. I saw some of the most beautiful craft, using pumpkins, in a French pumpkin festival. Check out Victorias annual festival at a tiny place with the incredible name of Collector.
And so I hope to encourage you to plan your pumpkin growing area now, browse seed catalogues, buy seed early and prepare yourselves for entering the fun of next autumns Cygnet Pumpkin Festival. Schools, clubs, families, individuals one and all, are invited. Details will emerge and grow, now that the seed of the idea has germinated!

Weeds and more

Many people in Europe still forage, not just for mushrooms, but for winter herbs and greens and roots which are native to their lands. Many of them grow wild in our gardens but we silly Australians pull them out, calling them weeds and give them to the chooks, who happily devour them because they are not so prejudiced! There is an excellent Australian book called The Weed Foragers Handbook, which I highly recommend. Soon, you will be eating from the garden without planting anything at all!

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Thursday, 08 June


The Falls in Winter Tasmanian Gothic

Winter in Tasmania is THE BEST time to go walking; the days are short, but the sun shines and the sky is blue. There is a crispness in the air that makes you want to get out and stretch your legs.

Today's stroll from Bennetts Road to Kermandie Falls along the old Hartz Track certainly stretched everything.

Here is the walk description from the Hobart Walking Club circular:
This is the middle section of the historic Kermandie Track which goes from Geeveston to Hartz Peak. Damaged forestry roads have been a problem so our approach to this middle section ending at Kermandie Falls will be from Bennetts Road going downhill to the falls. When we are feeling weary, we will return uphill to the cars. The track goes through magnificent forest with mosses, fungi and even lyrebirds. The final kilometre of the track has a number of fallen trees to negotiate but the forests and the falls make it all worthwhile.

Every word of it is true, right down to the lyrebirds - not only spotted crossing the road as we drove into the forest, but keeping us entertained with a rich variety of melodious calls.

plunging into the forest from Bennetts Road

Many of the logs we encountered had been cut nicely - but many more had not. For some reason every photograph I took of people climbing over logs had a bad case of camera wobble, so you'll just have to believe me when I tell you much of the walk consisted of crawling under or scrambling over fallen logs of varying degrees of slipperiness and complexity.

A stretch of cutting grass and mud

Some very soggy button grass


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Saturday, 27 October


Friends of FM November 2018 Launceston City Park Radio


Reg A Watson, Frank Madill, Chris Sayer.

A new book Historic Snippets of Tasmanias Past was launched recently at the City Park Radio. Written by Tasmanian historian and author, Reg. A. Watson, it was launched by Dr Frank Madill AM.
It is a collection of 64 short stories of the States heritage. Reg has a regular history spot on Hobart FM Radio which is aired three times a week. He has now recorded 80 stories which go State-wide. He has put a collection of these in book form.There is a never ending source of stories, said Reg. I intend to have a Volume Two later in 2019

Among the 64 stories are historical events, characters such as Errol Flynn and Bruce Goodluck, artists, convicts, bushrangers, buildings, Governors, churches and synagogues. There are stories highlighting our military past from The Anglo-Boer War to Vietnam and in between. A number of colonial artist are included such as Thomas Bock, Henry Mundy and Henry Gritten plus others.

Frank Madill is of course well known for his love of Tasmania and spoke highly of Regs contribution to our States heritage.
This is Regs 18th book, having his first book called Historic Tasmanian churches in Van Diemens Land published in 1975. His first article was published in October 1969 in the old Saturday Evening Mercury.
In his address Reg said, In this industry one can write until ones pen drops.

Tales from Tassies history is heard three times a week on City Park Radio  Sunday Breakfast 7.20, Wednesday Long Lunch 12.30 and Friday Drivetime 6.20pm.

Download snail mail newsletter HERE

Download November program schedule HERE



The Story of Charlotte is an acapella musical seeking to debunk the mythology that Charlotte Badger was Australias first female pirate.

Written by local author Jenna Carole, this production was performed and recorded our Studio D.

Writing for narrator and an all-female cast, Jenna says the idea for the show that Charlotte was a pirate was written in some history books but it is highly likely she wasnt.

That she was a pirate may not be a true, but Charlottes life is a bloody good story

The Story of Charlotte is the very first public and radio performan...

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Wednesday, 31 May


Claremont House On The Convict Trail

For the first century of its life, Claremont House was owned by wealthy and powerful merchants, businessmen, politicians, a Captain in the English Army and an Australian Test Cricket Captain.  Claremont House was a grand mansion, located on top of a hill looking down on its surrounding 734 acres of land.

John Pascoe Fawkner, one of the co-founders of the city of Melbourne, was the first owner of the land on which Claremont House resides.  Originally part of a 90 acre grant, Faulkner offered the land for sale in 1819  Henry Bilton settled in Van Diemens Land in 1825 and acquired all of Fawkners land in 1826.  Bilton used the land for its convenience to his extensive business interests in Hobart town and pastoral interests in the north of the state.  Bilton was a member of the Political Association in 1835 and elected to Glenorchys first council in 1864.  He was warden of the council from 1868 to 1874. Bilton lived on the property from the late 1840s.

By this time he had built many structures and in the 1848 census it is recorded that he lived in a rendered brick house, with a household of 14 which included 3 convicts and 1 ticket-of-leave holder. It is believed that the original house was a two storey Georgian residence with two rooms on the ground and two rooms above with a central hallway and staircase.  The ground front windows and upstairs doors and frames are from the original fabric of the house.  Within the roof cavity, areas of the original shingles remain where they have been roofed over with iron.  The external fabric is a rendered struck joint brick to resemble stone.

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Sunday, 28 May


What's happening in the garden - June WHEN

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE ...

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Thursday, 11 May


Leo Albert Kelly and the Three Days Darkness hobART

Part of Kelly's rock collection,
many of them labelled with
hand-engraved metal tags.
A few years ago, the British artist Lindsay Seers and Queenstown-based Raymond Arnold visited the reclusive Leo Albert Kelly in his Queenstown home, videoing the tour of his extraordinary self-built corrugated iron house, complete with circular chapel and observatory. During their visit, Kelly revealed a great number of paintings and his collection of found objects - the full extent of which was only discovered on his death shortly after.
The resulting video was shown as part of Seers installation, Suffering, at The Unconformity festival last month alongside Kellys many paintings and collections of memorabilia, rocks and other ephemera. It was exhibited in the Queenstowns Uniting Church building and Country Womens Association hall. While the once devoutly Catholic Kelly would have probably rolled in his grave at the thought, the hall provided the perfect architectural environment for Seers replica iron house and video, which looked like it was shoehorned into the main hall. Kellys paintings also suited this humble environment perfectly, hung against the roughly hewn, white-painted wooden interior of the rear hall and kitchenette. Seers creative edit of the video (which included interviews with local residents, images of the landscape, and even the building that burnt down next to the CWA only three weeks before the opening) was interesting, but it left me wanting more information on Kellys life and work.

Lindsay Seers' installation, 2016.

Leo Kelly, 'Satan's Hand'.

Kelly left the church when Catholicism didnt match his opinions (such as the rapture thats supposedly due to occur in 2018), and he had a falling out with a local pr...

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Thursday, 04 May


Higher Education reform a burden for students "IndyWatch Feed"

The Liberal Governments proposed Higher Education Reform may not be fee deregulation, but it still has the effect of driving up fees for students, Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has said.

Students should not have to bear the brunt of Budget Repair when gas companies are getting away with paying no tax and no royalties. We are a rich enough country that we can afford to give our young people their first degree free, Senator Lambie said.

The $2.8 billion in savings over the next four years that Senator Birmingham is spruiking will primarily be taken from students.

The close to $4000 hike in student fees will deter potential students from chasing their career goals, with disadvantaged groups being the biggest loser from these reforms, Senator Lambie said.

Senator Birminghams $140 million a year investment in rural-regional students will not make up for the $2.8 billion burden the Liberal Government plans to put on the shoulders of students.

Dropping the repayment threshold to $42,000 from $52,000 is more proof of how out-of-touch the Liberal Government is. Anyone who has spent any time on a salary that low knows there is no spare cash floating around to start repaying their HECS debt, Senator Lambie said.

This is just another of the Liberal Governments make the rich richer, and the poor, poorer scheme.

If the Prime Minister was serious about his Innovation Agenda, he would include free university education, because a good education has high economic returns for Australia in the years to come.

We know it works its been done before, Senator Lambie said.

The post Higher Education reform a burden for students appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.

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Tuesday, 02 May


Not now. Vegetable Vagabond

I have written so many times about the joys, the necessities, the history and many more topics relating to seeds. I dont think I have ever before written about the chaos of my own seeds! I have a cupboard devoted to seeds and a fine filing system for keeping them in order. I have another shelf for seeds that are drying and nice little bags and vials for storing them in, once dry. I have a wonderful garden that always has a few of my favourite vegetables going to seed. I have everything a seedsaver could want! So why are my seeds a mess and why am I constantly stressed about it?

The short answer is that seeds do not magically move from plant to filing cupboard. It happens more like this: I see that one or more plants has grown tall and lanky, has finished flowering and it is growing a wonderful crop of green seeds. The seeds get heavier and heavier as they grow. Everyday I think to myself I must go and tie it up to a stake so it does not flop over its neighbours. Everyone elses gardens are so tidy but I seem to have a constant stream of plants adorned with magnificent seeds that make me smile but make others see only chaos. One day I do tie them up with brightly coloured, hay bale twine.. everyone else seems to have eco-friendly, designer twine and home made stakes!


It looks like rain. I must collect those seeds now, before the downpour. In the middle of getting the washing off the line I rush to the door, grab the nearest container and the secateurs, and in a few minutes I have removed the branches of seeds and plonked the whole thing into the bucket. Then I return to taking the rest of the washing off the line.

Weeks later the stems and seeds are still in the bucket but hey, it is all dry and all is good. Sometimes I even remember to label the seeds and include the collection date! Hmmmm. sometimes I dont but I am pretty good at recognising seeds, except when they are identical, like kale vs broccoli or one lettuce vs another.


One day I put something on top of the bucket that is home to the stems and seeds. Big mistake; out of sight, out of mind. Months go by and it is seed sowing time again and I was sure I had collected the seeds but they are illusive! Well, actually it doesnt matter because hey, they have self-sown themselves into the garden anyway. Nice.

Then I start saving tomato seeds on paper towel and capsicum seeds into little cups. The whole kitchen becomes a seed drying zone. I want to eat lunch so do not always label the paper towel of tomato seeds I removed before turning the tomato into a salad. Same with the capsicum seeds.

Can you get the idea?

I look into my lovely seed cupboard and try to find space for a stack of paper towels dotted with dry tomato seeds. No room on the right shelf so I put the stack on the shelf below. Bad idea but I cannot sort it out now! Months and years go by.. until now.


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Sunday, 30 April


Old Shag Bay Fertilizer Factory Site On The Convict Trail

A while ago, I went for a wander around the trail at Shag Bay and saw the remains of some industrial business that had taken place in the area. I was able to find out that it had been a type of bonemill/fertilizer business that had suffered an industrial accident in the early part of the 20th century. Unfortunately I hadnt had the chance to search for detailed information but recently I came across this great article by John & Maria Grist in a recent online copy of Tasmanian Geographic. Hope you will enjoy this article about a part of Hobart history that isnt very well known.

Recycling at Shag Bay by John & Maria Grist

Long before the words reduce, re-use, recycle had ever been spoken, a small company on Hobarts eastern shore decided to make use of waste materials, provide a useable resource, and turn a small profit as well.

Of course, in the early days Hobart, like any other city, produced much in the way of organic waste, which if left to itself would cause a nuisance, as well as constituting a significant health hazard. These materials included items such as butchers waste, dead animals, offal, fish scraps, and of course the ubiquitous night soil, which was collected from houses and taken away by hardy workmen in those pre-plumbing days. From at least 1885, the Anglo-Australian Guano Company produced bone dust out of butchers waste at their plant in Shag Bay, near Risdon, and sold it as a fertiliser. Shag Bay was better known as Bonemill Bay at that time. The company also produced guano and sulphate of ammonia. The proprietor of the company was Mr. Chapman. The companys offices were located at Salamanca Place, Hobart.

The Tasmanian Fertiliser Company took over from the A. A. Guano Company around 1907. In 1909 the manager of the Bonemill was George Byworth Russell. George was the first of several members of the Russell family associated with the site. The Russell Brothers were manufacturers of fish manure. Their company joined forces with H. C. Buchanan and Co. (Hugh Campbell Buchanan) to form the Tasmanian Fertiliser Company. They started off in a similar manner to their predecessor, treating items such as butchers refuse, but later expanded thei...

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Thursday, 20 April


April 2017 Kitchen Garden Guide Vegetable Vagabond

When sitting down to write, at 5.30am on the Monday of the week of my monthly garden guide, I look back at what I have written in previous years at this time. April, more than any other, seems to be the month full to the brim with the wonderful joy of food gardening. Topics from the last few years include deep hay, garlic, self-sown winter vegetables, the 3 stages of eating beans, what to do now to keep your fennel producing, broad beans, onions, harvesting sunchokes, bio-char, picking pumpkins, fungi and your soil, lacto-fermented pickling and so much more. I would like these, and all the 5 years of my garden guides, to be available for everyone to peruse so I will slowly be adding them to my blog Vegetable Vagabond, where they will be easily found.

The perennial food garden, expanded

I have patches of food throughout my whole garden, for several reasons. First and foremost because many plants are social creatures and benefit from mixing it with other, complementary friends. This is called companion planting and also permaculture guilds. That is a topic in itself for another day. Second, when something dies down, why not have something else popping up there for a while? Why not have daffodils amongst your sunchokes or scatter coriander seeds amongst your asparagus as it dies down? In my garden, marigolds, rocket and the little, native Tasmanian violets pop up everywhere there is space, all by themselves.
Here are some vegetables that you only have to plant once but can harvest year after year and amongst whom you can dot some flowers or herbs or quick growing greens, for use after the main crop dies down.
         Horseradish- some people say it can become invasive but mine never has and I wish it would as there is nothing more delicious than hot, roasted vegetables, straight out of the oven, with freshly picked horseradish root grated over. Or, grate it and immediately pack into small jars, with a little salt. It keeps in the fridge for years! Dont screw up your nose until you have tried it as fresh horseradish is so much deeper in flavour than the stuff in jars. Once you have dug, harvested and replanted your horseradish roots a bit later in autumn, you could plant a quick-growing Asian green like bok choy or mizuna or flowers such as alyssum, which will self-sow as well.
         Multiplier onions - Walking onions and potato onions I love these because I am a lazy gardener who eats from the garden everyday and they provide all year round as well as multiplying at the same time. Lucky us! Some multiplier onions are also known as walking onions because they form a cluster of little onion bulbs in the summer, on a seed stalk. As autumn sets in, the stalk bends over and the already-sprouting bulbs touch the soil and root. So, after a while, your permanent onion area slowly expands! These onions make terrific spring and early summer green onions and as the patch expands, I pull some up to use as well. You could have them in your asparagus patch or you could plant some in flower beds.
Potato onions also make top-set bulbs, but the great thing about them is that they also make a nest of rather large onions underground. Some are as large as smaller storage onions. They taste great a...


March 2017 Kitchen Garden Guide Vegetable Vagabond

As we move into March, many trees are telling us autumn has begun, while we all hope for some steady, warm days to ripen our tomatoes. At least the wind has abated!


The recent Koonya Garlic Festival has put garlic at the forefront of my mind and I will be preparing beds this week. I went to 3 talks at the festival, all with excellent advice on growing, eating and storing garlic. What it comes down to is that, whatever garlic cultivars you choose to grow, the state of your soil will determine how well the flavour develops. The growth of the bulb itself will be determined by soil and weather.
Garlic does not need a lot of fertility but it needs humus (well rotted organic matter) and for the soil microbes to be well fed. Here is what I am going to do:
1.   Dig to a spades depth and loosen any clumps
2.   Dig in plenty of aged sheep manure (cow would be even better, I am saving my compost for brassicas and other greens)
3.   Dig in a well known, pelletised seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure product available in large buckets. Seamungus.
4.   Really concentrate on improving the structure of the soil, with elbow and back grease!
5.   Mention was made of lactobacillus bacteria so I might dilute some kefir or pickle juice and pour it over!
6.   Water, mulch and leave, or sow a quick green manure.
7.   Plant out at times according to what garlic you have.

The planting, harvest and storage times depend on the cultivars you grow. I will be planting my 3 cultivars from late March onwards. I cannot reproduce all the information here but I suggest you search online for Tasmanian Gourmet Garlic and a book called Garlic.

March in the Tasmanian vegetable garden

Brassicas grow wonderfully in the cold and they are so healthful for our bodies during winter. Use them in winter soups, stews and warm salads. I love a plate of cooked kale, with scrambled eggs on top. There are hundreds of varieties from all over the world. European brassicas include broccolis, cauliflower, cabbages, collards, Brussels sprouts and all the kales etc.  My tips for growing these are...


February 2017 Kitchen Garden Guide Vegetable Vagabond

It has been a blustery summer thus far and many days that I intended to garden were instead spent visiting friends, painting my bedroom or cooking up a storm in my kitchen. Nevertheless I have enjoyed myself and my food garden is in pretty good shape.

Pear and cherry slug

If you see tiny little black worms on the leaves of your pears, cherries, quinces and even plums and the leaves are turning brown and crisp, you have this slug. A simple control is to spray the entire tree with a mist of water then throw ash or lime all over it. Do this a couple of times and they will be desiccated. Try to stand up-wind!

Managing wind

Tomatoes: I have not tied up my tomatoes as they do not like wild wind ripping through their foliage. My tomatoes and lying all over the thick hay mulch and producing lots of fruit. There are several myths about tomatoes. Here are the facts: First, they are self-pollinated so do not need bees. Slight air movement is all they require and there is plenty of that! Second, the tomatoes themselves do not need the sun to ripen; they simply need warm air temperature. Mine are ripening beautifully and I am eating even the quite large Black Krim already. Third, you dont need to bother pricking out the laterals but you can if you want more order. Fourth, if you pick them when they just begin to colour, take them inside to somewhere warm but theres no need to put them on a sunny windowsill.
Fruit trees: Quince fruit seems to stay on despite summer wind, as do plums, apples, olives and Kentish cherries. Contrary to what you hear, citrus also seem to thrive on my verandah and in my garden despite the wind. Young trees bearing fruit will snap off in the wind so staking is necessary. I espalier my Bramley apple as the fruit are way too big and prolific for the branches. This means that the trellis takes the weight of the fruit and far fewer seem to drop off. If you live in a very windy area, I recommend you espalier the perimeter of your garden with fruit trees, all the way around. Actually this is a wonderful, practical and beautiful way to grow fruit and is common in many English and French gardens. You can find any number of shapes and patterns online.

Interesting snippets:

Strawberries: Did you know that strawberries require bees to visit the flowers several times for full pollination to happen? If you have mis-shapen fruit, the reason can be that bees are not visiting enough. I suggest you plant some other bee attracting flowers nearby, or leave some things to flower and go to seed, such as fennel, globe artichokes or chicory, all of which are magnets for bees.
Sage: This deep hay method has resulted in a vast improvement of many of my herbs. Unexpectedly I have discovered a fabulous way to multiply sage plants, simply by piling damp hay over some of the long sage stems and leaving it alone! This is called layering and came about because I am a lazy gardener. I now have a small forest of my favourite, purple sage. If you dont cook much with sage, you must start! The flavour holds well so is wonderful in slow cooking or even on the BBQ as crisp sage leaves are gorgeous. Chopped and fried in a little butter or good olive oil, then folded into pasta is a quick and easy and totally delicious meal. Put a sage leave in the pot when you are cooking rice. If you have trouble growing basil, grow sage!

Hay time

Our Tasmanian soil was never meant to grow vegetables so the things we add to it and do to it cause changes that are not well documented, here at the bottom of the world. Imagine a forest floor, deep in leaf litter, old, fallen trees and tree ferns and dappled light.. now picture a cleared vegetable garden bed in full sun. Hmmmm how can we encourage the soil life, microbes and worms that once did live in our forested soil, to live there again and help make nutrients available to our vegetables?
The answer is deep hay, at least 20cms thick, all year round. I have written about this now for well over a year and, since now is the time to buy hay, I have some tips for you. Hay aint hay! Hay is made up of all the plants in a paddock so, watch out for cheap hay full of thistles, dock and gorse. You will curse buying it for 7 years while the weed seeds torment you and you will blame me for suggesting it!! Ask the farmer about the hay. Look at the hay, look at t...

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Friday, 14 April


Former Beach Tavern, Sandy Bay On The Convict Trail

The former Beach Tavern in Sandy Bay has the look of a typical early colonial era roadside inn, of which there are many scattered across Tasmania. This one, which still stands on Sandy Bay Road was first licensed as an Inn by Frederick Lipscombe in 1843.

Advertisements from the time declared that pleasure grounds and tea gardens were to be laid out on the site, all for local citizens to be able to enjoy themselves after completing their labours and toils at the end of the day.

It was recorded that the first ever game of lawn bowls to be played in Tasmania actually took place at the Beach Tavern in 1845 when Frederick Lipscombe was narrowly defeated by a Mr T Burgess.

The Beach Tavern was sold in 1863 and the new owner decided to close the tavern and the building became a private residence. The building is now classified and registered by the National Trust and has been converted into two tourist apartments but still maintains its look in a prominent area of Sandy Bay.


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Saturday, 08 April


Interview with Brigita Ozolins hobART

Brigita Ozolins Kryptosis one of the most liked artworks at Mona. The Hobart-based artist and academic now has a second installation, Graphos, at the museum within Mark Changizis section of the current exhibition, On The Origin of Art. I talked to Ozolins about her lifelong fascination with language, 60s Minimalists, her response to Changizis nature harnessing theory, and the very reason why she makes art.

Tell me about your art practice.

Its about exploring our relationship to language, to books, to the way we store and sort information, to codification, and to an essential mystery I see associated with the process of writing. Its inspired by my love of books and literature and libraries. My interest in all these things stems from growing up in a family where we spoke Latvian as well as English, and my parents spoke a number of different languages so Ive been fascinated, or exposed always to this idea of different ways people express themselves.  When I speak Latvian, something different that happens in my brain, the way I express myself and my thinking. Theres something slightly different there and I think it changes with each language. Theyre the concepts underpin my ideas, that Im interested in conveying - our complex and paradoxical relationship to language. On one hand language is an extraordinary tool. It enables us to express our thoughts and ideas and our feelings, and to describe our place in the world, but at the same time its not an accurate reflection of reality. Its something in a constant state of flux and change.  And it changes as our perceptions of the world and our understanding of the world changes. Im interested in trying to convey that gap between reality and what language does. Thats where the mystery is for me. I think we have this paradoxical relationship to language as a result of that. One of the key strategies Ive used in my works is to promise meaning but also deny access to meaning.

Could you give me example?

In Kryptos, the walls are lined with binary code. As you enter Kryptos and experience it more and more, you start to see there are some English words in amongst the code. There is this promise of meaning embedded in this code, that its not simply patterns of zeros and ones on the walls but ultimately the viewers access to that meaning is denied. Hopefully you get a tantalising glimpse where you may start to question your own relationship to language.

Does that mean the artist statement is key to interpreting the work?

I like to think that people can have an experience in my work that affects them. They can have an experience about the work a rich experience without having to know my specific intentions. People might go into Kryptos and say oh wow, I loved being in that work, but they dont need to know that the text is from the Epic of Gilgamesh, and that its to do with a man coming face to face with his own mortality as Gilgamesh does.

I think thats an indicator of a successful artwork, and one of the things I like about Kryptos: you can read the artist statement if you wish, but really you can enter the work from any level.

And thats my aim. People say oh wow, now youve told me about the Epic of Gilgamesh, I feel as if I really understand what the work is about. But I dont think that way. Reading my artist statement and finding out what I was thinking and so on may add some other dimensions to your understanding of the work, but I really dont think its necessary to get that work.

Im not sure if it...

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Wednesday, 29 March


Albert Hall, Launceston On The Convict Trail

The Albert Hall was designed by local architect John Duncan and built by J.T Farmils at a cost of 14,000 pounds in 1891 to house the Tasmanian Industrial Exhibition of 1891-92. The exhibition ran for four months and attracted over 260,000 people. The exhibition itself was designed to ease the social misery caused by the depression of the 1880's. The corner stone was laid by Samuel John Sutton, Esq.  Mayor of Launceston on 2April 1890 and the opening ceremony in November 1891, was preceded by a parade 10 city blocks long, led by the Mayor John Gould on a white horse.

The Albert Hall is one of Launceston's most significant heritage buildings due to its high degree of heritage value that is attributed to the Classical Victorian style of monumental public architecture. The Hall covers an area of 14,000 square feet and was recognized at the time as the worlds 11th largest building.

The Brindley Air Organ, situated in the Great Hall is Australia's largest surviving organ pre-dating 1860. Built of local timbers including blackwood and huon pine, the organ's bellows are lined with original kangaroo skin. Believed to be the only one of its type in the world when installed in the Mechanics Institute, the organ originally was hand blown by two strong men or one exceptionally strong man. In being relocated to the Albert Hall in 1892, a water-powered bellows mechanism, and a new Blackwood front, was installed by Fincham and Hobday of Launceston.



Senate speech Tuesday 28th March, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Last night, Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie shared the story of NSW RSL CEO and State Secretary Glenn Kolomeitz.

A story of one man trying to do the right thing in the face of adversity.

Senator Lambies speech in the Senate Chamber contains some serious allegations, as such, Senator Lambie directs you to the Parlview website, to the time stamp 21:46:45.

Please click here to hear Senator Lambie share Mr Kolomeitzs story.

The post Senate speech Tuesday 28th March, 2017 appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.

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Friday, 26 October


Oh Yes We Do Have Strategic Voting In Australia (Sometimes) Dr Kevin Bonham

On Wednesday Alex Turnbull, who has been campaigning for voters to evict the Liberal Party from his father's former seat of Wentworth, switched his support from Labor to independent Kerryn Phelps on strategic grounds.  Amusingly, Turnbull jnr justified his support by reference to a popular American text called "Gaming the Vote" by William Poundstone, and posted a colourful excerpt explaining how the squeezing out of a centrist candidate who finishes in third places can lead to "unpalatable, Wizard-or-Lizard dilemmas".  After Clinton-vs-Trump, or even the utter farce that has been the present term of Australian parliament, wizards and lizards are both sounding pretty good at the moment.

The idea here is very simple: if Kerryn Phelps makes the final two she is more likely to beat Dave Sharma (Lib) on preferences from Labor (which will include some votes originally for the Greens and minor candidates), than Tim Murray (Labor) is to beat Sharma on Phelps' preferences should he make the final two.  Phelps is (mostly) seen as the more centrist candidate in an electorate that has never elected a Labor MP.  There will be voters who want to send a protest vote against the Liberals for disposing of that other Turnbull or whatever other reason, but who cannot bring themselves to vote Labor.

And yet, I have seen a few politically active people on Twitter claim (and persist in claiming after being refuted) that strategic voting is a non-issue in a preferential system, that we don't ever have it in this country and never need to, and that all a voter need ever do is put the candidates in order of preference and the system will process that as best for that voter as it can.

Now, normally it doesn't bother me if people who seem to be smart enough to know better insist on damaging their own voting power.  Also I have no interest in promoting a Phelps vote myself and I'm not sure I'd put her above either major party's candidate if I had the fortune to be a Wentworth voter.  But above all else, this goes to the question of our electoral system, what it is good for, what are its strengths and weaknesses, is it prone to gaming, and does it sometimes leave voters with difficult strategic choices that they do not have the information needed to make.  These questions need answers and the fact is that an incentive for strategic voting is a real, if rare, thing in our House of Reps system.

Here are some examples of strategic voting scenarios in Australian single-seat elections with preferencing (either compulsory or optional, the same points apply in each case).  The extent to which strategic voting actually occurred in each case is not that relevant; the point is that there was clear room for using it if voters were concerned with a specific outcome.

* In the 2009 Frome by-election in South Australia, independent Geoff Brock won after coming third on primaries.  After the preferences of minor candidates Brock reached the top two by a whisker (30 votes).  80% of Labor's preferences flowed to Brock and he won by 665 votes.  But had Brock been excluded, only 68% of his preferences would have flowed to Labor, and Labor would have lost by 643 votes.  Therefore, if someone's sole concern was beating the Liberals, their best strategic vote was to put Brock ahead of Labor and the Liberals last.  Those who voted Labor-Brock-Liberal actually nearly caused the Liberals to win, and indeed had 31 Liberal voters voted 1 Labor, the Liberals would have won the seat with Brock eliminated.

* In Denison in 2010, Andrew Wilkie also won from third.  After he narrowly held off the Greens for third place, Wilkie received a flood of Greens preferences and jumped the Liberals to easily make the final two.  He was then narrowly elected over Labor on Liberal preferences.  But had the Liberals made the final two, Wilkie's preferences would have elected Labor with a large margin.  The Liberals always knew they would never win Denison so it made strategic sense for Liberal voters wanting to kick Labor out of the seat to...


Council Voting - Please Be Careful! Dr Kevin Bonham

I've already made this point in my Hobart guide but I thought I should make it prominently in a separate post to cover all councils.  Please feel very free to share and spread widely.

A scourge of Tasmanian council elections is the high rate of informal voting.  Informal votes are votes that are returned but cannot be counted as they are not valid votes.  The main reason the informal voting rate is high is that voters make mistakes and the rules concerning this are stupid.  The reason the rules are stupid is that governments have failed to fix them.  The previous Labor/Greens government ignored warnings that bringing in all-in all-out elections would cause a high informal voting rate under the current system. The current Liberal government has so far done nothing to fix it.  The Local Government Act needs to be reformed to provide savings provisions for voters who make honest mistakes.

When you get your ballot papers in the mail, the ballot paper for Councillors will have an instruction at the top saying "Number the boxes from 1 to [some number] in order of your choice".  At the bottom it says "Number at least [some other number] boxes to make your vote count".  The first number is the number of candidates, the second is the number to be elected.

What the instructions don't tell you is that if you make a mistake before you get to that second (minimum) number, your vote won't be counted - at all!

So for instance, Hobart is electing 12 councillors.  You can number up to 36 boxes but for your vote to count you need to at least number the boxes 1 to 12 once and once only.  If you include any of those numbers more than once, your vote is invalid and will not count at all.  If you skip any of those numbers, your vote is invalid and will not count at all.  So for instance, if you put two number 8s but no number 9 on a Hobart councillor paper, that's it, your vote will not be valid.  Even had you made just one of these two mistakes, your vote would not count.  I personally saw huge piles of ballot papers rejected for these sorts of reasons in 2014.  Especially, do not think "oh I really can't find 12 candidates, I'll just pick 11, surely that's good enough?"  It isn't. It's the same as posting in a blank ballot.

If you make a mistake involving doubling or omitting numbers after the minimum number, that's not such a big deal.  Don't let that put you off numbering as many boxes as you want to.  A mistake after the minimum number just means that if your vote gets to the point where you made the mistake (which depending on your preference ordering might not happen anyway) then at that point your vote will exhaust from the system.  It may be that much of your vote's value has been used up helping people get elected by that stage anyway.

It's especially easy to omit or double numbers if you like voting from the bottom up, which lots of us do.

One way to avoid these sorts of errors is to practice voting on a separate sheet of paper (or spreadsheet) first.  Once you have an order you can check it by listing the numbers from 1 to the number of candidates on another piece of paper, and going through your practice vote from the top, crossing off each number as it appears.  If you go to cross off a number and find you've already crossed it off, that probably means you've doubled up somewhere.  If a number doesn't get crossed off, look for that number and see if you've missed it.

If you make a mistake on your actual ballot paper, and you're using a pen, you can correct it by crossing the incorrect number out and writing the correct one.  (Pencil is much easier, since you can just erase it, and there's no reason not to use pencil.) But if you do this make sure it is very clear what your actual voting order is.

As to the question of numbering all of the boxes vs only some of them - assuming you have time to consider it -  I almost alw...


2018 FIDE (World Chess Federations) Elections Updates Dr Kevin Bonham

8:15 am Georgian time

Greetings from Batumi!  This is a post to cover the goings on regarding the FIDE election, which I first posted about nearly three months ago (2018 World Chess Federation elections).  I hope to post updates through the election today but they may or may not be delayed a little by duties in connection with it, or issues with running my computer off its wayward battery.

Since my previous article, the attempt to impose greater strictness surrounding the tempting of delegates has fallen by the wayside (because it lacked statutory authority), but still the election has been austere compared to the cash-splash of 2014, especially on the Makropoulos side.  Unlike in 2014, a delegate is not bombarded with pamphlets at meetings for days before the election and there are few posters to be seen.  The Makropoulos and Dvorkovich camps have stalls at the Olympiad venue (and the Makropoulos camp accuses a member of the Dvorkovich camp of some scruffy behaviour related to this) while the Short camp has no physical presence beyond its various members.

The election is still a three-candidate race, but it has been obvious all along that Nigel Short has no chance of winning unless one of the other candidates withdraws, is disqualified or is abandoned by supporters en masse for some reason I could not possibly foresee.  The second boat sailed three days ago when an attempt by the Makropoulos camp to have the Dvorkovich ticket disqualified was knocked back by the Ethics Commission, but the judgement did disqualify one federation that supported Dvorkovich, namely Serbia. A few weeks ago Short announced a degree of alliance with Dvorkovich that was widely misinterpreted as a withdrawal.

The Dvorkovich camp has predictably had a bad rub of the green concerning various issues with delegates and recognition of federations - some of these come because they were late starters in the race but have been building support to at least some degree through it.  One Federation that (at this stage) failed to make the cut of those allowed to vote was Haiti - I have not followed this saga closely but understand that after its President died the federation somehow came to submit a form to be considered a new federation rather than to change its delegate, in circumstances that are in dispute.  Another is Bulgaria, a currently banned federation that was the subject of a split Electoral Commission ruling on how to deal with it, with the possibility that the existing federation could be expelled so a new one can be recognised.

Although there is widespread support for the abolition of the proxy-farming of votes that is a feature of these elections (with 19 of 185 Federations being represented by a proxy rather than their delegate) this has done little to stop it from happening.

Unlike in 2014 when it was pretty obvious that Kasparov was going to lose heavily, at this election there is not a clear expectation out there as to what will happen, and I haven't been asking federations who they are voting for.  Both the Makropoulos and Dvorkovich camps have been talking up their numbers, especially because there are some delegates who may want to vote for whoever will win for reasons of personal ambition or hope of favours for their country. Between them the three tickets have claimed to have over 300 votes, though some of these claims were not serious.

Some pro-Makropoulos forces have the jitters.  They are worried that if their man does not win an absolute majority in round one, votes will flow in a block from Short (whether he withdraws or not) to Dvorkovich in round two, plus the votes of any federation that only voted for Makropoulos because they expected him to win.  They have also only just discovered what this site reported months ago and what has been in the electoral regulations for at least 13 years - that the candidate in third is not required to withdraw prior to the second round.  (It is possible to imagine a scenario in which a compromise candidate who is third on the first round but stays in for the second round of voting might actually win, though...


Poll Roundup: The Current Polls Aren't All That Meaningful Dr Kevin Bonham

2PP Aggregate: 54.2 to Labor (-0.6 since last week) by 2016 election preferences
53.6 to Labor with One Nation preference adjustment 
Labor would win election "held now" with a large majority
(scores and text, but not graph, updated for Essential)

This week Newspoll, which has so far produced the worst readings for the Coalition since Malcolm Turnbull was replaced by Scott Morrison, came down two points on the two-party preferred vote from 56-44 to Labor to 54-46.  Taking into account the primary votes, the Coalition's gain was probably slightly greater.  Indeed this Newspoll had a slightly smaller gap (0.7 points) between the expected last-election preferences off the primaries and the published 2PP with Newspoll's adjustments of One Nation preferences than has usually been the case lately.

The limited evidence offered by a one-point 2PP improvement in last fortnight's Essential (edit: and another one this week), and also a mere 53-47 to Labor from the volatile Ipsos series last week, are also consistent with a degree of recovery from the worst of the post-spill polling.  My aggregate shows this recovery as being worth 1.9 points so far.  (Other aggregates generally do not show the worst of the blowout as being as bad as mine or the recovery as being so much - the main difference being that mine discards all previous data whenever there is a change of Prime Minister.)  Here's what it looks like on the smoothed tracking graph:

We are also seeing some personal ratings for Scott Morrison.  In the last two Newspolls his net satisfaction scores have come in at +2 and +5.  That might not sound like much, but these are the first positive netsats for a leader of either party since Turnbull's last positive rating in March 2016.  Bill Shorten has now been in minusland for over four and a half years, and slipped back into the -20s again this week, dropping from -14 (a score he last saw just after the 2016 election) to -22.

Scott Morrison is also getting handy leads as Better PM.  After trailing Shorten in his first poll as PM (33-39) he has since led 42-36 and now 45-32.  These leads are modest given that Better PM typically skews to incumbent PMs by around 16 points, but they are also large in the context of the terrible 2PP polling.  Indeed, no PM has ever led by six points while their party trailed as badly as the Coalition did last fortnight, though Julia Gillard once led Tony Abbott by five while trailing 43-57.

Moreover, Morrison's 19-point increase in Better PM lead over two consecutive Newspolls against the same opponent almost broke the all-time record of 20 points, which has occurred three times: Paul Keating against John Hewson after winning the 1993 election, John Howard against Mark Latham after winning the 2004 election, and Howard against Kim Beazley in March 2006 during Labor leadership tensions.

The horrid 2PPs continue to inspire claims that the Coalition is doomed to lose the next election badly, but the 2PP recovery combined with Morrison's personal ratings are spawning plenty of the reverse - claims that Morrison is an instant winner and that Labor will have trouble beating him.

All this poll-spinning in either direction is nonsense.  In fact, it is hard to think of a time when polls could possibly tell us less about the next election than they do at the moment.

The reason for this is that current polling is unusual for two different reasons at once.  The Coalition is both in recovery mode from a poll-crash event and also in the expected honeymoon period for a new PM.  Both these factors point in the same direction (up) from where they were four weeks ago, but we don't know how much more of that there is to go, since neithe...


PERTH Magistrates court tasmania Search Results for TAS CrimeView

snip .

Magistrates court tasmania .

October 26, 2018 at 04:28AM .

Perth magistrates court listings . On that date the matter can finish as a plea of guilty or be adjourned. Business contact details for Magistrates Court of .


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Tuesday, 28 March


Reverse cuts to Community Legal Centres "IndyWatch Feed"

When the Community Legal Centres funding is cut by $34 million in July, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people will lose access to justice, independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie said at a press conference today.

Vulnerable Australians keep getting poorer and poorer, and cutting funding to Community Legal Services is an absolute disgrace by the Government.

Leave those people that are on welfare alone. Stop sledging them with a hammer. It is enough, Senator Lambie said.

Let vulnerable people have access to justice and access to legal representation free of charge so they can sort their business out.

Furthermore, these cuts are in direct opposition to the Governments plan to support victims of domestic violence it doesnt add up, Senator Lambie said.

For the Community Legal Centres, who already have to turn away well over 100,000 people a year due to a lack of resources, $34 million is a 30 per cent cut.

Today Labor, Greens, Derryn Hinch, and I put a motion to the Senate which called on the Government to reverse this cut, and if the Liberal Government would like to discuss alternative revenue-raising policies, my door is open, Senator Lambie said.

The post Reverse cuts to Community Legal Centres appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.


Senate votes to protect veterans privacy "IndyWatch Feed"

Last night the Senate voted to protect veterans privacy when it passed the Veterans Affairs Legislation Amendment (Digital Readiness and Other Measures) Bill 2017 with a Government amendment to omit the Public Interest Disclosure from the legislation.

A second amendment from Labor, which also passed, excludes decisions that are adverse to a client from computer decision-making is also a win for Veterans by protecting them from computer programs that say no to a claim which would then be assessed by a human delegate.

This is a clear win for veterans as their privacy would continue to be protected, while the claims process will become more streamlined with the introduction of ICT, Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie said.

It was due to the hard work of the crossbench of this Senate last week that caused both the Government and Labor to act in introducing their amendments to better protect veterans privacy and prevent computer programs making wrong decisions in rejecting claims for liability, Senator Lambie said.

There was a lack of robust consultation within the veterans community by the Department of Veterans Affairs and this was made clear by a petition started by the South Lake Macquarie RSL Sub-Branch in New South Wales, which had gained 10,163 supporters in less than two weeks, urging the Senate to stop the bills public interest disclosure measures.

Veterans, who make an enormous sacrifice to serve and protect our great country deserve to be consulted on the protections of their privacy, and the passed bill maintains the status quo on their privacy, Senator Lambie said.

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Tuesday, 21 March


Second Bass Link Cable a game changer for Tasmania "IndyWatch Feed"

Second Bass Link Cable a game changer for Tasmania
Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to invest in a second Bass Link Cable for Tasmania.

If Prime Minister Turnbull can invest $2 billion in the Snowy Hydro Scheme, he can also put aside $1 billion for a second Bass Link Cable, Senator Lambie said.

A second Bass Link Cable is more than just an insurance policy for Tasmania, it is an investment opportunity and it is a game changer for the Tasmanian economy.

With new pumped Hydro technology and a second Bass Link Cable, Tasmania will see new Renewable investment in Tasmania, with it opportunities to export more power, Senator Lambie said.

Tasmania will be in a position to help our poor cousins in South Australia, and become the renewable energy state of the nation.

Because Tasmania already has a baseload power in its Hydro, greater renewable investment will not affect the reliability of power in Tasmania, only increase our exporting capacity.

Greater exporting capacity means more state revenue to provide cheaper electricity to vulnerable Tasmanians and industry, more funds to fix our failing public health system, and more funds to invest in education, Senator Lambie said.

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Sunday, 12 March


Entally House, Hadspen On The Convict Trail

Entally House is one of the finest historic homes in Tasmania. The house was built in 1819 by Thomas Haydock Reibey II, the eldest son of Thomas and Mary Reibey. Mary, who is pictured on Australia's $20 note, was a former convict who, at the age of 13 was convicted of horse stealing and sentenced to transportation. She later became one of Australia's wealthiest women and obtained the grant of 300 acres of land upon which Thomas was to settle and build the homestead and outbuildings.

The Entally Historic Site consists of Entally House and various outbuildings, including Australia's oldest Conservatory. The Estate encompasses grand, parklike surroundings with magnificent gardens and a vineyard, Regency furnishings, fine silverware and horse-drawn coaches and agricultural implements.

Thomas II was the first son of Thomas and Mary Reibey. He was a Master in his parents shipping business and established the family business in Launceston with their own wharf and warehouses in the early 1800s. His fathe...

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Wednesday, 08 March


Lambie sits on secret Senate hearing into SAS torture allegations "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie today was part of a Senate Committee hearing held in secret or in camera which examined allegations that Australia Defence Forces Resistance to Interrogation (RTI *) course had gone rouge and participants had been beaten, bound, forced to sign indemnity forms under extreme duress, then held for many days in cells, tortured, deprived of food, suffered from deliberately induced psychosis and in some cases sexually assaulted.

I cant say what happened at the closed to the public senate committee hearing today, because that would be in contempt of parliament. But I can direct people to the already available information contained in public submissions which are posted on the Parliamentary website:

If people care to read these 9 official submissions:
theyll find the information there is explosive and strongly supports the information I received from SAS Trooper Evan Donaldson which helped me create this Senate inquiry in the first place.

In particular, I hope that interested members of the public read a submission from a NSW General Practitioner (GP) Dr Steven Scally (# attached 2 ). Dr Scally is a very credible witness. He participated in a RTI course in the 1990s as a young ADF member and then decades later in 2005, was a medical officer who supervised 3 RTI courses.
His submission must ring loud alarm bells for this government. When a respected medical doctor makes a written submission which states: (and I quote)

I have witnessed gross mistreatment verging on torture and have been compelled to be complicit to it. I have witnessed the persecution of soldiers by sub-unit commanders who were previously the subject of a parliamentary inquiry into his psychopathic bullying, yet were nonetheless deemed fit to take command, and further ruin young lives. I have been threatened with imprisonment for not changing my medical opinion to suit the wants of command. Operationally, I have been ordered to abandon dying indigenous personnel in mass casualty situations overseas.
Whilst physical torture was generally limited, focussed strategies to humiliate and degrade the individual would occur. Sleep deprivation would be capitalised. Threats of abuse and mistreatment of fellow captives would be made to encourage compliance. States of hypnosis would be induced and exploited. Opinions would be sought from the intelligence corps psychologist on...

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Tuesday, 07 March

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Monday, 06 March

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Friday, 03 March


Lambie urges all non-government Senators to block Liberals Digital Readiness Bill to stop increase in veterans suicides "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Crossbench and Opposition Senators to block the Veterans Affairs Legislation Amendment (Digital Readiness and Other Measures) Bill 2016, which will give an official from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), powers to publicly release personal information about veterans.

This Bill is proof the Australian Government cares more for its political reputation than it does for our veterans health. According to the Governments summary of the Bill, this bill will enable the secretary to disclose information about a particular case or class of cases where the secretary certifies that it is necessary in the public interest to do so, Senator Lambie said.

This Bill also proves that a toxic and dangerous culture has developed in DVA where managers are forced by politicians to make decisions mainly designed to limit negative publicity and the health of veterans comes a poor second.

And I see no mention of draft rules limiting Australians freedom of speech that were shown to me during a Committee hearing. I challenge the Liberal Government to bring those rules out for public consultation, instead of sneaking them under the radar through regulations, Senator Lambie said.

What does the Government have to hide within these rules that they cannot be included within the Digital Readiness Bill?

Because of appalling veteran compensation laws, policies, and under-resourcing, were in the middle of an avoidable veterans suicide epidemic. This Bill, and the draft rules the government plans to push through regulations are designed to punish veterans and their families who try to speak out about government and bureaucratic dysfunction.

Ultimately, this will take away veterans and their families freedom of speech.

Its clear it will take a Royal Commission to bring incompetent DVA managers and their political bosses to justice for the unnecessary deaths and harm theyve caused to the veteran community, Senator Lambie said.

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Tuesday, 28 February


St Andrews Church, Campbell Town On The Convict Trail

A fine Gothic Revival sandstone church built in 1857 and containing an organ and desk that once belonged to Bishop Nixon the first Anglican Bishop of Tasmania. The church with its dominant needle spire is comparable with the best built in Australia at this time. The building has a fine curtilage extending over a complete triangular town block.

The organ was build by J.C. Bishop of London in 1843 for Tasmania's first C of E Bishop (Francis Russell Nixon). The Bishop had the organ installed in his New Town home "Runneymede". When the bishop returned to England in 1863 the organ was purchased for St Andrew's Campbelltown, which had been completed seven years earlier.

The spire of this beautiful little church is a landmark in the town. It is reported that the builders forgot to untie a rope and left it dangling from the top of the spire when their work was finished and the scaffolding taken away. Not wishing to have the unseemly thing in evidence on the day of dedication, a rifleman of repute was asked to come along and shoot it down. After several tries with various missiles, among which it is said, even marbles were used, the offending rope at last came tumbling to the ground.


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Wednesday, 22 February


Lambie joins Salmon workers in fight against Green Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui has expressed disgust at the lengths the Greens will go to, to destroy jobs in Tasmania, after hearing they were attempting to trash the reputation of Tasmanias salmon industry.

The AWUs Daniel Walton and Tassals Ben Wood met with Senator Lambie at Parliament House last week to discuss the Tasmanian salmon industry.

(Please click below to view YouTube discussion between Senator Lambie, AWU National Secretary Daniel Walton and Tassal Salmon worker.)

The Tassie salmon industry has been rated number one in the world, and it has been for the last number of years. So the rest of the world looks to Tassie for guidance in terms of best practice, environmental standards, and using the best scientists in the world to make sure the industry remains number one, Daniel Walton said.

There are about 1500 direct jobs and about 5000 indirect jobs that rely on Tassie salmon for their job every day of the week.

The Greens are just trying to kill off jobs. We have a sustainable industry, weve got a regulator in place who manages all the science and manages the environment to make sure that its a safe and clean product going forward, Daniel Walton said.

Daniel Walton went on to explain to Senator Lambie that the Greens were damaging the brand, and damaging the brand damages jobs.

If the Greens continue to go after our salmon industry, then they are going to wipe it out I will not let that happen again, Senator Lambie said.

The Greens propaganda is very familiar. They have already destroyed Tasmanias Forestry industry, and tried to do the same for the mining industry.

It seems these people who are trying to shut down our salmon industry, just do not want development in Tasmania at all, Senator Lambie said.

The post Lambie joins Salmon workers in fight against Green Propaganda appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.


Senator Lambie and Mayor Martin meet with Government and Opposition to fight for long term bipartisan funding of Mersey Hospital "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie and Devonport Mayor, Steve Martin have met with both the Liberal Health Minister Greg Hunt and Labor opposition Shadow Health minister Catherine King in an effort to lock in long-term federal funding for the Mersey Community Hospital.

Senator Lambie and Mayor Martin spoke about the meetings at Parliament house on Thursday 16.2.17

(Click below to view conversation on YouTube)

Last week during Federal Parliament, I organised separate meetings between Devonport Mayor Steve Martin, new Health Minister Greg Hunt, and Shadow Health Minister Catherine King, where Mayor Martin and myself were guaranteed bipartisan long-term funding solutions for the Mersey Community Hospital. said Senator Lambie.

This is a great step forward. We left both meetings feeling that its not a matter of if but when the Mersey long-term funding will be confirmed. I urge the new Health Minister Greg Hunt to follow through on our very positive conversation and quickly reveal a long-term commitment and funding solution for the Mersey Community Hospital. said Senator Lambie.

The recurring two-year funding model is inefficient and creates uncertainty within the community. The current deal means the Mersey Community Hospital runs out of funding in June this year. The clock is ticking on this deal. The staff and community deserve certainty for their future and are understandably nervous about the security of their regions health and economy.

One fact that all sides of politics cant run away from, is that under the current state and federal Liberals heath plan acute medical services have decreased in the N/NW region of Tasmania.

For example, ICU beds have been taken away and patients needing intensive care, are being transferred to Launceston and Hobart, while those cities public hospitals are overcrowded and in crisis.

Critically injured and sick N/NW residents lives are being placed more at risk because of the Liberals decrease in acute hospital services in our region and the added reliance on patient transfer to make up for the decrease in basic health services. said Senator Lambie.

Alderman Martin said: The impression I got from the Minister for Health Greg Hunt was there will be an announcement made very shortly and we will be more than happy with the term and the outcome will be a lot longer than we are used to. So thats a very positive thing.

I would certainly hope the Mersey is running on $72 million per annum right now, that level is not only kept but increased by CPI, Alderman Martin said.

The post...

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Monday, 20 February


How to make soil and compost with no work Vegetable Vagabond

When it comes down to it, I am either lazy or clever.. probably lazy! As well as that, unlike many people, I dont like buying things much, especially if they are in plastic bags and come from far away or if I have to get in my car to go and get them. I like staying at home and using what is around me which means I also like to sit on my verandah with a coffee and think about how not to have to go out, but still have things I need!


I like sowing seeds I have saved and I often need to have plants in pots for a while until there is room in the garden and I like compost; I just LOVE the feel and smell of beautiful compost. All this means I need something to put into my seed trays, something to put in my pots and something to dig into the garden.. and here is how it gets done at my place.

My chooks live in a kind of man made forest.. well, some of it is man made intentionally, some of it is a consequence of people living here. Some years ago someone planted two oak trees and a few fruit trees, all very much too close to one another, if you ask me, but they were there so I left them there when I moved here. Someone crazily planted 2 buddleias, which are now massive, one of which the chooks have chosen to roost in at night, instead of in the funny little tin and apple crate structure which they now lay eggs in, mostly. Then, unintentionally some mallow tree seeds probably blew in and a few wild plum trees grew on the neighbours side of the fence and some other weeds and plants got a hold and now it is quite a lovely forest for chooks. Add to this a lazy woman who throws most of the weeds from the vegetable garden and elsewhere, into the chook yard for them to deal with.


Next, the oak trees lose their leaves in winter and half the chook yard becomes literally 30cms or more deep in oak leaves. I keep tossing weeds on top, the mallow sheds its leaves too as do the  fruit trees, the other plants come and go and for months and months the chooks turn it all over, pecking at insects and edible bits and pieces, which they turn into eggs for me. Sometimes I can hardly open the gate because the chooks ALWAYS kick and scratch everything towards the gate! Oh lalalala, maybe the gate faces Mecca or something but I tell you what they NEVER kick it away from the gate!


So, one day when I was again in there with my spade trying to reclaim my desire to easily enter the chook yard through said gate I noticed how fabulous was this mound, how good it smelt and, kneeling down, how beautiful it felt running through my fingers. I had discovered gold; a free, easy, continuous supply of beautiful, rich soil, hand made by a flock of assorted chooks of all ages who had been throwing it towards me for years and for which I had cursed them up until this moment.


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Thursday, 25 October


Wentworth By-Election: Prospects And Polls Dr Kevin Bonham

WENTWORTH (Lib vs ALP, 17.8%)
Cause of vacancy: Resignation of Malcolm Turnbull

A by-election for Wentworth has been set down for Saturday 20 October following the resignation from parliament of the former Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.  This post will give an assessment of how this by-election stands in history and will also comment critically on polling. As I start it on 14 Sep I won't be brave enough to predict the winner yet, but I may do so later [edit: as of the final week I am not liking the Liberals' chances of holding off Phelps at all].  This post will be updated with new polls and changed assessments through to polling day.

By-elections often produce big swings against governments, but surely 17.8% is safe?  After all, there has only been one larger swing in federal by-election history (20.1% in Wakefield, 1938).  In fact there are at least two reasons not to take the seat's safety for granted.  These are the historic circumstances of the by-election and the prospect of losing the seat to an independent.  While I've seen some spinning suggesting that a double-digit swing should be viewed as a shocker for the Liberal Party even if they don't lose the seat, I think the circumstances are so unusual that they'd take a win by any margin now.


Wentworth (see Poll Bludger preview) is a Federation seat and as such stands alongside Kooyong with a nearly spotless record of Liberal victory.  It has been won by the endorsed (or an endorsed) Liberal-or-precursor candidate every time but one, the exception being 1929.  Incumbent Walter Marks was one of the rebels who voted with Billy Hughes to bring down the Bruce government.  Marks was not endorsed for his troubles, but beat the endorsed candidate anyway.  The seat was so safe for the conservative side that in 1931 both candidates were endorsed by the United Australia Party, and Marks was defeated by the other UAP candidate. No current federal seat created before 1949 has a completely perfect record of being always won by the endorsed Liberal-or-precursor candidate, though Barker (1903) has always been won by a conservative party of some kind.

Wentworth hasn't always been super-safe.  It almost fell in the 1943 Curtin landslide, and in 1993 then Opposition Leader John Hewson had an unconvincing 55.5% 2PP result.  In 2007 Turnbull (who had wrested the seat from Peter King prior to the 2004 election) was held to 53.9% 2PP.  Overall it was inside 60-40 at every general election between 1984 and 2007.  Margins blew out from 2010 with Turnbull's status as former Opposition Leader and then Prime Minister.

Standard By-Election Swings

As noted in my Canning preview the average 2PP by-election swing against a government in a vacated government seat is 6.3% (with a lot of variation), and it doesn't matter whether the vacancy is caused by a death or a resignation.  This figure ignores the recent Section 44 by-elections where the incumbent recontested.

However, swings are larger when the government is polling poorly on a national basis, and on current polling a swing of 8-9% would be par for the course, all else excepted.  The government's polling may moderate between now and the by-election still five weeks away, so that may change by a point or two.  However it changes, even after considering the usual pattern of by-election swings, the seat would still be rather safe.

Turnbull's Personal Vote

A big question in this by-election is how much personal vote does Malcolm Turnbull take with him.

Personal votes are normally assessed by subtracting Senate votes from House votes and comparing these with results from other sitting members.  Peter Brent has done a lot of work of this kind and now we have a new deluxe treatment from Simon Jackman. Jackman finds that the difference be...


Tourism Industry Council Tasmania opposes due legal process Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

25 October 2018

The Tourism Industry Council Tasmanias (TICT) boil-over at the Wilderness Societys perfect right to test in court whether the law was upheld in the government's go-ahead for the Lake Malbena commercial proposal shows an arrogant contempt for due public process, Bob Brown said today.

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Saturday, 18 February


Supply River Methodist Church On The Convict Trail

In 1857, a man who lay dying in the bush at Supply River requested the services of a minister. Thomas Travers, understanding the mans needs, rode into Launceston, along unmade roads and crossing creeks by way of fords and brought back Rev T.B.Harris. This opened the way for the beginning of religious services at Supply River.

Initially, the first religious services, which began later in 1857, were held on week nights in the home of Mr William Brown. Soon monthly services, taken by a visiting minister from Launceston, began. In between the visits from the Launceston minster, sunday services were conducted by local laymen ministers, Messrs Bartram, Brown, Kerrison & Travers.

The Supply River Methodist Church was constructed in 1861. William Brown, Thomas Travers & Stephen Kerrison each donated 50 pounds towards the construction costs of the new church and this was augmented by donations from other interested locals who gave what they could afford. The church is typical of small Tasmanian timber churches built in the mid to late 19th century using split palings and hand made nails.

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Tuesday, 14 February


Lambie explains why Sharia Law is an anti democratic cancer that doesnt belong in a free society "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has followed up her fiery clash with a Sharia law Supporter on ABCs Q&A with the release of a YouTube interview which explains why Sharia Law is an anti democratic cancer that doesnt belong in a free society.
(Click Below to View Senators Statement on YouTube.)

Like most Australians Im not an expert in Sharia law but Im going to make 6 quick obvious points. Sharia Law is:
1) Not Australian Law
2) Support for Sharia is an obvious sign of radicalisation and Terrorists are fighting to the death to force it on the rest of the world.
3) Sharia Law is Anti-democratic (show me a successful democracy in the Middle East..)
4) Sharia Law imposes the death penalty on Gay people for being Gay.
5) Sharia Law imposes the death penalty on women who are unfaithful to their husbands.
6) Sharia Law denies the right of Jewish people to live in peace in Israel.
If you want a technical description of Sharia Law it is religious, criminal and civil law all rolled into one code it has no separation of powers and automatically makes Religious figures: Law Makers, Judges, Jury and in some cases executioners.

If you support Sharia law you accept the all the good bits and all the bad bits.

Highlighting and accepting the good bits of Sharia Law like praying 5 times a day while at the same time ignoring the death penalty for women who have sex outside marriage is like saying, I only want to be a little bit pregnant.

Acceptance of Sharia Law is clear sign of divided loyalty. You are loyal to some religious leader in the Middle East and his rulings not to the Australian constitution and our democratic system of government.

Sharia Law is an anti democratic cancer that doesnt belong in a free society and fails to respects the basic Human Rights of Women, Gay and Jewish people. said Senator Lambie.

The post Lambie explains why Sharia Law is an anti democratic cancer that doesnt belong in a free society appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.

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Thursday, 09 February


Prohibition of Full Face Coverings in Public Places Bill 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has tabled in Parliament yesterday, a Private Members Bill which will make it an offence to wear full face coverings in a public place under Commonwealth jurisdiction, as well as making it offence to force another person or child to wear a full face covering unless otherwise authorised or excused by law.
Senator Lambies Bill links the prohibition of full face coverings to the National Terrorism Threat Level. The ban will be automatically activated when the terrorism threat level reaches the 3rd highest alert rating of Probable, and remains in place for Expected and Certain ratings. Currently Australias official 5 step terror alert level is set by the Government at Probable.

While the National Terrorist threat level is at Probable or higher, if this Bill passes Parliament, you will not be allowed to wear a full face covering in Commonwealth public places without a very good reason. This Bill is ensures the public is more safe and feels safe at a time when terrorists are likely to attack.
Look I know how some of the media will twist this If you call me anti-Muslim, then youd have to call countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Chad and Turkey anti-Muslim as well because they have all banned the burqa.
I respect every-ones right to express their religious beliefs by wearing different clothing, but the right to express in public religious beliefs for minority groups must always come second to the right for the overwhelming majority of Australians to be and feel safe during a time when its a matter of when not if the next terrorism attack happens.
If you want to wear full face coverings, then you have to have a good reason youre OK and there are people who do have good reasons. For example: If you have to cover your face for work for safety and youre in public places youre OK.

If you have to cover your face as part of a parade and youre an actor or part of the entertainment industry and youre working in public places youre OK so Santa, you can keep your big fake beard.
If you need to cover and protect your face and youre playing sport in a public place youre OK !
But if you want to go-round in public with a bag over your head with a couple of eye holes causing unnecessary fear and theres no good reason then you are looking at a maximum fine of $3,600!
If you force another person to wear a full face covering in a public place then your looking at maximum fine of $36,000 and 6months in jail.
If you force a child to wear a full face covering in a public place then your looking at maximum fine of $72,000 and 12 months in jai...

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Sunday, 05 February


Theatre Royal Hotel, Hobart On The Convict Trail

Next door to Australia's oldest working theatre, the Theatre Royal built in 1837, there has always been a watering hole. In fact, for most of the 19th century, the Theatre Royal was surrounded by drinking establishments.
On what is now a construction site for the University of Tasmania's new arts precinct was once the Shakespeare Hotel, built in the 1830s. The Shakespeare was demolished in 1970.

On the other side, stands the Theatre Royal Hotel which dates back to the early 1830s.  The hotel has gone through many names and looks, according to Dr Stefan Petrow from the Department of History and Classics at the University of Tasmania. "There has always been a pub on this site with an interesting mixture of patrons," he said.

Built in the area known as Wapping, many early Hobartians regarded the location as a den of iniquity. Prostitutes, seamen and whalers were just some of the characters who frequented the various establishments surrounding the theatre. "The Wapping old wharf area had about 13 pubs up until about 1870," Dr Petrow said.

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Thursday, 02 February


Happy the PM has copied my energy policies 2 years and 5 months later: Lambie "IndyWatch Feed"

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has welcomed parts of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbulls National Press Club speech, where he predicted that electricity prices and energy security will be the defining political issues in the year ahead two years and five months after Senator Lambie made her first Senate speech indicating that energy security and prices should influence all Australian political decision making.

On Wednesday 3rd of September 2014, I told the Senate in my First Speech that regarding energy and power:

In this place as a Senator I will do my best to vote in and protect Tasmanias and Australias best interests. In order to help determine what is in my states and nations best interests, I will ask this simple question: how will this legislation or proposal affect our food security, water security, energy security, national security, and job security?


In a deregulated world and free-trade economic environment, if we are to create national wealth, generate more high-tech jobs, and protect Australian workers wages then the only solution is for our governments to deliver the cheapest electricity and power in the world to our pensioners, families, industry and entrepreneurs.

Im glad that yesterday Prime Minister Turnbull who, at least on energy, has finally seen the light and has begun to understand the strong link between Australian standards of living, business innovation, economic prosperity, job growth, and energy costs and security.

If he continues on this course, eventually Prime Minister Turnbull will realise that our stupid RET system has artificially increased Australias energy costs by $3 billion per year and wrecked our Nations energy security, while destroying business innovation, economic prosperity, job growth, and living standards with no benefit to the environment, Senator Lambie said.

No one in their right mind could ever say that forcing our business, families, and pensioners to artificially pay more for their power in comparison with our international competitors, will ever stop global climate change! Senator Lambie said.

When I meet with the Prime Minister next Wednesday, Ill congratulate him but also suggest that Tony Abbott is right. We should scrap RET and walk away from any international climate agreement, in order to guarantee and protect Australian wages, standards of living, innovation, jobs, and business growth.

The Greens, most Labor members, and even some Liberals, have tried to convince Australians that they can stop climate change by paying more for their clean electricity and power. This lie has caused massive damage to our economy, businesses, manufacturing, and primary industries.

Right now our electricity and energy costs are some of the most expensive in the Western wo...

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Monday, 30 January


Australian Spy Agencys figures support Trump Immigration Ban "IndyWatch Feed"

Click below to view ASIO answers to Senator Lambies questions

Independent Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called on Australias Attorney General and Minister responsible for Australias Domestic Spy Agency (ASIO) to detail how many people on our official terror watch list are not Islamic.
Last year the head of our domestic spy agency reluctantly told me, that the majority of the 190 Australian terrorist supporters on their official watch-list were Islamic. In fact, I have a strong suspicion that they are all Islamic and its now up to the Attorney General to prove me wrong, said Senator Lambie.
The Government must stop the cover-up and political correctness and release full details on our official terror watch list. Apart from supporting my call to ban or deport from Australia, all immigrants who support the terrorist or Sharia law

the Australian Attorney General is sitting on ASIO figures which strongly support President Trumps Immigration ban. said Senator Lambie.
Its also time Australia dramatically toughened our anti-terrorism policy and properly targeted people living in our country who support and help terrorists. The 190 on ASIOs list shouldnt be just watched. Unfortunately, weve seen in the past innocent lives taken by a terrorist and Sharia Law supporter (Sydney caf siege) who ASIO was supposed to be watching.
All of the people on ASIOs terror watch list should be kicked out of Australia or thrown in jail. At the very least they should charged with treason or sedition which are serious crimes with long jail sentences. Other countries in our region are telling the truth to their citizens. Singapore has graphic national adds which bluntly say, its a matter of when, not if a terrorist attack will happen.
Australia can learn a lot from countries like America and Singapore who are taking the threat of terrorism a lot more seriously than us and are more concerned with their citizens safety, rather than political correctness. said Senator Lambie.

The post Australian Spy Agencys figures support Trump Immigration Ban appeared first on Senator Jacqui Lambie - PUTTING TASMANIA FIRST.

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Sunday, 29 January


Launceston Town Hall On The Convict Trail

Launceston was proclaimed a municipality by an Act of Parliament on 30 October 1852, 47 years after it was founded. Seven Aldermen were elected to the Launceston Town Council on 1 January 1853, at the first Local Government elections held in Van Diemen's Land. Aldermen elected the first Mayor, Alderman William Stammers Button, later that day at the first meeting of the Town Council. Launceston was incorporated as a town on 20 October 1858.

By 1861 Launceston's population had grown to more than 10,000 people and in 1864 the Town Council began building new headquarters, the present Town Hall. The Council commissioned architect Mr Peter Mills to design the Victorian Italianate-styled Town Hall in 1864. It cost $6,000 to build. The ground floor of the original building contained the Council Chamber and municipal offices, and it had a concert hall and meeting room on the upper floor. The building was first occupied in 1867.

The Town Hall has been extended and its interior modified several times, first in 1906 (at a cost of $3,914), to accommodate a rapid increase in the Council's operations. The major addition to the original building occurred in 1936 (at a cost of more than $6,000), when vacant land on the north side of the original building became part of the Town Hall complex. While these extensions changed the building's size, the design features of the original architecture were kept. Five Corinthian pillars were added to the original four columns in 1936 and an iron fence in front of the Town Hall steps was removed. The three pillars at the northern end of the portico, and the southern-most column, are the four pillars and pedestals from the original building.


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Saturday, 28 January


Seeds that made me smile Vegetable Vagabond

Today was one of our regular Southern Food Gardeners get togethers. I was determined to put my best foot forward and take some things to showcase my garden, which I could also share with others.

My garden is a rabble of nationalities combining anything that will grow at 43 degrees south, with Japanese mizuna alongside Italian parsley edged with a border of young Tasmanian pepperberries and Chilean guavas. As I wandered around during the previous week, standing and watering or weeding, I noticed that several of the vegetables that I had let go to seed months ago in fact had seeds approaching dry enough to collect. So, that was it, I would take a fine collection of seeds from the edible world, to share.

This morning, as I clipped twigs of kale pods, strings of rainbow chard clusters, umbels of parsnip seeds and literally tree branches of purple sprouting broccoli pods I was in heaven. The basket I took out to put them in was not big enough and soon I had 2 boxes and a huge plastic bag full of future food for all who wanted them.

I had intended to shake off all the seeds, winnow them and put them into lots of little, labeled bags but, for one thing, I am far too lazy and secondly I had an idea! These days everyone buys seeds in fancy packets with photos but many people have no idea what the seeds look like on the plants so I would take them unshelled; in the raw, so to speak.

When it was my turn to say my piece at the meeting, I told them that this seed experience was like the difference between buying salad greens in a plastic bag from a supermarket, compared to picking it leaf by leaf from your garden. Then I let them at it and I watched on, answering questions along the way.

The first person approached the sharing table with a coffee in one hand and attempted to wrestle a kale pod off a stem with one hand. Of course this did not work and the seeds spilled out of the pod as it sprung open. I wanted to help but another person went over and called out to me that this method did not work and that next time I should put them in bags for them.

Luckily all the naysayers soon dispersed, leaving my seed experience for others. Someone asked if I could come and help as they were new to seeds and were not sure what to do. It was then that we had a wonderful time, me snipping pods and twigs and umbels with my secateurs and placing them into paper bags that the members were busy writing on. We were really focused on the job and talked about sowing methods, varieties and recipes. We all had a ball.

For the first time in absolute years I felt I was connecting people to seeds and bringing a sense of understanding of the importance and relevance of seed saving to people, some of whom have never grown anything from seed before.

DSC_0016 cropped

Hopefully, when we meet next, some will have these vegetables growing from the seeds from my garden, in their gardens..



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Monday, 23 January


NOT FINISHED YET! Tasmanian Gothic

My exhibition Excursions and Adventures at Freehand Gallery has proved so popular the gallery is keeping it up for another week. They're open every day until next Sunday, 29th January 2017, so you haven't missed your chance to see this painting before it goes off to its new home:

Bandwagon; 77 cm x 102 cm; oil on canvas
And you can admire this one (it's still available):

Eyes Of The Forest 76 cm x 60 cm oil on canvas  

Freehand Gallery, 212 Elizabeth St., Hobart, Tasmania
open daily. Exhibition finishes close of business Sunday 29 January 2017

gallery website:

Interview with the Artist

 "Elizabeth Barsham paints incredible scenes combining familiar Tasmanian landscapes with parades of fantastical creatures. ABC Producer Joel Rheinberger asked her when she first put brush to paper"


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Sunday, 22 January


Blenheim Inn, Evandale On The Convict Trail

This is one of the finest Georgian Inn complexes remaining in Australia. Built in 1826 by John Williatt as the Patriot King William the Fourth Inn, this substantial brick building with its fine facade, rear service wings, outbuildings and courtyard is an essential element of the historic village of Evandale.

Williatt built the Inn on part of a land grant of 36.5 acres of land on which he also built his home The Laurels which was one of the first homes constructed in Evandale. The Patriot King William the Forth Inn was first licensed in October 1835. It featured an upstairs assembly room which was used for concerts, dancing and as a meeting room for the Masonic Lodge and other groups.

Outbuildings on the site included a brew house, stables and loose boxes, a hay loft and accommodations for visiting groomsmen. Some of these buildings were ultimately destroyed by fire and the blacksmiths shop and cottage were demolished to make way for a service station next door. Sheep and cattle sales were held in stock yards nearby.

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Wednesday, 24 October


Kerryn Phelps and council countbacks "IndyWatch Feed"

A story in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning discussed how Kerryn Phelps would keep up doing both her jobs as a City of Sydney councillor and federal MP if (as expected) she comes out the winner in last weekends by-election.

The article explores some interesting perspectives about the workload (hard to do if youre diligent) and the potential constitutional issues (unlikely to be a problem, assuming the High Court judges NSW councillors as similar to Tasmanian councillors) but missed another angle: the impact on local electors in the City of Sydney of a by-election if Phelps were to resign.

If Kerryn Phelps were to resign from the City of Sydney, it would trigger a by-election across the entire City. At the 2016 election, almost 85,000 people cast ballots, and over 140,000 were enrolled. This is more than have voted in the Wentworth by-election. It would presumably be costly and have a big impact.

There is a general problem with using by-elections for filling council vacancies. Almost every council in New South Wales is elected using a method of proportional representation. We mostly avoid using by-elections in this country to fill vacancies in proportional systems.

The two solutions usually used are appointment by the party of the vacating member (eg. NSW upper house, Senate) or a countback (eg. Tasmanian lower house). Under a countback, you re-examine the ballots cast at the last election and effectively recount the votes to see where the votes of the vacating member would have gone, and that person fills the vacancy without the casting of fresh votes.

Its even more of a problem for some NSW councils without wards. Its a hassle to hold a ward by-election when a few tens of thousands of voters would need to come out and vote, but in the case of the City of Sydney it would be a huge number.

The best example I can find is the 2017 City of Campbelltown by-election. Campbelltown (a large Western Sydney council) has no wards it elects fifteen members to represent the entire council area. This produces the lowest quota for any council in the country you need just over 6.25% to win. This produces a very proportional council, and usually prevents one party from winning a majority.

At the 2016 election, Labor won seven out of fifteen seats on council, which allowed them to put together a working majority with some sympathetic crossbenchers. Long-serving independent Fred Borg died three months after the election, triggering a by-election.

Like the potential City of Sydney by-election, the ensuing by-election was large, with over 77,000 votes being cast, just to elect a single councillor. Unsurprisingly, Labor won that by-election, giving them a majority on the council despi...

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Thursday, 19 January

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Sunday, 15 January


Bellkirk, Hobart On The Convict Trail

An impressive Colonial townhouse, this stone building of two storeys, Bellkirk,  was built as the manse for the nearby Presbyterian church of Saint John. The original front garden has now been given over to a bitumen carpark.

The property name could be pun on name of the minister as Kirk is a Scottish word meaning church and the first minister was the Rev J.Bell. The building remains in church hands and is utilized as the church offices.

Main Text & Information Source
Australian Heritage Database


Link Tasmanian Gothic

Excursions and Adventures 

Friday 13th the only date to open an exhibition of new Tasmanian Gothic paintings.
I'm pleased to say the evening went very well; lots of friendly people and some nice red dots

Exhibition title: Excursions and Adventures
Many thanks to Comrad Xero, musician, songwriter and all-round talented person, in this instance an apparently disembodied voice emanating from beneath a dark veil, who spoke at the opening.

Several people have asked for a transcript and the author has kindly sent me a copy. Here it is.


When I think of Gothic, I think of those structures put up by late Middle Age builders - stone by stone. They enclosed a space yet to become sacred - reaching for a better Eternity. Here are dark and mysterious recesses. Here are Crypts. Here, the underworld of these spaces hold their own significance. These spaces are transformative - all sort of creatures live here.

When I think of Gothic, I think of Percy B. Shelly and his crowd, sitting around a fire telling horrifying tales of different possibilities - of resurrections. Hearts beating in anticipation of the coming next word - how will it drop? Conjuring visions that could lift you or slam you down.
I think of Percy Shelley facing off with the gale force winds of Italian beaches.


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Thursday, 12 January


Auld Kirk, Sidmouth On The Convict Trail

The West Tamar Presbyterian Church, commonly referred to as the Auld Kirk (Scots for old church and 'Kirk' itself is a medieval word (It was introduced to Scotland by Viking settlers) and meant 'church' in Old Norse. This beautiful little church is situated on the bank of the TamarRiver, north of the Batman Bridge. 

The church was originally built by convicts (who were housed at Blackwood Hills) and free labour. It is a simple Gothic rubble stone church and the building of the church was begun in early 1843 at the instigation of the Rev Alexander McKenzie and Mr James Reid of Richmond Hill. Rev McKenzie was the first minister appointed to the area and he was responsible for the building of the congregation while the church was being built.

He resigned in 1845 and returned to Scotland to be replaced by the Rev James Garrett who arrived in July 1846 and became the first minister to take a service in the newly completed church which was consecrated in 1846. Rev Garrett went on to serve the church for 28 years before passing away in 1874.


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Saturday, 07 January

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Tuesday, 03 January

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Sunday, 01 January


Low Head Lighthouse On The Convict Trail

The Low Head Light Station was established in 1833. The original lighthouse was the second lighthouse in Tasmania and the third in Australia. The Light Station has been developed over a period of 170 years and includes a suite of buildings including the light house, various residential quarters, a fog horn building, former stables, workshops, a meteorological recording station and garages.

Low Head is associated with the earliest phases of European exploration and settlement in northern Tasmania. The current Low Head Lighthouse is located on the eastern side of the entrance to the Tamar River in Tasmania, about six kilometres north of Georgetown and fifty nine kilometres from Launceston. It was built in 1888, replacing an older lighthouse that was erected on this site in 1833.

The first recorded Europeans to enter the Tamar River were Bass and Flinders in 1798. Flinders noted that 'the entrance is certainly a dangerous one'. In 1804 Lieutenant-Colonel William Paterson established the first proper settlement in the region, relocating settlers and convicts from Norfolk Island and soon intermittent pilot services were established. By 1806, there were a total of 276 people around Port Dalrymple. The community was dependent for its very survival upon the safe passage of vessels from Bass Strait into the mouth of the river.


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Wednesday, 28 December


Old Wool Factory, Hobart On The Convict Trail

In 1869, the Tasmanian Government had made an bonus offer of 1000 pounds for the first firm that was to make sales of 1000 pounds of woollen goods that were manufactured in Tasmania from Tasmanian grown wool.

The bonus appears to have been widely promoted and attracted Archibald & David Johnstone to head out to Hobart from Scotland in 1873. They became partners in a firm that was to establish the Waverley woollen mills at a premises on the outskirts of Launceston. They quickly went on to produce the required amount of woollen products and claim the bonus.

Archibald & David Johnstone moved to Hobart in 1883 and set up their first woollen mill in a factory in Gore St. By 1899, they had constructed an impressive new premises in Molle Street next to the Hobart Rivulet. The factory was powered by steam engines and it was said that the constant noise of the machines would fill the air with a deafening roar.

The building has survived and is preserved in fantastic condition to this day an...

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Thursday, 22 December


Hobart Synagogue On The Convict Trail

The unique appearance of the Hobart Synagogue is truly remarkable as it the oldest synagogue in Australia and is also a very rare example of a style of architecture known as Egyptian Revival.

Prior to the design and erection of their synagogue, the Hebrew residents of Hobart had worshipped at the home of one of their prominent residence, a man named Judah Solomon. By April 1843, the Jewish congregation had determined to build themselves a new house of prayer that was specifically dedicated to the God of Israel and in order to make this a reality, they had begun to collect donations to pay for the construction. The plot of land on which the synagogue sits was formally a part of Judah Solomons garden who very generously donated the land to the cause.

The foundation stone for the new building was dedicated at a ceremony held in August 1843 and building for the new synagogue was commenced to a unique design that had been put together by an architect named James Alexander Thomson who had earlier arrived in the colony as a convict.

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Wednesday, 14 December


3 Lambie Senate investigations into Defence and Vet. affairs still open for submissions "IndyWatch Feed"


Independent JLN Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has called for Australian Defence Force Personnel, Veterans and their Families to continue to make submissions to 3 special Senate Committees.

To some Australians, because of a lack of mainstream media attention, it may come as a surprise that the Senate established 3 separate investigations into important Defence and Veterans Affairs matters.  I urge all people affected by these matters to make a submission. said Senator Lambie.

1 Suicide by veterans and ex-service personnel

On 1 September 2016 the Senate referred the following matter to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 March 2017

2 Operation of the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) resistance to interrogation (RTI) training

On 10 November 2016 the Senate referred the following matter to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee for inquiry and report by 20 March 2017.

3 Matters raised by NSW Police Strike Force CIVET (Jedi Council Sex Scandal)

On 1 De...

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Tuesday, 29 November

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Monday, 22 October


Hobart City Council Elections Candidate Guide And Preview 2018 Dr Kevin Bonham

All candidates are directed to the note for candidates at the bottom of this page.

Introductory Waffle

With some rather expensive looking corflutes already cropping up in parts of the city, it's time to start my resource page for the 2018 Hobart City Council elections.  This guide (like my 2014 guide) includes a list of candidates who are running for the Council for the 2018-22 term.    The guide includes brief bio details and links, descriptions of candidates' past electoral form (where any) and an attempted assessment of prospects.  All sections will be updated regularly, but there will be lags of a few days at times between Sep 25 and Oct 7.

Donations to cover even some of my time in writing this guide are very welcome - but not from candidates or their direct connections.  There's a PayPal button on the sidebar or you can email me for bank account details. Please only donate if you are sure you can afford to.

Note to all voters: please make sure your vote is valid.  Your vote for Councillor (Aldermen) must include the numbers 1 to 12 each once and once only.  If you skip or double any of these numbers, your vote won't count at all.  If you stop at 11, your vote won't count at all.  You can give further preferences beyond 12 if you wish and I strongly encourage doing this (a mistake beyond 12 will not make your vote informal).  If there are candidates you dislike then number all the boxes and put them at the bottom.  You will never help them beat candidates you have ranked higher by so doing.

A reader has prepared this simple voting order shuffler which also allows you to write notes about the candidates, in order to put them in your preferred order!

For some complex background to the voting patterns of existing councillors, see Hobart City Council Voting Patterns 2014-8. By way of a quick summary, while most councillors are technically independent, and even the party-endorsed candidates don't vote the same way as each other all the time, I've historically found that most councillors belong to two loose clusters of generally likeminded councillors.  I refer to these as the "greens" (who are typically The Greens) and the "blues" (who more often favour the interests of commerce and development when environmental conflicts arise).  Note that "blues" are not necessarily Liberals and sometimes have Labor connections.  However in the last term, those tendencies, while still there, have been weaker than they've ever been before.  Personality clashes on the blue side have continued, positions on both sides have moderated, while solidarity on the Green side has weakened to the point that for the first time in Hobart history a councillor first elected as a Green will run as an independent.  (On other Tasmanian councils this has been common.)

Alas I don't have time to do the same for every council.  I may post links to similar sites for other councils if they are sent to me. Please address any corrections or additions for such other council guides to the sites in question and not to me.  I cannot vouch for the bias or lack thereof, or the updating, of any such external links.

"Alderman" vs "Councillor"

The term "alderman" is equivalent to "councillor" in the case of Hobart City Council.  The term "alderman" is considered sexist and the current Council has supported switching to "councillor".   I have followed this by using "Councillor" th...

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Saturday, 19 November


Liberal & Labor Battle Over Non-Elite Credentials The Idiot Tax

A long term Liberal Minister has claimed the Liberals have jettisoned the elites from the party and they are back in touch with the people. Angus Barrington-Smyth IV, a 15 year veteran of parliament,...

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Monday, 14 November


It all started with a surprise head of broccoli. Vegetable Vagabond

It has been a long and extraordinarily wet winter and spring but some plants seem to have outdone themselves whilst I was inside by the fire. Yesterday, between showers, I went to a corner of the garden to check on some purple sprouting broccoli I planted months ago and I found a head of the most gorgeous broccoli I have ever seen, and not a sprouting broccoli in sight!

purple broccoli head

I moved on to the rainbow chard and picked as many leaves as would fit in my biggest basket.


I stripped off all the stems, oooh-ing and aaahh-ing over the crisp, wet leaves, the brilliant colours of the stems and the total lack of snail holes. Everything was chilled and glistening from the rain. Imagine how healthy I felt eating that!


Then this afternoon I went again to see the beautiful, purple broccoli head, this time taking my camera. Then I continued on around my garden in some rare rays of late afternoon sunshine, capturing the glory of a spring which has appeared despite all the rain..

image image

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Sunday, 13 November


Trump Vs Australian Establishment Stooges The Idiot Tax

Second rate bums have a habit of aping something bigger than themselves. A sly belief people are too stupid to see theyre a $10 Thai Rolex trading as the real thing. So its no surprise...

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Thursday, 10 November


As Far Away as Possible Tasmanian Gothic

As you probably know, there was some sort of political event on the other side of the Pacific today. Definitely a day to avoid all forms of electronic media, so I headed for the most distant point I could think of.

Hobart is, of course, Australia's southernmost capital city.

If you drive about 130 kilometres south of Hobart you will come to 

From here you walk another ten kilometres or so to South Cape Bay and from there you can see the southernmost tip of Tasmania

South East Cape from South Cape Bay

There is no television nor radio. Absolutely no internet access or wifi; not even mobile phone coverage. A perfect escape. 

We had good weather warm, but not too hot, and an easy walk through beautiful and varied terrain in congenial company. What more could you want?

Here are some photographs I took down there last year. Forget about politics and enjoy.  


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Wednesday, 09 November


Retro / Classic Cycles available Hobart Bike Kitchen

Are you interested in a retro cycle, perhaps something from 1997 and earlier that might be road or track related.

We have a once a year auction to raise the funds that keep us operating for the rest of the year.

There are some great forums on Facebook and similar where people who have an interest in these bikes get together, generally to share pictures and to offer for sale but not to auction,

Wed like to share with you what we have to offer on this special weekend as there are some bikes that deserve the love of someone with a real passion for them.

Please have a look at what is on offer this year in Auction Bikes 2016

in particular you might like

Kerry Hopkins

Peugeot Classic Roadie

Repco Superlite

Were happy to take offers if you cant attend, or to follow up on any questions you might have re size etc..

Wed also be happy to organise delivery, at your expense,  if youd like.

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Thursday, 03 November



I've returned from the Big North Island, where walks in the ACT consisted of climbing steep hills covered with dry eucalypt forest. Today's walk couldn't have been more different: so nice to be back in the familiar surroundings of a Tasmanian rainforest. Of course, a problem with rainforests is rain. Optimistically ignoring an unfavourable weather forecast we drove all the way in to the southern forests to the start of the Nevada Peak walk.

Actually, our intended destination was not Nevada Peak but the slightly closer, not so lofty Wetpants Peak, probably named by Tom Stevens of the Forestry Department who surveyed the area in the mid-twentieth century.
You can look up the reference here: just type in the place name. And we didn't drive quite to the carpark, either:

I thought you might like to hear what  the stream beneath the washed-out bridge sounds like:

We had to walk the last half kilometre. 

To our surprise and theirs we encountered three snakes curled up together on the side of the road; surely it was not warm or sunny enough for snakes to be out? Of course, by the time I disentangled my camera they were retreating into holes between the rocks, but you can see bits of two of them.

Leaving the carpark, where our cars weren't. Sorry about the rainspot on the lens.


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Wednesday, 26 October


Interview: Travis Tiddy, director of The Unconformity hobART

Ahead of Queenstowns third arts festival, I spoke to founding director and 5th generation Queenstowner, Travis Tiddy, about the festivals development, his own involvement, and the name change from The Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festivalto the more ambiguous The Unconformity.

Queenstown and Mt Owen at sundown.  Lucy Hawthorne

LH: How did the festival start?

TT: It started initially in 2009. [I was part of an] organisation called Project Queenstown a local tourism organisation thats existed for 25 years.  We put out a municipal survey to ask local people where thought the direction of the town was going, or where it should be going.  The survey told us people wanted a festival.  So we took on the challenge of developing a cultural festival for Queenstown with a mandate from local research.  There was a gap and a need.

LH: The first two iterations were called The Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival. Tell me about this original name.

TT: When we started there was a bit of momentum and energy around Raymond Arnold and what he was creating in Queenstown with many visiting international and national well-known artists. He had a rigorous artistic program, and so we wanted to capture that and build upon it.

We had no experience in event management when we started.  We built these skills from the ground up.  So The Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival was a very literal title.  In a way it was incongruous at the time. It was self-referential in the absurdity of having an arts festival in Queenstown - a regional backwater on the fringes of cultural activity in the state.

LH: At the first festival, I noticed that there was a really broad spectrum of activities, from more traditional and conservative celebrations of cultural heritage to cutting-edge contemporary art.

TT: Previous programs have represented our diverse audience.  The festival has been a very strong home coming event [for] people who have had a very strong connection with the region.  The festival is an opportunity to reconnect.  We have historically had an older audience - a heritage-loving audience - who use it as an opportunity to connect to the place.  So we have a broad program [that appeals to this older audience] and also captures the interest of the contemporary art community....


Review: Tesselating in the Slips at Visual Bulk hobART

Jonny Rowden and Alexandra Hullahs energetic performance, Tesselating in the Slips, followed a month-long residency at Visual Bulk.  Its a testament to their performance that they sustained an engaged audience for nearly two hours on a freezing Hobart evening.  The performance was bookended by participatory damper making, then damper cooking and consumption.  When I arrived, visitors were kneeling in the gallery, mixing ingredients according to laminated instructions.  In a small vestibule, sat the common loaf a lump of dough kneaded by any and all.  Later, the common loaf took on almost religious status when the uncooked mound, shrouded in a tea towel, was taken from its plinth as part of the performance.

The room of the common loaf was lined with documented thought experiments, notes for short performance ideas, and photographic documentation running up to the public performance.  The ideas range from the banal to the utterly absurd. 

The start of the performance (or at least the first of the short back-to-back performance vignettes) was down the banal end of the spectrum.  I couldnt quite hear the chanting, but it was something about energy transference I think.  It was a lengthy and participatory affair that led me to flee into the dark corners of the courtyard lest I be picked as a vessel for energy transfer.  I was reminded of a similar activity at a meditation retreat I attended in the Blue Mountains fourteen years ago (my first and last).

As the performance moved inside it picked up pace, incorporating sound, light and projected images, a costume change, a sandstone block, and eventually the absence of clothing altogether (as previewed on the Facebook event photograph that remarkably dodged the sites ban on nudity for an entire week).  The relationship between the two artists altered with each vignette.  One moment theyd be hurting each other until the safe word sufficient was mentioned, and in another, theyd be diligently oiling and powdering each others naked bodies as if applying some kind of protective layer.  While passing the burden of the loaf-like sandstone, they exchanged confessions: last year I dropped a bottle of whiskey on my hand and it broke my finger, I use to pray every night until I was 21, I can speak four languages, I never liked Disney films because there are too many songs, watching Disney films made me want to be an artist, I hate making bread [cue laughs from the audience].  The activities were ritualistic and little a bit Catholic with all the confessions and the breaking of bread.  Unlike most performance art, the seriousness was relieved by small moments of humour. 

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Wednesday, 12 October


A week in the ACT - Gibraltar Peak Tasmanian Gothic

Every Wednesday three of the ACT walking clubs have a combined walk; this week two Hobart Walking Club members went along as well.

The walk co-ordinator signs the book at Dalsetta car park in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve before we set out on a walk up the fire trail to Gibraltar Peak.

A bike path leads some of the way upward before we reach a steep fire trail. That's Gibraltar Peak there, right in the middle of the photo.

A feature of this walk is an extensive area of  Xanthorrhoeaor grasstree. Lots of them flowering after a fire
We made a detour to Wallaby Rocks. There is no signpost, so you have to know where you're going. These rocks were used as shelters by the Ngunnawal people, and have special significance. A discreet notice by the first overhang welcomes visitors, and asks that we respect the site.



2015/16 AGM invitation Hobart Bike Kitchen

Im happy to advise that the AGM (& Special General Meeting) will be help on Tuesday 1st November at the New Sydney Hotel commencing at 6pm.
Special General Meeting

That Hobart Bike Kitchen Inc. request the Commissioner for Corporate Affairs exempt our association from an audit for last financial year.

Annual General Meeting

Present & Apologies
Presidents Report
Treasurers Report
Election of Office Bearers
Other Business:
Sustainable Living Festival
Working with MRC and Engineering volunteers

If you have anything youd like added to other business please let me know.

Also very happy to accept nominations for any positions.

Doesnt matter if you have been involved with HBK during the last year or not everyone is welcome. If you would like to volunteer for a role,  have an idea on how expand our engagement, have ideas on making HBK better or just want to know more about HBK then please come along .
Hobart Bike Kitchen

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Monday, 10 October


A week in the ACT - Orroral Valley Heritage Walk Tasmanian Gothic

Earlier this year a group of bushwalkers from Canberra visited Hobart and joined members of the Hobart Walking Club for various strolls among our mountains and forests. They are returning the favour, hosting a group of Hobart Walking Club members in Canberra. Today was my first outing, and it was a splendid treat we were escorted by Matthew Higgins, a historian who writes and lectures about the history and ecology of the high country.

Eleven of us turned up, despite the unpromising weather forecast. So unpromising, in fact, that Matthew had abandoned the planned walk and substituted a shorter, not so distant, one in hope of finishing before the weather broke. We headed for Namadgi National Park.

Here we are setting out on the Orroral Valley Heritage Walk, extending about six kilometres from an 1880s homestead to the site of a satellite tracking station, disbanded in the 1980s.

There are plenty of information panels set up at points of interest along the walk.

We were intrigued by the mobs of grey kangaroo, many with joeys in the pouch, grazing where farmers once ran cattle.  

First stop was the Orroral Homestead, dating from the 1880s when it was built by the McKeahnie family. This vertical slab homestead is Namadgi's oldest building. The "weather" end of the house, has been given a coat of cement render.

The chimney is all that remains today of the original kitchen, a separate building.

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Wednesday, 05 October


When Words Fail Emotion hobART

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Sustainable Living Festival 2016 Hobart Bike Kitchen

Were going to be with all the wonderful people at the Sustainable Living Festival once again.

There will be more stuff coming soon about the Auction Bikes so come back and check that out. In the meantime heres the run down.

Join us in imagining an AWESOME future this November.

Sustainable Living Festival, 12 13 November, Princes Wharf 1.

Be inspired by creative expressions of Awesome through story, poetry, music, art, circus and more. Join experts and leaders as they share their own visions of Awesome in the Festival discussions. Speak with our fabulous line up of exhibitors, including the team from TESLA (in Tassie for the very first time) with their new Model S. Smell, taste and delight in some of Tasmanias finest culinary offerings in our cooking demonstrations.
The Sustainable Living Festival is the place to get the skills, resources and connections you need to take that next step towards your own awesome future.

Follow the Festival online and on Facebook for all the juicy details
and exciting program updates: and

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Friday, 19 October


Wentworth is Adani coal mine test poll - Bob Brown Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

19th October 2018

The Wentworth by-election has become a litmus test on whether politicians heed the strong public sentiment against the Adani coal mine, former Greens leader Bob Brown said today.

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Saturday, 17 September


A Little Bit Of Pension The Idiot Tax

Its tough to find old people online. Theyre usually too busy writing a four page reply to an automated email they received from Telstra. And lets be realistic, while the rest of...

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Monday, 12 September


The Real Failing of Trump University The Idiot Tax

We all know how very, very good, probably the best, that The Donald is at business.  However, it is hard to reconcile this very amazing businessman with the failure of Trump University. How could an...

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Wednesday, 07 September


Spring is in the air Hobart Bike Kitchen

While you may not see it from the number of blog posts weve had a busy winter.

ELBO rides again was a lot of fun, but the Sunday Sessions have also kept on rolling with a steady stream of happy bikes.

But now the days are getting longer and warmer so if you havent already youll soon be wanting to get on a bike and enjoy one of the Bicycle Networks social rides or just do your own thing with friends & family (or sometimes by yourself because thats good for the soul too).

So make a plan.

  1. Check the Upcoming Sessions
  2. Get along to fix your bike, or one from our donations
  3. Ride

As the saying goes, as easy as 1, 2, 3.

We find as the days get longer, the numbers coming to the Sunday Sessions increases so dont leave it too long.

Besides the sooner you do it, the sooner youre out on your bike.

Bike Love, HBK

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Monday, 05 September


The Sino-Straya Institute The Idiot Tax

You may have noticed there has and hasnt been much activity at this site recently. No posts, yet a facelift. Please note the red. This is an important change in direction as I have been laying...

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Friday, 05 August


Pokemon... it's not cute by accident. hobART

Unless youve been living under a rock, youll have heard of Pokemon Go.  Youve probably seen people playing it in the streets too hunting and capturing cute bug-eyed creatures, and collecting potions, eggs and balls from the Pokestops that dot our parks and streets.  15 million people downloaded the augmented reality game in the first week of its release last month.   Thanks in part to the media frenzy, the game has achieved almost mythical status.  Naysayers like to quote the car crashes by distracted gamers, muggings at Pokestops, and people falling over objects, walking off cliffs etc. etc. The pro camp cites the number of people getting out into the world, away from the couch and the telly (although from personal experience, if you sit on the couch long enough the Pokemons come to you). Friendships flourish among the hunters, who bond over the shared goal of seeking and collecting digital creatures. 

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Thursday, 04 August


Review: Birchs Bay Sculpture Trail hobART

This year marks the eleventh anniversary of the Birchs Bay sculpture trail.  Originally called Benchmarking Birchs Bay, the recent name change to Art Farm Birchs Bay reflects the expansion of their art program, which now includes art and craft workshops and an indoor art gallery: the Old Distillery.

Ive visited a number of their previous trails, and have watched it mature and develop into a diverse and thought-provoking exhibition. Of course, there are a few of the usual twee sculpture trail offerings, such as mosaic flowers, and stick and shell constructions. But on the whole, the current exhibition easily rivals major public sculpture events in terms of scope and artistic engagement with the surrounding environment.

Its about a 45 minute walk through the bush. We initially wind our way through the working farm, including a pear orchard, which is quite appropriately scattered with oversized ceramic pears.  After crossing a plantation of Tasmanian native pepperberry trees, we wind our way up to the natural bush trail.  I walk with my small dog, who seems particularly attracted to the sculptures with a lingering smell (especially the caged oyster shells).  The trail is on private land and presumably relies on their caf revenue to partly fund the initiative, but visitors are nonetheless encouraged to bring their dogs, their kids, and a picnic.  At one point I encounter a family of picnickers (including a happy Labrador) enjoying the incredible view over the Great Bay to Bruny Island.  For awhile, Im followed by a family whos playing a game of guess the price of the artwork, with the answer printed in the accompanying catalogue.  Artwork sales are obviously important to the exhibitions financial sustainability, but I also have a tendency to get distracted by price tags. As a result, I walk the rest of the trail without reference to the catalogue, enjoying the unexpected artwork encounters sans map. 

Dean Chatwin, Nature's Way, 2016. Image credit: the artist.
The standout for me is Dean Chatwins witty installation, Natures Way.  His sculpture mimics the design of Tasmanian street signs with one exception: like a weathervane, a gust of wind will alter the signs orientation.  On one hand, the structure is an unexpected aesthetic intrusion, but its also such an everyday object that its comfortingly familiar, even natural. At the time of my visit, Natures Way points to a barrier of bush scrub, although it could just as easily be pointing in the direction of the working farm.  We might think we can control the world around us, but as the sign suggestions, nature will ultimately have its way.

Unlike Chatwins work, which deliberately stands out against its surroundings, Sally Browns Web, Net, Lace (2007) has weathered and faded over the years.  The cobweb-like structure high between two trees is easily missed, parti...

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Wednesday, 03 August


Skeletonizers, Stingers, Sandstone for Victoria and a Shipwreck Tasmanian Gothic

Even on overcast days the east coast of Tasmania is interesting and beautiful, and I can recommend a walk along the coastline from Orford to Stapleton Beach.

Morning tea in shelter under some convenient sheoaks

winch. etc.

Edible plants

Wild cherries were abundant and those of us brought up in the bush strolled along nibbling the tiny fruit. I believe they're a good source of vitamin C, but they're so small you would have to eat an awful lot to do you any good. These aren't ripe enough to eat so were left behind. You can find out more about these peculiar parasitic trees on the Australian Plants Society Tasmania website:

We weren't the only ones browsing on the vegetation.


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Wednesday, 20 July


Facebook, winter and my brushcutter; some revelations Vegetable Vagabond

I have an urge to write something, to dig deep in my head and bring out a cauldron of words which will fill the page with insight and life. Facebook saps blogs; it brings quick snippets for comment, it brings reaction and information but it is not the forum for literary endeavour or wistful dissertations. Facebook is addictive as you scroll through the list, clicking now and again on interesting headlines whereas blogs, both the writing and reading, require dedication to time and concentration. Both are excellent and far outweigh newspapers and diaries. But there is more..

Humans are group animals; thriving on interaction and connection. Does it matter if we interact more with people online than face to face? The people I interact with online are mostly people I know anyway, with maybe 10 or 15% being people I have never actually met. What I love is that I am in contact with old school friends and some of my distant, Adelaide friends as well as those who live in my area. I dont read about their pets or the minutia of their lives, I read what they share in the way of thoughts, links to what interests them and, in one case, the photos of parts of South Australia that I miss. Mostly I read information from sources I subscribe to; faceless but meaningful.

Twice now someone has come up to me at my market stall and told me they are so-and-so, usually not a real name but rather an online, quirky name,  and that we are friends on facebook. Instantly we are connected then, in real life. Those people probably know who I am more deeply than many of my broader, non-facebook-using friends! It has become a habit not to bang on to friends and relations about food and the environment too much in real life but I love the liberty I have to do so on facebook!

It has been a very wet, grey winter, making the temperature seem colder than its degrees. I have done very little gardening for a couple of months but yesterday, after a few dry and windy days, I deemed it the right time to get out with my brushcutter and tidy things up. I felt fabulous, as I noisily dealt with grassy paths and broader swathes, decked out in all the safety gear. I love my brushcutter and am grateful to the local small-engines mechanic who recommended this one for me as I see many women either struggling with machines that are meant for hefty men or fiddling about with machines that are pathetic and flimsy. Then it was time to do a bit of pruning and trimming, breaking up any dead sticks to use as kindling and putting them in a wire basket by the door.

My affinity with everything outdoors far exceeds my desire to socialise with people and I realised that this winter, apart from the odd walk and dashing to and fro to my car, I have used facebook as a substitute for the outdoors! This is because so much of what I read and write about on facebook is related to the environment so, rather than being a substitute for real-life people, facebook this winter has been a substitute for outside. It makes a poor substitute for that as my revelry with my brushcutter yesterday was way beyond the norm!

The sun and breeze on my face, the magnificent Tasmanian sky, the sounds of the birds, the feel of the soil and taste and smell of the plants, the sky filled with stars, the rising moon; these are my special friends, always there. Facebook cannot bring the peace I feel when I am outside, even when I am connected to my noisy brushcutter!



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Wednesday, 13 July


A Family Disaster - or, The Tale of a Tree Tasmanian Gothic

The Old Road - original oil painting by Elizabeth Barsham
28 cm x 35.5cm; oil on canvas. 2010
So we had that super storm last night, strong winds and snow and everything and a family disaster. Another stalwart, so familiar that I and my mother before me assumed it would endure forever, is gone. On a global scale this is a very minor event, but for our family it is the end of an era. 

Here is a photograph taken from our front gate in the early 1920s. I liked it so much, I based the painting above  on it.

My mother took this one, from inside the gate, in 1942.
She was actually photographing the gates, which were about to be replaced.
It appears to be the fate of trees to appear only as background, as an incidental inclusion in a photograph of something else.

In 2010 we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the construction of our house and I took some more photographs, trying without great success to get similar vantage points to the earlier pictures. The surroundings have changed somewhat, but the trees are still there.


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Saturday, 09 July


When Fairfax Doesnt Apologise The Idiot Tax

Because Im too lazy, The Guardian takes up the story. The Age has admitted that a man it described as the embodiment of Melbournes hipster fashion scene, Samuel Davide Hains, was a prank...

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Thursday, 11 October


What do banks do? An accounting perspective Tasfintalk

This paper was given to a U3A Group. It's a look at settlement services and borrowing/lending practices. It is not intended to be a blueprint, rather an accounting explanation of what banks do and to question whether there's another way.

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry is appropriately named. Theres been plenty of misconduct revealed. The aim of this seminar is not to trawl through all the misconduct, but to have a closer look at what banks do. Do we need them? If we were designing a new banking system would we come up with the current model?


The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is Australias central bank. It provides banking services to the Federal government, issues notes and currency, conducts monetary policy and oversees the banking system (together with APRA)

Money creation and settlement services are outsourced to private banks. The RBA supervises the settlement system. If the government needs to, it borrows money created by private banks. It does not borrow from its own bank.

Private banks are engaged in three principal activities.

       Settlement services



Settlement services

Settlement services involve receiving and making payments on behalf of customers. To understand how settlement services work its best to introduce a bit of accounting.


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Monday, 04 July


Review: Brainstorm at the Plimsoll Gallery hobART

On opening night,Brainstorm has a carnival feel to it.  Visitors thread through the exhibition on the way to Dark Park in the adjacent former shipping yards. The Plimsoll Gallery exhibition, curated by John Vella, is part of the official Dark Mofo program, and manages to both mimic the aesthetics and themes of the winter festival, but hold its own as a separate exhibition.  Its dark, novel, and entertaining.

From the art schools tunnel entrance, I follow a deep growling sound coming from the wood yard.  Ive always thought it bizarre that the gallerys adjacent courtyard garden and other surrounding areas are never used, particularly considering the current popularity of site-responsive art, which is why Brainstorm appeals to me almost immediately. The exhibition spills into the adjacent wood yard, the art schools delivery bay, and gallery storeroom.
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Sunday, 26 June


Brexit Bozo Roundup The Idiot Tax

Like Michael Pascoe I really dont give a damn about Britain. I really dont give a damn about the EU either. A lot of people do though. Hands are a wringing and darts are being pelted...

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Tuesday, 14 June


The Obligatory Donald Trump Post The Idiot Tax

As someone who has sat through too much reality TV, Im highly qualified to write about Donald Trump. Im a dude who watched three seasons of The Apprentice and two seasons of The...

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Thursday, 09 June


ELBO rides again Hobart Bike Kitchen

Yes folks, the Electric Light Bike Orchestra rides again.

Dark Mofo is upon us once again, so well be heading out to add some colour, movement and sound to the mid-winter festival.

Lance has had time to add to the repertoire of light driven sound devices, weve charged the batteries and turned up the speakers so please come along on Friday 10th June.


Wed love you to join us.

Bring all your lights, the more colourful the better.

Meeting at the Cenotaph from 8:30pm, and heading off en-masse at 9:00pm.

Well head off to Evans Street and around the waterfront area. Well be out for a couple of hours and you can join us for as little or as long as you want.

Head over to Fbook to let us know youre joining the event  or like the ELBO page to see some clips and images of what will be rolling out.


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Friday, 03 June


The Chicken Feed Dilemma Vegetable Vagabond

I have been recently thinking about animal feed; for chooks in particular but all farm animals, in the bigger picture. Lets think about my situation where I have 6 chooks, for eggs. Every morning I give them 2 cups of mixed grain, Australian grown, then in the afternoon I give them more grain, this time organic, Australian feed wheat (ie complete with some chaff and unwinnowed). This make about 3 cups of grain / day and keeps me in eggs all year round, plus I have plenty to give away to son Hugh and even a friend or two, at times.

Using our agricultural land to grow food for animals is worth thinking about carefully, when there are people without enough food, land cleared means native habitat destroyed and then there are the fertilisers, machinery and fossil fuels used to grow, harvest, package and transport it all.

I am feeding grain to 6 chooks and getting eggs, so I think that is a good use for 3 cups of grain / day. However, what about when my chooks get older and are no longer laying? Is it right, on all levels, to keep feeding them? Multiply that by the number of people who have chooks just in Tasmania and we can see that tonnes of grain would be going to old chooks (never mind to old horses and donkeys and alpacas and goats and so on).

Most people stop at the edge of thinking and say Oh I dont kill anything and my chooks can live for as long as they like (and therefore I am humane and a nice person). However, just think about this in relation to native animal and plant survival, CO2 production, fossil fuel usage and a myriad of other, deeper concerns.

Is it ok for you to be kind but at the same time be killing wildlife somewhere else, where your chook grain comes from? Is it ok to be humane but at the same time be adding to climate change, peak oil, mining and transport problems?

I dont think we can continue to stop thinking at our property boundary. I think that is precisely how we got into this climate change and earth destruction dilemma in the first place; putting our personal desires before the good of the whole. It may sound harsh to some, but it is far more humane, nice and kind to put old chooks into the stock pot or even into the compost heap.


Arts funding: budgeting for the soul hobART

When it was suggested to Winston Churchill that he cut the arts budget to fund the war effort, he replied, then what are we fighting for?  Well, so the meme goes.  The fact that the then British Prime Minister didnt actually say this doesnt really matter. Its remained a favourite social media meme and oft (mis)quoted moment because its not an arts advocate, an artist, a curator or an arts-loving writer arguing for arts funding its a politician.  It seems so unusual that a politician would care about the arts. 

On the whole, politicians are considered philistines when it comes to the arts.  As we come into the federal election, its evidently not a priority.  The headlines are all about wealth-creation (or barriers to it): surplus, superannuation, taxes, housing, boat people, dole bludgers, construction, unions, penalty rates etc. etc.. And thats why the arts community gave a collective sigh of relief when Malcolm Turnbull  - a known art-collector and supporter of the arts - was elected PM.

The arts community was thus understandably upset when the new arts minister appointed by Turnbull announced that the changes to arts funding brought in by the conservative, ballet-loving George Brandis were not going to be reversed. Over the last year, the arts community has waged an admirable war against the changes.  Last years senate enquiry into the Liberals art budgets, for instance, received a record 2719 submissions, leading one LNP senator to label the response as a conspiracy.  Evidently, our politicians underestimated the passion and sheer doggedness of the Australian arts community. 

Last month the effects of the arts changes became particularly obvious when around 65 arts organisations, many of them established and respected, were de-funded in part as a result of the funding changes.   Because of the Australia Councils funding structure, the cuts in funding have disproportionately affected the visual arts and writing communities.  As Alison Croggon pointed out in The Guardian, theres been a massive 70% reduction in individual grants since the 2013/14 financial year. I dont want to go into too much detail about the changes, and I recommend you google Croggons articles in The Monthly (16 May) and The Guardian (19 May) for a more detailed account. Instead, I want to emphasise why we should fund the arts, and more specifically the visual arts (Ill let my fellow columnist, Paige Turner, argue on behalf of literature).

I strongly believe one of the major errors weve made in our argument for greater investment in the arts is to use the language of conservative economics.  Our arguments have been based on financial return and job creation.  Lets be honest, no one goes into the visual arts in order to make money.  We make, support and view art because it makes us happy and fulfils our intellectual curiosity.   This is also backed up by science. According to Neuroscientist Jaak Panskepp, the key to human happiness is the act of seeking, which encompasses the quest for knowledge, anticipation, and the creation of new forms of expression.  For an easy dopamine hit, create some art.

Visual art a method of storytelling that we can trace back to our early ancestors....

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Sunday, 22 May


My Moonah Life #2 Living and Loving Hobart:

5 favourite things about Moonah
This Girl has been watching Moonah go from strength to strength over the last 14 years its been my home.

There are so many things I love about it, like the rags tied in heart-shapes on the cyclone fencing on Hopkins Street or the house with the whirly-gigs in the yard which spin crazily in the wind.

Here are five things Ive really enjoyed about the Moonah community.

The Chinese Emporium
For years I couldnt get the owner to crack a smile, now she asks me what Im cooking. Sometimes I can even navigate the shelves myself and find what I want without asking for help. The Chinese Emporium is a Moonah stalwart. I giggle at the perennial sign Massive sale NOW on, piles of boxes spilling into the doorway and cooking supplies from all over Asia. Its a fantastic shop, open extended hour and an indicator of Moonahs diversity.


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Friday, 20 May


The Standard Living and Loving Hobart:

Above Standard
Burgers like the parmigiana, are ubiquitous. And like politics, everyones got an opinion on them.
The Two Girls first visited the All-American hamburger joint, The Standard, early on. We rate The Standard. We liked a lot about what they were doing and weve eaten there since our first review (see the link below). The other day they asked us to come in for a burger, on the house. 
This time we met the chef behind the burger. Formerly of Mona, Josh, has been with The Standard from the beginning of time, testament to the consistent quality.

The Standard prides itself on making the quintessential American burger. Our take on what makes a real American burger is a thinner patty if you want extra meat you get a double; cheese cheddar or something sharper like a blue; bacon; caramelised onions; pickles; and condiments mustard, mayo etc. Youll find all those ingredients on their menu, along with some seriously delicious fried chicken, both on burgers and in their own take on the chicken nugget called the poppler.
They told us that the chicken (Inghams) and bacon is free range. The chicken raises eyebrows however. Its served pink. Not because it is undercooked, but because it is brined in water, sugar, salt, lemons, thyme, bay leaves and peppercorns. This sets the protein in the chicken maki...

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Wednesday, 18 May


The Daily Telegraph Front Page You Wont See: Part 2 The Idiot Tax

Following on from Samantha Maidens drink driving escapade Court happened, Sam received a slap on the wrist. Still not reported by Murdoch media. You asked for it The post The Daily...

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Sunday, 15 May


My Moonah Life Living and Loving Hobart:

Halcyon Days
After her husband was shipwrecked, Alcyone threw herself into the sea and was transformed into a bird. Taking pity on her, the Gods calmed the weather so she could safely birth her chicks in winter.

My Moonah house is named after a mythical kingfisher, and an idyllic peace, that can be conjured in the midst of turmoil. Preparing to leave, This Girl is thinking about the many ways my Moonah home has been my calm during a storm.  

Difficult times are often exacerbated by turning over and over the past and racing into the future before it as arrived. My calm comes from finding ways to ground myself in my Halcyon home.
My sea green bathroom is covered in Italian tiles of various shades of green. The two 1950s fluorescent tubes on either side of the mirror cast a mooted light into the room. It makes soaking in the bath a little more soothing. For many years Ive made sure its part of my weekends and on weeknights, after big days at work.

The little deck off the back room has space enough for the recycle bin...

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Thursday, 12 May


The Whaler Living and Loving Hobart:

The Whaler
Walking into The Whaler brings back many memories of the old Knopwood days sans your shoes sticking to the carpet.
The look is pretty much the same inside but stripped back; giving you a chance to take in the beautiful stained glass bar that tells the history of Hobart from European settlement, the whaling industry and expeditions to Antarctica.
Theyve given the outside a welcoming casual look with the addition of tables and benches and some old cray pots converted to tables, fitting seamlessly into the historical look of beautiful Salamanca.
This Girl and James Mum decided to check them out for lunch while our Hobart weather was still inviting us to eat outdoors.
I chose their not your average cheeseburger  which is a beautifully seasoned 100% Tasmanian beef patty, with a melty top of double cheese, mustard mayo and ketchup; made even better with the addition of the crunch of red onion and pickles. Definitely not average and could become an addiction.  I also paid a little more and got my fries topped with Ritas Red beans, were not sure who Rita is but her beans are full of punchy spicy flavour and fresh coriander. James Mum is a fan of flathead and chose their fish and chips, a winner in her eyes crunchy batter and perfectly cooked fish inside. 

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Tuesday, 09 October


Bob Brown Foundation joins calls for limit on Cradle Mountain tourism avalanche Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

Environmentalist Bob Brown has backed calls for a limit on the avalanche of tourists descending on the Dove Lake lookout at Cradle Mountain.

With plans for up to 550 people an hour spewing off the proposed cable car at Dove Lake, the area is facing serious loss of its natural values.  The proposed Dove Lake Viewing Shelter is a recipe for degradation of one of the most beautiful precincts on Earth, Bob Brown said.


Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff by Bob Brown


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Friday, 06 May


Republic Bar Living and Loving Hobart:

The Republic Bar
Huge outside beer garden, live music, quiz nights and a groovy old pub feel is what you get at the Republic Bar and Caf in North Hobart.

In addition to their lunch and dinner menu, including the famous Jack Daniels steak which is a winner with This Girl, they also have a $10 lunch menu and a sharing food and tapas menu. This Girl and James mum have spent some glorious lunch breaks in their beer garden over our long summer.  
When we crave nachos, the Republic is where we go the nachos are some of the best weve had in Hobart. Were also a fan of their croquettes, tempura mushrooms and the dip plate.  There are so many things to choose from and they make for the perfect quick lunch break!
Their beer garden set up is perfect for enjoying beautiful sunny days but is also partly under cover, perfect for Tassies unpredictable weather! There is plenty of space inside too and for those upcoming colder days, they have a couple of fireplaces to cosy around. 

Their back restaurant section doubles as a gallery for local artists and the bar section is where you can get that real pub experience, a little dark, a little grungy, a little loud and a lot cool!
The Republic has an impressive line-up of live acts to keep you entertained, local, mainland and international artists have graced their stage and Beer Garden.  They have quiz nights for those of us that love to test our brains over a feed and/or drink. They also provide a pretty decent after work free sausage...

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Sunday, 01 May


Gioconda New Town Living and Loving Hobart:

Gioconda Drive Thru and Cafe
This girl is a huge fan of Gioconda coffee and the Two Girls have already blogged about their drive-thu that opened in Moonah a couple of years ago.
New Town now has its own Gioconda drive thru with the added benefit of their cafe space.  They have opened up next door to La La Laundry so you can put your washing on and chill in the caf while you wait!
This girl doesn't get the chance to go there very often but when I do it feels like I've rocked up to an old friends place for a cuppa and catch up. Owner, Mischa is always interested in what places the Two Girls have been to of late and shes pretty in the know about whats out there too! Sarah is the other familiar face for me and she makes a great coffee.
The cafe has been decorated in a kind of industrial loft type feel, their bench seats are made from old pallets, pieces from the Recovery tip shop have been arranged over the walls and there are some clever uses of materials.
Theres more space here than the Moonah drive-thru and that brings a larger selection of goodies to enjoy with your coffee. The Other Girl can vouch for their amazing Mango and Coconut bread, they have a selection of fresh and toasted delights, along with salads and I've even seen fairy bread in their display!
For the regulars, they have a wall of cups s...

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Thursday, 28 April


Dogs Head Revisited Tasmanian Gothic

We had a delightful sail to various points of the lake. The air up in these regions seems even purer and more elastic than in other parts of the island, the verdure brighter, the foliage richer; and as we float here at our ease, we are willing to believe that no lake on earth is more beauteous than Sorell.
John Mitchel

This well-equipped boy scout troop belongs to more than a hundred eager lads from all over Australia who detrained at various points between Tunbridge and Ross and hiked in to camp near Dogs Head for a weekend of energetic activity in 1927.

In 1933-34 a similar event was organised, this time on the Dogs Head itself. A camp site was established and a stone circle with a flagpole in the middle was constructed to mark the corroboree ground.

Here is the map they followed in 1933.


One does not simply walk in to Dogs Head these days


After much persistent detective work and many emails our walk co-ordinator managed to track down the current owner to get permission to enter the property. The manager arranged to drive over from Waddamana, unlock the gate, and warn the shooters of our presence. We turn up to meet him at Interlaken on a sunny Sunday morning.



Restaurant Schulz @ the Polish Club Living and Loving Hobart:

Central European food in down town Hobart
There's two things This Girl knows about central European food. How to ask for a piece of black forest cherry cake in high school German and not to call a Bavarian flamecake a pizza.
Hobart has a proud Polish community. The Polish club, established in 1961, is an institution. Theres a bar that stocks a range of Polish and European beers and theres a function area for hire. No doubt youve been to a party there before. Now theres a central European style restaurant.
Flammkuchen proprietor Markus Schulz has hitched his wood-fired oven up to the club and opened for dinner.
The Two Girls love the opportunity to try food from around the world and we were keen to see how Markus would take on his new enterprise.
Restaurant seating is in the lounge bar and a portion of the function area. The restaurant is independent of the Club. Order and pay for your drinks at the bar. Restaurant Schulz will seat you at your table and take it from there.
Menu options are good. Youll find all of the flammkuchen you may have come across at various food events in Markus' mobile foodvan and a range central European classics schnitzels, sausages, gulasch, pork and game meat.

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Wednesday, 27 April


Ups and Downs on the Peninsula Tasmanian Gothic

Some photos of a recent walk on the Tasman Peninsula to Salters Point, returning via Curio Bay.

reaching the lookout above Tunnel Bay

Tunnel Bay and Shipstern Bluff 

as above - ten minutes later as a sea mist rolled in

Salters Point
 This is an image from Google Map - it's the far side of Salters Point, beyond what you can see in the photo above.

the obligatory photograph


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Sunday, 24 April


Robbie Browns Living and Loving Hobart:

Robbie Browns
Kingston Beach used to be the place I went to for fish and chips after a summer swim.
A couple of weekends ago, my summer swim was thwarted. By the time I got to Kingston the temperature had dropped eight degrees. I found Osborne Esplanade had changed. I stopped in at Robbie Browns.
A relatively new cider, wine and cocktail bar, opened only a few months, Robbie Browns is a welcome addition to Kingston Beach. Its a sign the suburb is growing up.
Local Kingborough boys, Mark and Brett have opened Robbie Browns alongside their caf next door, Beachfront 32. The kitchens shared but the spaces are targeting different demographics. Family swipe left, swipe right if youre looking for a cool drink and cooler decor.
Wines by the glass are reasonably priced and I chose the Delamere sparking. I was looking for a lunch of modest proportions. I choose the tempura vegetables and the lamb kofta. These bar snacks are generously sized and I ate literally half of each plate.
What Robbie Browns has going for it is location and style. Its a very smart, dark interior. There are outdoor tables and the front of the bar also looks out over the beach through French windows open to the sea air on a warm day. Theyre neither pub, nor Salamanca prices, and the bar snacks will line your stomach even if they dont set your world on fire. My tempura vegetables were a combination of small mushrooms and large undercooked zucchini. The key to anything involving ground meat is to cook a small taste to ensure your seasoning is right. The kofta needed to be cooked with salt.

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Saturday, 23 April


More Great Liberal Ideas From North-West Tasmania The Idiot Tax

If one of your states major political parties is run with an iron first by Erich Abetz theres a pretty good chance state representatives of that party will be arch-conservatives. On a...

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Thursday, 21 April


Pearl and Co Living and Loving Hobart:

Pearl and Co.
I loved Orizuru so much that when they packed up and left I wasnt interested in what took their place. The absence of positive reviews about the replacement was also duly noted.
Eager to claim a fabulous lunch choice, Boozy Friday Lunch Friend suggested Pearl and Co. This Girl was dubious. Not wanting to disappoint Boozy, I chose optimism.
The day of our lunch, the weather was beautiful. Windows the length of the restaurant were open to the sunshine, the water of Constitution Dock was sparkling and the sky was clear and blue in way that only happens on a glorious, autumn day in Hobart. 

Marketed as a bar and shared plates, there is a high, central table for large groups and there are tables that seat couples +. In the Orizuru tradition, theyve kept limited seating at the kitchen so you can watch the chefs at work. It is also the place where they are considering holding special degustation dinners in the future.

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Sunday, 17 April


Moving to the country #2 Living and Loving Hobart:

On deciding to paint your house before you move out
After an initial panic I swing into gear and go full throttle. Ive always found action stations to be the best way to combat stress or uncertainty.
With not enough to do before we move to the country, I decided to finish painting the house a work in progress that started more than ten years ago. The laundry was undercoated before the Lovely Deputy put a deposit down on our new home. But with the news, I immediately moved on to the sunroom and now the blackcurrant feature wall in the kitchen is gone. Painting is all Ive done in my spare time since the contract was signed.
A number of people, including The Other Girl, have said STOP PAINTING!
Its a little counterintuitive dont you think? To paint my house before I rent it out. To do all this work and not enjoy the fruit of my labour. Moreover, to do it for tenants who wont have the same investment in this house and probably won't even notice.
Then I was making my hundredth trip to K and D hardware at Derwent Park. Driving along the Main Road with its takeaways, homemaker stores and auto shops, I saw the light industrial suburb I live in again with fresh eyes.

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Friday, 15 April


The hose and the skein of autumn Vegetable Vagabond

Autumn is that season when we may have the last of our summer vegetables still ripening while the nuts are starting to fall, but, as the days shorten and cool, the first of the new seasons leaves are emerging too. It is a glorious season for the home gardener and one I think a lot of people let slip by, unappreciated.

Life is like a skein of wool; keep it whole and you remain cosy and protected. The more you unravel it, the more you have to deal with the consequences but also the more opportunities it reveals. And so it is with the food garden in autumn!

I find the hurly burly of the spring garden stressful. I never seem to get ahead. Christmas looms, in a flash the grass is as high as an elephant's eye and seeds need to be constantly sown and seedlings tended to ensure a long summer vegetable harvest.

As I stand with the hose this dry autumn day, I am relaxed. Dew makes everything look fresh, flashes of red of the last of the tiny, wild strawberries and regular ones too are dotted about, enticing the gardener to wander further, nibbling here and there as I water. Fully ripe, the deep red, delicious, Chilean guava fruits are so abundant that I put the hose down in order to gorge on them before moving on.

I am careful not to stand on any self-sown chicory plants which colour the paths with their brilliant greens, reds and various markings, all of which are being constantly and gently harvested to add to my salads. Soon, their bitterness will recede with the cold of winter and larger leaves can be picked. Chicories are the beauty queens of the winter garden in Europe but are vastly under-valued here, despite my almost daily exclamations of delight to whoever will listen! I especially love the French endive (also called witlof by the English, but which is far superior in France than anywhere else), and the French chicoree frise which wear vast bonnets in the fields of France and emerges sweet and crisp but which I love, even without its blanched leaves, if picked young from your own garden.

Glorious chicories, bean jewels, first calendulas, amaranth tassles and the chooks

While I wait for the very last of my bean pods to crisp up, brassicas such as broccoli, purple sprouting broccoli and red cabbages are growing in pots in my greenhouse, ready for transplanting to the resulting nitrogen rich bed. I am not watering these old bean plants now, so I turn the nozzle off and fossick through the dilapidated mass, searching for brown, crisp, dry pods, plump and ripe with dried beans inside. Leaving them to hang there too long results in insects burrowing in and having a feast. I put the half dozen pods in my pocket to add to my inside stash later and pick up the hose again.

Next is my winter greens bed, planted out a few weeks ago and looking fabulous, despite the encroaching shade from the lower angle of the sun and the frosty hollow that it occupies. Winter leaves are thoroughly adaptable to shade, frost and even snow, bouncing back up and throwing off the weight of ice in the hardest and coldest winter weather. The trick is to get them well advanced before mid-May when the short day length, the soft light and cold nights reduce their capacity to grow without big solar panels to capture every second of good light to make growth, not just survive.

This bed was well prepared with compost and deep hay. Consequently, it needs very little watering and I have started picking a few leaves from the lettuce, mizuna and wasabi greens already. I pick and nibble and leave the hose for now. The tomatoes also have needed very little water, with this deep hay method, despite it being warm and terribly dry for months. I have never had so many huge, luscious, delicious tomatoes and the plants are still deep green and healthy in mid-April which is incredible.

I water an unmulched a...

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Tuesday, 12 April


Syra Living and Loving Hobart:

Middl Eastern meets Tassie is what youll get at Syra, Salamanca Squares newest restaurant.

Inspired by their many visits to Maha; Shane Delias restaurant in Melbourne and growing up eating middl Eastern food, the owners wanted to bring something new to Hobart.

They have taken what they see as the best elements of the food they ate as kids and modernised it, thats where Tassies beautiful fresh produce comes into play.

This Girl went for a catch up with two very dear old workmates and we were very happy when offered the Chefs Selection, no thinking about what to eat and a chance to taste a variety of dishes, giving us more time to chat and catch up.

We chose the $65 option, it comes with dessert!

The food is delivered in a steady stream of a couple of plates at a time starting with housemade bread with olive oil and zaatar and the most beautifully spiced chickpeas with chili and coriander.

We were then treated to lamb pinenuts and tomato manoush, labne manoush and fried cauliflower, tahini and pistachio.


Peacock and Jones Living and Loving Hobart:

Peacock and Jones
There is something to be said for elegant, intimate dining. Whether its a romantic dinner or a business lunch, Peacock and Jones is classy and discreet.

The restaurant is in the heart of the tourist precinct the Rocks of Hobart, at the eastern end of the IXL complex. It is the latest restaurant from the Federal Group.
Inside the restaurant seats 20-something people along the exposed colonial brick, circa 1823, one of the oldest remaining ol Hobart town wall. Dinners are aware of the workings of the open, central kitchen as it goes about its quiet business alongside them. Additional seating can be found in the atrium outside.
The brains trust is front of house manager, Emma Devlin and head chef, Jeff Workman.
Emma and Jeff filled This Girl in a little on Peacock and Jones and told me that Jeff has worked as senior chef at the prestigious Saffire Freycinet for the last three years and did his training in hatted establishments in Sydney.



Urban Greek Living and Loving Hobart:

Urban Greek
Urban Greek is serious Crete food with a sense of humour.
It was Boozy Friday Lunch Friend's choice. He suggested an unlicensed venue without an espresso machine. I thought he was joking. Then I suggested Urban Greek.

Unless Im thinking of the very sexy Press Club or the more family-orientated, Hellenic Republic in Melbourne, I have pigeon-holed Greek cuisine as meat, chips, cheese and dips. 

These are some of my favourite things, which was why I was keen to try Urban Greek.
The former premises of Garagistes have been remodeled. Its a hybrid refurb, modern copper finishes and black upholstery with walls adorned with Grecian murals and Hellenic blue stained ceramics.

Two days earlier I was advised over the phone that lunch bookings werent usually necessary...


The Barrel Room at Velo Vineyard Living and Loving Hobart:

Seven Friends, Two Days, One Restaurant
A long overdue road trip had This Girl in Launceston last weekend.

Id made arrangements to catch up with a couple of groups of friends. I dropped off my gear at the home of Running Sista where I was staying Saturday night. Round One came to collect me and announced a vineyard was in order on such a beautiful day. Off we zoomed.

Returning from lunch and barely across the threshold, Running Sista asked So did you like Velo?
We like to mark our get-togethers with social media and Running Sista has been watching on with Facebook.

When I answered in the affirmative she said Would you be happy going back tomorrow? I quickly responded, Is there only one place to eat in this town? Its lovely! Yes, of course!

Velo Vineyard is onto a good thing.
Located on the West Tamar just outside of Legana, Velo Vineyard, and its restaurant called the Barrel Room, is popular with the people in the North.

Sassafras-styled flooring, pine furnishings, white walls, French doors and floor to ceiling windows, makes the Barrel Room a light and open space.
Round One for Saturday lunch was with Gorgeous Girl and Guitar Boy and their Melbourne mate. 

The drinks menu showcased a swag of wines and ciders from the vineyard. The women drank the sparkling Rose so good I took a bottle to dinner that night at Running Sistas. The boys drank beer.
Between us we ate:


Dunalley Waterfront Cafe Living and Loving Hobart:

Dunalley Waterfront Cafe
Too busy getting to my destination, Ive never paid much attention to Dunalley. It was the turn off to Port Arthur or a convenience stop.
Dunalley connects the Forestier and Tasman Peninsulas to Tasmanias land mass by an isthmus that looks out at Blackman Bay on one side and the Dunalley Bay on the other. Its a beautiful seaside town that has literally risen from the ashes of the 2013 bushfires.

The Waterfront Caf is a good reason to make Dunalley its own destination.

An invitation appeared in our inbox, so the Two Girls headed south.

It wont be a surprise that the Dunalley Waterfront Caf is located on Dunalleys waterfront. The Two Girls arrived at midday to see sunlight bounce sparkles off the water around the fishing boats moored in Blackman Bay.
Steph and Abbey
We were warmly welcomed to the caf by co-owner Steph Stinkens, a delightful host and our table attendant. Housed in a former cannery, the cafe provides indoor and covered outdoor seating and a selection of Tasmanian food produce and local art works for sale. It also acts as the Bream Creek cellar so you can do a wine tasting with or without your meal.

The large open caf is decorated in sea colours with a twist, pale turquoise and lemon, more contemporary than kitsch. Their lunch menu is seafood, soup, pizza, salad and oysters. There is a selection of sweets. You can stop for a meal or a treat like a savoury or sweet scone.
The Two Girls took advice on the menu and selected two of the most popular dishes:
  • Beer battered or pan fried fresh fish served with salad, fat chips and tartare sauce, $26.90
  • Seafood pie with Tasmanian scallops, fresh fish and prawns topped with a potato and gruyere gratin, $28.90.

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Monday, 08 October


Bob Brown says IPCC report mealy mouthed and dangerous. Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

Todays IPCC report is mealy mouthed and dangerous because it fails to tackle the worlds political delinquents like Australia, Bob Brown said today.

Governments like Australias Morrison government will feel relieved that this stodgy panel of scientific conservatives has flagged that there may be more time than previously thought to take the drastic action required to turn around global heating. It is a mistake to give politicians subservient to the fossil fuel industry the message that things arent as bad as was thought, especially as the real impacts of global heating - coral death, cyclonic storms, bushfires, droughts, glacial melting, super-heated cities - is so obviously getting worse.


Tasmanian World Heritage Area after bushfires in 2016


Media Release: Tasmania should heed global science call on forests - Brown. Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

The Tasmanian government should heed the call of 40 international scientists to end the logging of natural forests if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, environmentalist Bob Brown said in Hobart today.

Scientists from around the world have stepped up efforts to protect forests to keep global warming to the lowest limit agreed by governments in Paris in 2015. The call is one outcome of a global meeting on the climate emergency in South Korea this week.

Our planets future is inextricably tied to the future of its forests the scientists said.


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Sunday, 10 April


Tranquility Float Living and Loving Hobart:

The weight of the world is a heavy load to carry on your shoulders. You can google search over 300 million tips for how to relax. Or, you can take an Epsom salt bath in quiet darkness and experience weightlessness. 
This time last year the Lovely Deputy and This Girl were on a new wave health journey, we went to Sydney and ate Paelo, raw and live food, and drank superfood smoothies. We sat in a Himalayan salt room and we tried floating.
A float tank is an enclosed pod filled with highly concentrated salt water that allows you to float unassisted. Step up and into the pod, close the door behind you and lie down. When youre ready, turn off the light. You can choose to play your own music or you can float in silence and hear only the sound of your breath.
Floating has similar benefits to mediation and massage without the discipline or personal contact. Its been around for decades but its fairly new to Hobart.
Tranquility Float has been open since January 2016 and is operated by owner Chris Ball. This Girl was very excited when Chris invited me to come float and I was keen to know why she decided to go into the business of floating.
I like floating because it improves wellbeing in so many ways: better sleep, better mood, more relaxed muscles. I like that even if you don't feel a miraculous change, there are lasting benefits to floating, and no side effects at all. I'm a scientist with over 10 years experience in conservation science, but with a young son realised I wanted to spend more time with him, but also more time feeling calm and relaxed. I wanted to be surrounded by people seeking a more purposeful existence, people on a path to self-improvement, Chris said.
Like meditation and massage, floating is also an investment in your inner health. Its the moral equivalent to taking time to smell the roses.

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Friday, 08 April


Maharaja Indian Restaurant Living and Loving Hobart:

Maharaja Revisited
In Yoga Womans earnest way, she told me she didnt pay much attention to our older restaurant posts. Meh.

Hobarts food scene has been going so gangbusters that revisits seemed inefficient. No new restaurant has opened in the last three days we're aware of and in the interests of currency, heres an update on This Girls favourite Indian restaurant.
Style Princess, her new BF and I stopped by last Tuesday after a skin full of Derwent Valley Pinot Gris at the Alabama Hotel. I chose it because I was keen to eat the chefs special Kofta Shamsavera, about which it is fair to say that I am obsessed. I also had 25 per cent off with my Entertainment card.
What we shared:
  • Jhal lamb, a specialty dish cooked with green chilli and jhal sauce, $18.90
  • Kofta Shamsavera, a signature dish of the Chef, spinach balls stuffed with cheese in an orange and cashew sauce, $16.90
  • Palak Paneer, cottage cheese paneer cooked in spinach, $16.90 and
  • Three naan bread cheese, garlic and Kashmiri, $3.90 each.
I loved the food. Its simple really, and the three choices were awesome together. I can only imagine how time consuming the kofta is to make but it is without a doubt, the most delicious and different Indian meal Ive eaten in Australia. It goes really well with the sweet fruity flavours of the Kashmiri naan. If you dine with me at the Maharaja Indian restaurant, that is what I will order. Period. They do have one of the most extensive menus in Hobart however. So if you do eat with me, you'll have plenty of other options.

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Thursday, 07 April


Never too old to go walking Tasmanian Gothic

This is my Mum, Joyce Jones. She's in her nineties.

Back in the 1970s she and a group of friends arranged to go bushwalking together every second Tuesday, and for nearly forty years they have continued meeting. There has never been an organisational structure; no membership fees or committee meetings. At the end of each walk they decide where to go in a fortnight's time, where to meet, at what time. Anyone is welcome to bring friends,

the index
Over the years people have come and gone, and now Mum's the only remaining member of the original group. Every walk they have done has been meticulously recorded - where they went, how long it took, who attended.

There are 224 walks from the beginning of 1978 to the middle of 1989 recorded in the white exercise book; the blue one, "Book no. 3" records walks nos. 427 - 621, beginning at the start of 1999. I haven't been able to get hold of the current diary, so I don't know what number today's walk was.

on August 28 1979 the group climbed Cathedral Rock

Today the group had decided to visit the historic Ida Bay Railway at Lune River and walk out towards Southport Lagoon. Mum enlisted my services as driver. I must admit, herding five elderly bush walkers, three of whom are deaf and one practically blind, had its moments, but we arrived in time for the essential "elevenses" before clambering on board for our seven km journey to Deep Hole.

I love the Ida Bay Railway. It is a lovely clunky, rattling crawl through the bush; at the right time of year the wildflowers are magnificent. Today wasn't quite the right time of year, but the weather was perfect and a great flock of black swans was feeding in the bay.

The railway is also a bit quiet at this time of year, so they were running only one more trip today; this meant we had only two hours for a walk. So off we went towards Southport Lagoon.

Forty years ago my companions were striding out along the...

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Sunday, 03 April


Moving to the country Living and Loving Hobart:

Gonna eat a lot of peaches
A 60 year old walnut tree, herbs and a couple of raised beds are the closest Ive ever got to the country. Then the Lovely Deputy moved in and transformed the garden, constructed a green house and bought guinea pig, chicken and most recently, quail.
My work colleague, Ms Bojangles, is a meat eater because shes convinced herself that it comes in a packet from the supermarket. Shes not alone.
'Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man' (Presidents of the United States of America)

Since Ive admitted that were breeding quail for consumption, people look at me a little differently. Last dispatch, I decided it was time I toughened up and took part. Now Im a certified fowl plucker.
Its been a gentle introduction to living closer to the land for This Girl which is a good thing because the Lovely Deputy has been yearning for more. Now hes bought a farm and were going to live together in the real country.

Im trading a light industrial landscape for lush paddocks and livestock.

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Thursday, 31 March


High Tea with Cake and Cater Living and Loving Hobart:

Design Your Own
High tea is the perfect irony. It's marketed as lady-like refinement, genteel tea sipping from Royal Dalton in white gloves, and as much food as you can eat. A dressed up gorge-fest seemed like the perfect birthday celebration for This Girl.
I went looking for a high tea venue and found some recent poor reviews. What to do?
I came across a Facebook post. Cake and Cater is Selena and Ceri, two women who are passionate about making great food. A couple of photos on the post won me over and I was messaging them at 6 oclock in the morning.

Cake and Cater has been in the business around two years and they already have a huge repertoire of catering and cake selections. They encouraged me to pick a selection I liked and provided a quote.
In my designer high tea, I decided there wouldnt be asparagus and cream cheese or cucumber sandwiches. Instead I went for pork mini-burgers with mango chutney, curried chicken vol au vents, pumpkin and feta mini quiche, and lamb sausage rolls.

For sweets I chose the obligat...

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Sunday, 27 March


A little OCD Living and Loving Hobart:

A little OCD
Sometimes a seemingly insurmountable problem can be solved by the most insignificant thing.
Hello! My name is This Girl and Im a recovering cuticle-biter. Shredded and ripped raw and bleeding, in some cases down to my knuckles.

I tried meditation to be more mindful and Ive covered fingers in bandaids to prevent my own access. Offended friends thought I found them boring. Self-conscious, Id wrap my fingers into my palm when I had to write in a meeting so my colleagues wouldn't see the mess of my hands. I once tried a manicure but the beautician kept on and on about the torn skin on my fingers. Little did she know how much I had to psych myself up to make an appointment.
Ive never known how to stop but I do remember when it started.

Around the age of seven, I was sick for much of the year. I returned to school and into the next grade. Overwhelmed by what I missed and anxious about what I didnt know, I started snacking on my own hands. That was almost 40 years ago.

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Thursday, 24 March


Bridges Large and Small Tasmanian Gothic

Jonathan Swift was very precise with the location of Lilliput, placing it to the north west of Van Diemen's Land that is, his imaginary country was closer to home than the real island.

Tasmania might not be as exotic as Lilliput, but the first intrepid British settlers found it strange enough as they moved their flocks and herds into the South East, the Midlands and the fertile North-west, clearing land, planting crops and turning the country into a copy of England. Government road gangs followed, transforming muddy tracks into coach roads and building bridges at river crossings. Tasmania is famous for its convict-built bridges, although you probably won't recognise this one. It isn't very old and it isn't very big in fact, you might call it Lilliputian.


You  might not recognise the name Bigge's Bridge either, but you will certainly recognise the bridge. It is, of course, Richmond Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in Australia.

Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemens Land Advertiser
(Tas. : 1821 1825), Saturday 13 December 1823, page 2

At this time Van Diemen's Land was still officially part of New South Wales. When he visited in 1821 Governor Lachlan Macquarie  named the town in the Pittwater area after Lieutenant Governor William Sorell,  who duly authorised and began construction of Bigge's Bridge. By the time it opened in January 1825 Sorell had been replaced by George Arthur.

A year later Van Diemen's Land was officially separated from New South Wales and Arthur embarked on a programme of infrastructure development, continuing the good work begun by his predecessor.

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Tuesday, 22 March


7 Days and 7 Minutes Rye Bread Vegetable Vagabond

It is common for people to focus on the slips and stings of lifes journey but I prefer to ponder the diamonds and jewels collected along the way. One such for me has been a chance encounter about 6 years ago that resulted in what is now my passion for sourdough bread.

I have never eaten a lot of bread and still dont but I learned what good bread was as a child, when my mother started making organic, wholemeal bread with fresh yeast. Sunday night tea was invariably left-over roast chicken with salad and a slice or two of her excellent bread, with lashings of butter, followed by fruit salad and ice cream. Only on Sundays did we eat in front of the TV because we all loved watching Young Talent Time!

How another 45 years slipped by without me discovering the joys of making sourdough bread is a mystery but I now rarely eat any but my own sourdough breads. I must say, though, that when I visit my 93 year old mother I do still love eating her freshly made, wholemeal, fresh yeast bread.

I run workshops about the sourdough method I use and those workshops have helped support me these last 5 years. In fact, if I could find a way to run more of them, I could happily give up various other parts of my work as I love giving the workshops as much as the participants love receiving them.

I describe my sourdough method as an easy, foolproof way to make nutritious, delicious bread. So it continues to amaze me that so many books are written about sourdough baking, and many of them very complicated, because sourdough is an ancient creation and is incredibly simple and natural. Most books have recipes that add all manner of ingredients to the basic loaf which all sound fabulous but which I find detract from the taste of a truly excellent sourdough flavour.

There is one book I do love: The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard. It is the story of Dans travels through Europe, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia and more, recounting the villagers, grain farmers, wine makers, bakers, millers and grandmothers who have made sourdough bread using whatever grew in their climate and was available cheaply, since the dawn of time. It is a treasure of innovation and history and teaches you that fermentation has been harnessed by mankind throughout human history and, really, almost anything will ferment and some of the leftovers from other products (like grape skins from wine making) make exceptionally good bread ingredients.

He does not use exactly my method but the recipes are easily adapted. One of my favourites is a combination of two of Dans discoveries, reworked by me to include sprouted, rather than cooked, rye grains as a substantial part of the loaf. I call it 7 days and 7 minutes rye bread because it takes 7 days from the minute you decide to make it, until you can actually eat it, but it only takes 7 minutes of your time in total!

7 Days and 7 Minutes Rye Bread


Day 1: weigh out 300g of organic rye grains. Put into a bowl, cover well with water and leave overnight.

Day 2: Strain off water. Place the rye grains into a damp calico bag and tie that to a wooden spoon over a deep enough bowl that it hangs without touching the bottom.

Day 3: Fill the bowl with water and let the bag of rye grains soak for 30 minutes. Put the timer on because you dont want to kill the rye grains by drowning them! Tip the water out and let them hang again.

Day 4: Open the bag. The rye grains will probably be just sprouting. If not then repeat day 3. Once they are just sprouting, remove from the bag, put into a sieve and wash well. Put them back into the bowl and pour over 250ml white wine. Stir and leave all day.

Meanwhile you need to feed the rye sourdough starter twice during this day so you are ready to make the loaf in the evening.

To make the loaf (evening of day 4):

Strain the wine from the rye grains and save both! Beat together 200g starter +the strai...

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Wednesday, 16 March


Sams Cafe, Tiburon Vegetable Vagabond

One fine Monday holiday morning Alex and I took the ferry from San Franciscos Fishermans Wharf to Sams Cafe at Tiburon, another place Alex likes to ride to for brunch sometimes.




We stepped ashore after a glorious ferry trip across the bay, past the Golden Gate Bridge, in brilliant sunshine. There were lots of people getting off with their bicycles and plenty more seemed drawn to the various, prominent cafes. I followed Alex past them all, turning left at the main street and in through a door to what looked like a small bar, with no view of the harbour. However, beyond the bar and past the indoor tables we walked, out through another door, along a short bridge to a huge deck, entirely covered with tables and people already enjoying coffee and food aplenty. Since this was the only way to get to this deck, I was amazed that all these people knew it was there! Although, if your yacht was moored at Tiburon, youd see it alright.



Strangely, there were no umbrellas and no shade of any sort. Luckily, Alex had booked a table and we sat down to look at the menu in the pleasant sunshine.



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Monday, 14 March


Freds . and Sams and Moes Vegetable Vagabond

Commonly in San Francisco, it seems, eateries are named thus and I ate at three of them. The first was Freds Coffee Shop. It was my initiation day to the highways of San Francisco with son Alex and daughter-in-law Jing and I was ushered into the front passenger seat to enjoy the views and converse with Alex, the driver. I found conversing calmly, whilst going on the opposite side of the road than I am used to, at 65 miles an hour, on a 5 lane highway, with hundreds of other cars at close proximity, difficult. Moreover, at times there were highways crossing above and below us and there were exits to navigate from time to time, which Alex did expertly, using google maps on his smart phone, safely secured to the windscreen. You see, where I live, things are slower, the traffic is w-a-y less and roads are called highways when they have 2 or even 1 lane!

SF traffic

On the outskirts of Sausalito we parked the car and I was relieved to be on my feet. I wondered why there was a crowd of people on the footpath in front of Freds Coffee Shop and soon discovered that by 10am on a weekend, the place was full and there was a waiting list. Oh lalalala, I was learning fast about life in San Francisco. I noticed, while we stood waiting for an outside table, that I was the oldest person there. Nice; I love being amongst people younger than myself and do get frustrated that where I live this is so often not the case.













After about half an hour we had a table and I quickly chose from the extensive, double sided, breakfast menu.. Swedish pancakes with fried banana, candied walnuts AND berries (the menu said OR) plus a latte.



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Thursday, 04 October

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Sunday, 06 March


A Simple Pub Meal Living and Loving Hobart:

The York Hotel
This Girl loves a good pub meal and that is exactly what Devotee and I found at the York Hotel.

The York sits unassumingly on the Old Main Road at Granton looking like an old country pub. Behind it's doors is an extension that houses the dining area that is serving up some quality meals. They also have an outdoor area that would be lovely on our warm Tassie days.

Their menu is what you would expect at a pub; steak, fish, chicken and schnitzels (that come in two sizes; standard and super).  Along with a selection of burgers, pasta and some not so pub meal offerings such as crispy pork belly and lamb fillets.

Devotee had their porterhouse with chips (hold the salad) and gravy $29.90 while I chose the lamb fillets served with a medley of veg, the yummiest mash and a very tasty red wine jus that had just the right amount of rosemary, $24.90.  We started our meal with their warm garlic cob loaf at $6.50.

Devotee was a big fan of their butchers paper table cloths and kept himself busy with some sketching.

There is something about a pub meal, the relaxed easy going atmosphere, the friendly service and you certainly get it at the York Hotel.  For those of us that live in the Northern Suburbs, it is great to know that there are some alternatives in the outlying suburbs.

The York Hotel is at 622 Main Road, Granton. They get pretty busy so we'd recommend making a booking on 6263 6670.

Here is a link to their menu and their webpage.

The York Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Saturday, 05 March


Cocoa and sugar Vegetable Vagabond

I thought I knew a thing or two about good chocolate. I have always been quite a chocolate snob; I will not touch milk chocolate or white chocolate, instead opting only for dark, strong chocolate, and none of those highly decorated but tasteless chocolates so many small producers make.
One day in San Francisco Alex and I were walking the streets and needed to find a toilet. We came across a likely looking cafe so decided wed have a coffee and use the loo, if they had one. I sat at a table, while Alex went and looked for the bathrooms. While I sat there, I read a leaflet on the table and realised we were in a chocolate factory, called Dandelion.
Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the Mission District of San Francisco, just down the road from Tartine, the famous sourdough bakery we had failed to get into because of the queue. The info said .we roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind, conch, and temper small batches of beans and then mold and package each bar by hand. By sourcing high quality beans and carefully crafting tiny batches, we try to bring out the individual flavors and nuances of each bean. Cool, lets see how good they really are! I said to Alex, thinking I knew about chocolate. So off he went and ordered hot chocolates and a little treat.
Well, there were several hot chocolates to choose from and whichever Alex chose was simply the best I had ever had, by a million miles! For our treat, Alex chose 3 miniature brownies on a card which explained that each was made with the same ingredients, just using chocolate made from different beans. We cut them in halves. I started at one end and Alex at the other. One bite in and we both exclaimed wow.. incredible! Then to the middle brownie. and ohhhh so remarkably different but equally as good. The third brought the same response. I realised that these people knew more about chocolate than I thought possible.

I went over to their display and read about what they do. They take so much care to choose ethically too. (You can find it all on their website). Hugh makes great brownies, fabulous brownies, but clearly the way the chocolate is made and where it comes from makes fabulous brownies into stellar ones so I bought two little bars of chocolate to bring home for Hugh and I to share and compare.
Dandelion bars only have 2 ingredients, cocoa and sugar; nothing else. The bars are both incredible but so different.. and the only difference is the cacao beans. Each night I have one tiny piece. It is all you need as the flavour lingers on and on.

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Wednesday, 02 March


Monsoon Thai Fusion Living and Loving Hobart:

Monsoon Thai Fusion
You dont have to travel far for a good green curry with Hobarts plethora of Thai restaurants. Our surging restaurant scene means you also dont need to go far from your suburb to enjoy a meal out. Which is why I last ate in Battery Point circa 2003.

But I love Thai food and I love a good deal. Monsoon Thai Fusion is in the Entertainment Book so Boozy Friday Friend and I booked in.
Monsoon Thai Fusion is set in a light filled Battery Point cottage. Its furnished with a mishmash of retro furniture. We looked on to Hampton Road, seated at an old sewing machine table. There are quaint bits on mantelpieces and walls, and courtyard eating available. With extreme dexterity and efficiency, the chefs prepare their creations in a kitchen separated from the counter by a thin charcoal veil about the size of my wardrobe. My wardrobe is a two-door, 1930s, freestanding debacle. Theres no room to swing a cat in that wardrobe, although a cat once crawled out of it; a great surprise to the then pet-less household. The shower-bay was under renovation and it found its way through the gapping hole and into the bedroom. But thats another story.
Monsoon Thais fusion is a mixture of old and new; traditional recipes with international techniques. The result is Thai flavours embodied in dishes inspired by other cuisines.
Boozy and I selected from the main and specials menu. This is what we ate:

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Thursday, 25 February


Living Loving Hobart's 4 Year Anniversary Living and Loving Hobart:

Four Years Strong
The Two Girls are celebrating our four year anniversary at Living Loving Hobart.
Weve grown up a bit in our fourth year. We managed to break foodie news and were really happy to see our followers growing on Facebook and Instagram. Well keep bringing you our adventures in Hobart and the food and places weve enjoyed over the year to come.

Anticipate some changes in 2016 though. Were really excited about plans to launch a new blog site over the coming months which will be smarter and easier to navigate. Weve also decided to start moving towards a more commercial blog doing sponsored posts for example. Well continue our focus on the bright side of life, only posting when weve got something positive to say but well let you know if its been sponsored.

Like most people, we get a little nostalgic on our anniversaries so here are two posts from this year we really liked doing. Funny enough, they're both based in the same location, Hobart's Brooke Street Pier.

Aloft Restaurant Hobart
The opening of the beautiful Aloft restaurant was highly anticipated. Its not every day a restaurant opens up in some of H...

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Wednesday, 24 February


Communing with the inner Paleo Tasmanian Gothic

Once upon a time people couldn't go into Kmart and come out with various bits of technology essential to comfortable living. I'm not only talking about the latest labour-saving kitchen gadget, no. Just imagine life without needles, buttons, knives, hairpins, string, sewing thread, fish hooks, woven fabric, combs . . .

I've just spent a very enjoyable weekend with Iris and Rita, a pair of enthusiastic young students of traditional crafts who are currently in Tasmania teaching a series of  workshops in ancient skills. This weekend was Working with Bone. Vegans and those of delicate sensibilities might like to go off and read something else at this point.

Ten eager participants turned up at the studio clutching standard workshop safety gear ear, eye and breathing protection and an assortment of lethal-looking knives. Our tutors had tracked down an abattoir that processes venison, and a pile of dismembered deer legs was laid out on the table when we arrived.

Our first task was to skin them, separating out the main sinews, peg out the skins for drying and clean the bones. Having cut up and otherwise processed a variety of livestock over the years, I had no problems at all with this phase. Neither did any of the other workshop participants all of whom were mature, no-nonsense women from various different craft backgrounds. 

Work in progress: a couple of pieces of skin, bone ready for trimming and cleaning, pieces of sinew to be used later as sewing thread, hooves that can be cleaned and used for a variety of decorative purposes, a few pieces of bone trimmed to length and the tools I used. Converting that entire table-full of deer-bits into craft materials took all the first day.

We returned next morning and set to with fretsaws, hacksaws, files, drills and sanders to create little...

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Thursday, 18 February


The Orangery Conservatory, Riversdale Estate Living and Loving Hobart:

High Tea
 From the moment you walk through the beautiful carved Riversdale Estate double wooden doors you feel like youve arrived somewhere special.
To your right is the cellar door enticing you with dark timbers and leather lounges. On your left is the French Bistro, huge and elegant and this is where you are greeted by the friendly and professional staff.  We would have been happy to spend our afternoon in either room, however we were there for High Tea and were unaware of the beauty that awaited us in The Orangery Conservatory.
High Tea in The Orangery Conservatory is more than lovely, it is delightful.
Walking through the doors This Girl and The Only Child felt like wed entered a wonderland.  The most beautiful room filled with plush chairs in various pastel colours with beautiful glass buttons, magnificent crockery and silverware, crisp white tablecloths, chandeliers and most amazing floral display (we were advised that due to small size of the room, they opted for high quality faux flowers to ensure guests were not overwhelmed with scent and so they can keep it looking fresh all the time, no tackiness here the display is simply stunning).

 Sharlie was our host fo...

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Sunday, 14 February


Telling our Culture through Food Living and Loving Hobart:

NOMA My Perfect Storm

What does it mean to tell the story of a place and a time through food?

Tasmania, with our burgeoning food industry, is all arms and legs, prepubescent, growing faster than our intellect. Were caught in a space between what's hip somewhere else and what we want to be, and the seasonal and locavore instincts of our island home. Tasmanias palate has risen out of an Aboriginal history that saved starving white settlers and has evolved with the stories of migration, yet were only scratching the surface of what it means to translate a cultural identity to a plate.
To tell a story of place and time through food is not for any ordinary life. Danish Chef, Rene Redzepi, set about to establish a cuisine anchored in place and time, and pioneered the Nordic cuisine. He is best known for foraging an approach to eating as old as our oldest ancestors and making it into art. 

His restaurant in Copenhagen, Noma, has been serving 21 courses over four hours to 45 place settings twice a day, since 2003. And hes written a new rule book. As it has been said about Redzepi, [H]es not cooking supper anymore, hes changing the world.
Until 2 April 2016, Noma has a pop up restaurant in Darling Harbour, The $485 per person seating (excluding matching wines) is already booked out with people waiting for the waiting list. If this seems extravagant...

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Thursday, 04 February


First Day Back Coal Valley View

The Kids started back at school yesterday, four happy campers entering Years 2, 4, and 6, and therefore the final year my little gang of 4 will be together at the same school for a while before Eleanor heads off to High School next year. She is in the wars though - a bunged up knee from dancing, a sore mouth from having new wires on her braces the day before and not enough sleep thanks to a certain 3 year old visitor during the night who was no doubt feeding off all the new school year excitement and wanting to soak up as much time as possible before 'losing' his 4 playmates.

They all started nagging me as usual to get them to school at the earliest possible time to allow for maximum socialisation with their friends before the bell rings. "Come on Mum, we're going to be late!", they all chime in. I remind them that it's only 8.05, that they're re not even allowed to be at School until 8.10 and that School officially starts at 8,40. It's only a 3 minute drive to School so I stand at the kitchen sink and slowly pour milk into my second cup of beloved coffee. I think about the parents around the world that have to wake their children up in the mornings, who struggle to get them ready and out the door without being late. I can't even imagine. It has always been the other way around in this house. Maybe my Kids don't get out enough. "But Mum, George is on the gate on Wednesdays so we need to go now!"

Instead of lamenting the craziness of having the morning school run dictated by their desire to see their friends and scheduled down to the minute depending on whose turn it is to open and close the gate I can't help but marvel at their time management skills (obviously not from me!) and the way they have once again joined a caucus to sort an issue out and come up with their own plan where everyone is happy. "Who's on Friday then?", I ask. "There's 4 of you and 5 days in the school week so what happens on the 5th day?" "Anyone does it, we all take turns but mostly Charles does it because he's the last one in and closest to the door. We're just waiting for Flynn to grow up and take that day". They have it all sorted. I look at Flynn in the rearview mirror and figure he has another year before being destined for his new role. I also start fantasising about a week when every child takes turns cooking dinner.

After I dropped them off, I did what I always do. Coffee with the school mums before going home to stare out of the window for approximately two hours. I then take a deep breath and assess the post summer holiday carnage that surrounds me. It can all wait. Instead, I unwrap the new Calendar, rip off the first month and put it directly into the rubbish bin whilst wondering just what the heck happened to January. It appears my year starts on February 3. Every year. It's now 2.30 and the Whippets stand at the edge of the balcony signalling the imminent arrival of the school bus....

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Wednesday, 20 January


Hello from the other side... Coal Valley View

If normal life is punctuated by major life events then my timeline would resemble someone on the brink of a coronary - a series of peaks and troughs with barely a horizontal line amongst it. There's never a dull moment around here but it can be a tad tiring living in a constant state of flux.

I recently met up with a friend I hadn't seen for a while and when I asked him how his year had been he replied "too many life events this year!". I completely understood for I feel like I've been living that kind of year for the past couple of decades. There have just been so many life events and sharp deviations to my normal life path - some lengthy stints living overseas, 6 interstate moves, a few career changes, some major ups and downs, divorces and marriages within the family, more than a few babies welcomed into our own home, the losing of loved ones, and most recently the starting up of our own business. Just life I guess.

To cope with major life events I tend to temporarily "drop out" of ordinary life to focus on the new - to settle in, find my feet, adjust to the new normal and enjoy the new path and challenges before picking up where I left off. I've always had the philosophy that good friendships stand the test of time and that it doesn't matter how much time has passed from one conversation to the next.  However, I realise not everyone feels the same. Sometimes I return from my physical or emotional absences to find that people have simply moved on, and fair enough I say. Sometimes I have moved on too. Sometimes a complete break from a daily or weekly routine is exactly what's needed to grow, to find out whether something is still important or whether you are doing it just for the sake of doing it. I've come to the conclusion that blogging and more importantly the connections I've made through blogging is important to me and is something I want to continue doing.

So here I am, back in that familiar territory of wanting to pick up where I left off but not knowing where I fit in anymore, apologising profusely for the lack of advance communique for my absence, feeling like it has only been a few weeks rather than 5 months since Coal River Farm happened and turned our lives upside down, and hoping that there are still a few of you left around who share the same philosophy as me. I have really missed this space and in spite of my lack of contact I have thought about you all often, berating myself for being so slack.  I'm looking forward to jumping back in now that I'm coming out the other side o...


State Bike Week 2016 Hobart Bike Kitchen

State Bike Week is now earlier on the calendar. This year offers rides and activities in the north, north west and south of the state. Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, a city bike with a basket or a clunker, find something that suits you and join in.

For the full calendar go here.

Events & Rides in Southern Tasmania
30 Jan-7 Feb 2016

Ride the Night Hobart

Saturday 30 February is Ride the Night, Australias biggest mass participation night time bike ride. Riders take to the streets of Hobart at night touring the most iconic landmarks across a 65km route. With entertainment and rest stops along the way featuring local artist, games, food trucks and light shows, this exciting event is not to be missed. Entry fees apply. More>>

Kingborough Treasure Hunt

Held on bush tracks in Peter Murrell Reserve, Huntingfield on Saturday 30 January at 2pm. A great traffic-free family-friendly event. Follow the map, look for clues as you ride the dirt tracks. Do it solo or as a team and ride as much or as little as you like as you collect the clues. Suitable for ages 8 and up (if accompanied by an adult). More>>

Women on Wheels Ride

A 20km relaxed ride for women on Sunday 7 February at 10.30am around Bellerive and the Clarence Foreshore Trail. Its an excellent opportunity for women who havent ridden on the road before to give it a go in a supportive environment. Ken Self Cycles will provide a pre-ride bike check and Clarence Council is providing refreshments. Entry fees apply. More>>

Warm up ride for Women on Wheels

An easy ride for women planning to do the Women on Wheels ride (but others can come too). This is a relaxed ride along the Intercity Cycleway on Wednesday 3 February at 10am. Matt from Hobart Bike Kitchen will provide mechanical support and give your bike a tuneup if necessary so youll be ready for the Women on Wheels Ride....

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Thursday, 05 November


Into the Lion's Den Tasmanian Gothic

Mt Field National Park is awesome. There are some terrific walking tracks and it includes some of my absolutely favourite places Russell Falls, the Tarn Shelf, Twilight Tarn, Mt Field East. Today I added another one to my list the Lion's Den. 

 Here is a photograph that I took on another occasion of the Rodway Range and Tarn Shelf from somewhere near the Seal Lookout .

And here is a map.

Today's walk was the circuit from the Lake Dobson carpark, along the Tarn Shelf to Newdegate Tarn, lunch on The Watcher, then return on the K Col track along the top of the Rodways. You need to be reasonably fit, with a good sense of balance and a head for heights.

A nice stroll along the Tarn Shelf

with pauses to admire delicate alpine flowers (this one is barely five cm high).

From Newdegate Tarn a steep, rocky climb to the Newdegate Pass and across high moors towards The Watcher. Mt Field West in the distance, left.

Duckboarding is nice for keeping the feet dry. That's The Watcher, the pile of rocks in the middle distance. Naturalist Peak(left) and Mt Field West behind it.

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Tuesday, 02 October


Margaret's Gardening Notes - October WHEN

Hello gardeners

October sneaked up on me!

Potatoes are in and some scarlet runner beans and tomatoes - both grown from seed saved from last year. I am going to try some purple sweetcorn this year - a heritage variety that is supposed to be a bit tolerant of cool weather. My seeds have come from Seed Freaks who are local seed folk - Google them.

The winter brassicas are extravagantly in flower, which I'm feeding to the chooks, who are all laying again, what little heroines! 

So here are Greg's WeHo planting notes for October.  Have fun!
OCTOBER Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Beetroot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.

Carrot - large direct sowing for winter Feb to Oct.

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Thursday, 29 October

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Tuesday, 13 October


Sustainable Living Festival 2015 Hobart Bike Kitchen

Its only a few weeks away now.

The Sustainable Living Festival is on at Princes Wharf No. 1 on the 31st October and 1st of November.

Please come along and say hello at our marquee on the PW1 forecourt.

Its great to have a chat about what we do, or even better what youd like to do. So ride on down and take advantage of the valet bike parking as well, before you go off and find some more things to make you happier and healthier.

Please also check out our Auction Bikes 2015 page for your chance to get yourself or a friend the bike theyll love.

See you soon.

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Tuesday, 22 September



catalogue over here

nice little write up by ashley crawford over here

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Wednesday, 02 September


Ghosts in the Landscape - installation at Salamanca Arts Centre, September 2015 Tasmanian Gothic

Every so often I amuse myself working in three dimensions; it's fun, and a break from painting. I suppose you could say it's a hobby as I don't think of what I'm doing as art. However, I like to show it off sometimes as an extension into the real world of the imagery in a painting.

I especially enjoy creating assemblages including painting, sculpture and found objects.

Shopfront windows such as the Lightbox at the Salamanca Arts Centre are an ideal place to show them available for view day and night by everyone who passes by, but safe from prying fingers.

This installation can be seen from 1 - 30 September, 2015 at Salamanca Arts Centre, Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Ghosts in the Landscape - installation in Lightbox, Salamanca Arts Centre

Ghosts in the Landscape features a painting called McRae's Hill, inspired by photographs I took on a cousin's farm several years ago.

old McRae's Hill homestead
There is a romantic sense of decay and mystery about an old farmhouse abandoned in a back paddock, slowly crumbling back into the earth.   

I added figures rising from a pile of unidentifiable detritus like buds of new life sprouting at the end of winter, and I liked them so much I assembled some stick figures from bits of wood, rag and wire.


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Wednesday, 26 August

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Monday, 24 August



Late night studio hermit

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Sunday, 23 August



I'll be showing some big paintings with Black Art Projects at Sydney Contemporary. :-)

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Sunday, 16 August


Organic Gardener Magazine showcasing my favourite Tasmanian, farm, garden and cooking school Gardening with Helen

Im a bit slow of the mark but I just discovered the Organic Gardeners website and some of my articles published there. Do take a look!

This one is about my favourite organic farm Elgaar organic dairy farm in northern Tasmania..

This one is about my favourite garden in Tasmania the incredible magical Wychwood, also in northern Tasmania (its a beautiful place!)

This one is about the Agrarian Kitchen, my favourite cooking school in Tasmania (its in the south)

Enjoy the tour of Tassie!

Enjoy the

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Friday, 12 June



an illustration for Brihony Doyle's article 'Give Me Luxuray or Give Me Death' in the latest issue of The Lifted Brow


On the Recent Changes to Australian Arts Funding hobART

I started this piece at the opening of the Venice Biennale.  It was going to be about all the tote bags Id scored, the outrageous outfits, and my lack of party invitations.  The fact that Arts Minister Michael Brandis opened the new Australia pavilion didnt even register until the following week when he announced massive changes to arts funding.

The changes include the establishment of the National Program for Excellence in the Arts (it deserves inverted commas), the funding of which will be transferred from the Australia Council for the Arts (Ozco) a move that will disproportionately and deliberately affect individual artists, particularly visual artists, filmmakers, writers, and small and/or regional arts organisations.  Tasmanian artists and audiences should be concerned.  

In Venice, Brandis basked in the reflected cultural prestige of the worlds largest visual arts event, rubbing shoulders with the Australian art worlds most influential players.  I guess it wasnt the place to announce cuts to the very organisation that administers Australias involvement in the biennale.  To give him the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he hadnt decided yet.  One of the stated aims of NPEA is to encourage cultural philanthropy, and as the pavilion was largely funded with private money, perhaps it inspired Brandis scheme.  Unfortunately, it's only ever financial donations that are acknowledged on golden plaques and programs, not the in-kind support provided by artists who often go unpaid or underpaid for their essential work.  If we stopped participating tomorrow, the cultural economy would collapse, which explains why last years Sydney Biennale boycotts were so threatening to the status quo.

I did attend one party at the biennale by the way.  I wasnt invited, but the champagne was flowing and the art was terrible.  I guess I was a welcome rent-a-crowd.  The Sheikh had evidently paid a large amount to stage the exhibition (it costs $30,000 just to register as a collateral event), but as the saying goes, money doesnt buy taste.  Ozco isnt perfect, but if we leave it to rich individuals to decide what is and isnt supported, the diversity of Australias art scene will undoubtedly suffer.

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Thursday, 11 June



super talented jean poole animated some of my drawings at mona foma. more here.

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Monday, 01 October


Iconic walk should be in Tarkine - Brown. Media Releases - Bob Brown Foundation

The Bob Brown Foundation is calling on Premier Hodgman to spend the $20 million earmarked for Tasmanias next iconic track in takayna / Tarkine rather than in a protected wilderness area.

Due to the generosity of the public, our foundation has developed the Trans Tarkine Track proposal to the business study stage - way ahead of other possible contenders. The 100 kilometres long TTT does not compromise protected wild country but would, in fact, help protect the Tarkine from competing other resource extraction such as logging or, unlikely as it might be, new mining.

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Tuesday, 09 June

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Sunday, 07 June

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Monday, 01 June